Snake's Skin

Chapter 10: Birth of White

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The man just laid there, the attendant said that he had gone into a "hibernative coma" in order to heal his wounds. The Attendant seemed to view this as a good thing, something to do with the fact that the hibernation was a wolf's skill, and that he, a human was using it, meant he was gaining control. Harry, wasn't so sure she believed that; after all it had been hours since her old professor had gone into this state and he had given no sign of life but for the occasional blip on the heart monitor and the fact that she could see his wounds closing in real time. It was at this point that there came a knock at the door. Harry turned to find that her two best friends had come into the room. They seemed has if walking on eggshells as they slowly plodded into the room. Hermione was the first to speak, "How is he?"

"Same, no movement, no finger twitching, his eyes don't even move beneath their lids."

"Mate, the doctor seems to be in good spirits about the recovery." Ron added.

"I know."

"Harry, you've been here non-stop since we arrived. Take a break, get some sleep." pleaded Ron

"Yes, Romulus prepared rooms for us." said Hermione.

Ron walked over to Harry's side and placed his hand on her shoulder, "Why don't you and 'mione go for a walk, maybe then she'll talk your ear off about all the mysterious and arcane books she can't wait to get a hold of in her library."

"Ron." Hermione growled

"I'm just playing with you, and you know it." Ron mimed hanging himself when Hermione turned to look at Harry.

"Yeah, come take a walk with me. Ron will be happy to watch Remus for you."

"You know, I do want to find how exactly he got into this situation and why he was so beat up to begin with."

"So let's go ask Rom." chirped Ron.

"Ron, stay here and watch Remus." ordered Hermione.

"What, but I..."


"Fine." Ron plopped down into his chair defeated and waved for them to go. Harry with a slight tug from Hermione, was pulled from the room.

"He usually fights more." mused Harry.

"I'm a girl, Harry. I win by default." Hermione laughed.

"I don't understand."


It had been a long day for the platinum haired beauty; from assisting Professor Dumbledore with his various duties and management of the school, she had also taken upon herself to help many of the younger, less magically fortunate than her with their homework, and field assignments. Also it had turned out that she had become quite the popular sight to behold from the boys around the school. She had already completed this years school work when she was at her previous school and as such was enjoying the position of teaching assistant. Needless to say all Lucia wanted at the moment was to turn in for the night. So she put on her pajama top and sat down at her vanity in the small room that her grandfather made for her and let her hair down. She had had it up in a tight bun to keep it out of the way. With slow ponderous strokes, she pulled the rough bristled brush through her silken hair. She paid close attention to her every move and reached down to grab the kit she usually used to remove her makeup. As she turned back to the mirror she found a similarly platinum headed boy staring at her over her shoulder. Lucia gave a startled jump and with a jolt grabbed her wand and spun to face the boy. Only, she found no one where he had once been.

Lucia jumped to her feet, snapped on her pajama bottoms and searched the room in haste, but when she found nothing and no one in her room she stopped and realized that there was not even the slightest evidence that anyone but her had ever been in her room. "What the hell is going on?"

"Gramps," She called out hoping that he would still be in his office, "Gramps are you there?" She kicked herself for using a term she had picked up from her time in America, it was rude and she would apologize, but for now she needed her grandfather. Professor Dumbledore, moving at a snail's pace, entered the small room with his usual grace, but Lucia could tell he was just as tired as she was, probably more.

"Yes Lucia, what is it?" responded Dumbledore. "I have things to do tomorrow that require my rest tonight."

"I'm sorry, I just need you to check for apparitions for me. I don't know the charm."

"Lucia, No one can apperate inside of Hogwarts."

"Please check anyway."


With a gentle flick of his wrist a demure gush of wind swept through the room as if covering it with a blanket. After a short pause, Dumbledore turned to Lucia, "If there had been someone who was in the room, we would now be able to see a rip from where the person was." He explained.

"I swear I'm not making things up."

"what did this boy look like?"

"Kind of like me."

"Did he now?" Dumbledore raised a questioning eyebrow, as Lucia saw him come to full attention, "I will look into this further, but for now please... return to bed."

Lucia did as she was told and laid down the in the four poster as she supiciusly watched the older man leave the room. When he left the room she quietly cast a silencing spell on herself and snuck to the door. It was here that she noticed her honored grandfather walk over to the fireplace and speak softly into the flames. "Minerva, May I see you in the Alchemy room, Please."

