"Why do you do that?"

I looked up at him completely unaware of what he was talking about. He saw the question in my eyes.

"Why do you twist your hair around your finger like that?"

I smiled at him, his face twisted into a confused puppy expression.

"I don't really know."

He let out an exasperated sigh, showing his annoyance at my completely non-explanatory answer.

He looked back down at the book he was reading for English, pretending to be unaware of the scene that had just occurred. I started reading again too, thinking all of it had ended. Unfortunately, or maybe not, for him I caught him staring at me through his shredded binding.

"Edward?" I laughed as I said his name. He was acting like a child, a very handsome child.

His eyes shifted from me back to the page; still he said nothing. I ignored his immaturity, but try as I might I couldn't keep the question off my mind. What was he doing?

"Bella?" I looked up. " Do you know how beautiful you are?"

I smiled and felt my cheeks heat up as my gaze hit the floor. He always knew just how to get me to blush.

"Come on Edward, we're suppose to reading."

" I'm serious."
"So am I."

" I love you."

"More than anything?"

"More than anything." he whispered as he took my hand and did something so completely unexpected. He bit me…

Love enough for forever.