"The Alchemy room? You don't think..." Minerva questioned

"Not yet, but their bond is getting stronger by the second. She must not know about him. Not yet." responded Dumbledore. "I believe him..." Professor Dumbledore stopped mid sentence and turned to look at the door that Lucia had been evesdropping from. Luckily she was much faster than her grandfather and was able to pull away fast enough so that the only thing that her grandfather found was a door slightly ajar, "Minerva, slight change. We'll meet tomorrow. I'll discuss when later."

As Professor Dumbledore walked away, Lucia was left to wonder what he was hiding from her. As far as she knew Hogwarts had no Alchemy room, and whats more, who was this "he" they were talking about?


She had watched the trio from afar as they walked down to the pumpkin patch behind Hagrid's hut. She had also watched as the strange man had pulled a chew toy from thin air and made them vanish. It was a port-key that was for certain, but what kind she could not tell. She tucked her raven colored hair behind her ear and licked her lips. Milicent had helped her find a persuant enchament that would enable her to ride a port-key's 'shockwave' to the exact same place that it had carried others before. Milicent had begged her not to try it but Pansy was determined to follow. She had been warned by milicent to concentrate hard, but Pansy hadn't really been paying attention. So Pansy walked to the spot where Harry, Ron and Hermione had dissapeared with the two strangers that she had recognized from the shopping trip in diagon ally and activated her tag along port-key. The sensation was much different than that of a regular one and provided her with a light feeling as if her head had suddenly become a hot air balloon, at least that was what it felt like at first. It rapidly deterioated into a malicious child with a needle popping said balloon as she waggled in the wind as if a rag doll.

Just as suddenly as the journey began, so did it end, and what a thud she let out as she slapped the marble floor with as much force as her weight could bring to bear. Pansy stood, her body aching as she did so, and rubbed her head. That would be a headache she not easily get over. However, as her senses came back to her, she noticed a draft. It was a draft like none she had felt before, even more so than when she would walk through the common room in her underwear because she forgot something. Then she looked down, the draft was from the fact that... somewhere in transition... she had lost her clothing and was now completely starkers. With a gasping squeal Pansy lept behind the nearest fixture. "Harry, I don't suppose you know where Romulus is?" Pansy heard Hermione ask as both she and Harry approched.

"Why would I know?"

"Oh please, I've seen the way he looks at you. Like a wolf stalking a wounded sheep."

"Hermione, Don't even suggest that. That's just gross."

"I'm just teaseing. Besides, have you seen the way that rough looking woman; oh what was her name again?"


"Yes, Persephone, have you seen the way she's always with him? She's sooo got a thing for him."

"Really? I didn't notice anything."

"Oh Harry, even in a girl's skin, you're such a bloke."

"Thank you."

Harry and Hermione laughed together as they walked put the stairs that led to some rooms that looked as if they were meant for residents rather the untiltarian function of the rooms on the first floor. Pansy grabbed the nearest table cloth and wrapped herself in it. She reached for her wand but realized it was probably where ever her clothes were. She would have to go this magicless, and what's worse Harry couldn't know that she had followed her, or she might push the voluptious hero girl away. So Pansy, making sure the coast was clear, took off silently after her prey.


Once they had gotten up stairs, it did not take long for Harry to find Romulus, he seemed to be the only one who ever seemed awake one hundred percent of the time. However, this time Harry and Hermione caught him leaving a room as he pulled on a loose fitting shirt that matched his pajama bottoms. Harry managed to catch a glimpse of a fatigue induced coma stricken, and bare backed Persephone laying half covered on the bed inside the room before Romulus closed the door. "Harry!" Rom chirped happily, "What can I do for you this wonderful and glorious night."

"A-Are those teeth marks?" wondered Hermione as she stared red faced at hickeys on Romulus's neck. Harry was a little red faced too, but she was thankful that Hermione had not seen what she had or they might never have heard the end of it.

"How old are you again? Yes they are." Reponded Rom honestly, "I likes'um fiesty." Harry realized Rom was going to be no help in keeping the peace so she decided to change the subject.

"Please explain to me how beating my Professor, and the closest connection I have to my parents to a bloody pulp is going to give him control over his wolf?"

"Didn't we went over this?"

"Go over it again." Harry rolled her eyes

"No body did that to him. He's still fighting with his wolf. He did it to himself."

"What are you saying."

"He and his wolf are still fighting. He'll never get anywhere that way."

"I still don't get it."

"You're saying that he has to stop fighting?" wondered Hermione

"DING! And Miss Frizzy for the win!" responded Romulus

"but he'll die!" crowed Harry.

"Sure, if he still thinks of the wolf as a seperate entity. If he accepts that they are one and the same everything will be roses." Romulus stopped walking and turned to face Harry with an uncomon look of credulity on his face. "Believe me when I say; He is the most powerful wolf of this age and he will be fine. I stake my life and every other life I command on it."

Suddenly, a powerfull and pained howl broke the night air with a screech that sent a chill up Harry's spine. "Speak of the Devil." sighed Rom

"Ron!" Harry and Hermione gasped in unison as they then broke into a sprint toward the clinic room with Romulus following behind as if not having a care in the world.

It did not take long for Harry and Hermione to find the clinic, and thankfully Ron had not only manage to get out of the room, and close the door, but he had also managed to erect a warding around the room to keep the wolf teacher inside, but it looked like he was straining to keep it in place. "Ron what happened!?" Harry questioned.

"I donno, He just sorta w-woke up and... wolfed out." Ron responded as if he where trying to lift a two hundred pound weight wincing with each blow the wolf rained on the door. It was about this time that the same massive man that Harry had seen save Romulus from the killing curses in diagon ally moved in. He made movement as if to help Ron in reinforcing the wards but Romulus waved for him to stop. In a blur of speed, Romulus picked up Harry by the waist shot the palm of his hand outward toward everyone in the room but Harry (who he had under his arm like so many schoolbooks). Ron, Hermione and Tyr where pushed back as if by some unseen force. With the reinforcement of the wards gone the door broke and splintered into many tiny peices as if tooth picks. Through it came, not the wolf that Harry and Hermione had seen in their third year, but a full coated white wolf that stood at roughly three feet passed Harry's height and possessed hungry blue eyes. Romulus put Harry down and waved to Tyr. Tyr, using a spell Harry had not seen before erected a barrier around them as if locking Romulus, Remus, and Harry in a cage.

"What are you doing? Are you trying to get Harry kil..." Shouted Hermione

"No comments from the peanut gallery!" yelled Romulus, "Harry will need complete silence if this is going to work."

"Me?" Harry gasped as Remus in all his wolf like glory seemed to pause and consider the situation.

"Believe it or not you are the reason he's stopping right now, he recognizes you. You need to use that. Help him realize that he is the wolf." Romulus said in an uncharacteristicly serious tone. Realizing that Romulus had put himself in danger with Harry she chose to take him at his word and tentitively moved closer to the White wolf.

"Professor Lupin." The wolf recoiled under Harry's stare, "You look better. You know,... stronger." she said trying to talk to the wolf as if she were talking to her old teacher. Remus simply responded with an unconvinced snarl. Harry looked back to Romulus for direction, but got none. Romulus simply motioned for Harry continue. Harry turned back to find that Remus was now only inches away, sniffing her hair. Instinctively, Harry pulled back and Remus pulled back as well and bared his claws. "Professor, It's me. Harry. I know I don't look the way you are used to, but it's me."

Remus pulled back and straightened as if attempting to gain some sort of human posture. That was until a high pitched yell echoed through the room. Remus crouched back down to inhuman posture and bared his fangs. Harry looked to see that Pansy was now being pulled away with her mouth covered by Ron. This fantic motion seemed to set Remus off as he charged Harry. Romulus quickly pulled Harry out of the way and gave a quick punch to Remus's chest that sent the White wolf reeling backwards. "I was hoping he would be the first to not need this; Harry, get to safty. I'll handle Remus."

Harry moved to the corner and a small pocket of the barrier opened, allowing her passage. Pansy, with a swift eblow to Ron's ear, broke free and all but tackled Harry. "What the hell where you thinking? In the same cage as an unrestrained warewolf."

"That warewolf is Professor Remus Lupin." scolded Hermione, "and we were trying to help him."

Ignoring the brown haired girl Pansy leaned into Harry's ear and whispered, "There is something you need to know about your new friends."

It was at this point that Ron called their attention to the barrier with his usual stuttering fear saturated voice. Turning to find something he had never seen before Romulus taken a form similar to Remus's. He was at least a foot taller than Remus and as Remus's fur coat was a snow white, Romulus's was bloody red with smatterings of black thrown in for good measure. His figure much more wirey than Remus's. However, the feature that stood out above all else were his previously topaz eyes were now a bright almost radiant shade of gold.

With speed that was that almost impossible to follow the two wolves lunged at each other with Remus taking the first blow as he latched onto Romulus's jugular and bit down drawing an ample amount of blood and a tortured howl from Romulus.

End Chapter 10

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