A Wonderful World

Summary: Instead of Staying at the apartment Jess accompanies Sam and Dean on their little trip to find their father. Eventually Jess finds out "more" about Sam than she anticipated and gets a kick out of it.

Chapter 1: Difficulties

Sam was half a second to closing the front door of the apartment when Jess spoke, "Sam…are you sure you'll be OK?" asked Jessica, very worried and tugging at her arm.

"I'll be fine. It's just my Dad…he always gets lost…" replied Sam.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm positive." Sam said. His only reply from Jess being just a funny looking face stating I want you to stay here…now.

"Hey…since when do you worry this much?" Sam asked, approaching her.

"Since I found out my boyfriend's Dad was missing, and he was going to find him." Said Jessica.

"Jess…I'll be fine, I promise." Sam said, giving her yet another kiss goodbye.

Once they were apart, Sam started for the door. Meanwhile behind him Jess stood thinking that this wasn't such a good idea.

"Wait!" Jessica shouted, her worrying getting the best of her. "Uh…um… T-There isn't some other way is there…you know…for someone else to go instead of you." Jessica said, grabbing Sam's forearm.

"No…I afraid there isn't…" Sam said, giving her a face full of guilt, and concern.

"T-Then…t-then I'll…"

"Uh, Jess? You sure your all right?" asked Sam.

"Um…Yeah…I'm fine…I think." "Hey…uh Sam?" Asked Jessica, nervously.

"Yeah Jess?" Sam asked, getting a little more worried than usual.

"Does your brother allow guest in his car?" asked Jess.

"Of course he does. But why-" "…Oh…" "Hey, uh Jess. That's not such a good idea." Sam said, a little afraid of her response.

"Sam. I don't like this. I'm coming with you. Simple as that." Replied Jessica.

"Uh, there's something you should know…these…hunt's they're not exactly-"

"Sam, I'm coming with you. I don't like this at all…and for some reason…I think your brother's the dishonest type. No offense. I'm going to pack." Interrupted Jessica, heading for the bedroom.

"…Oh boy…" Sam said putting his bag down, and rubbing a hand through his hair.

15 minutes later…

"Hey! Sam what's taking you so long! I'm running out of gas and patience!" Dean said, thrusting the front door open.


"All right Sam, let's go!" Jessica said, entering the room and Making her way out the front door.

"…Oh no…" Dean said looking strait at Sam, accusingly.

Sam shrugged and said, "She was worried?"

"AW MAN!!! SAM!!!" Yelled Dean, looking out the door, before slamming it shut.

"You know we can't take her! Are you crazy!" shouted Dean, advancing towards Sam.

"Dean! What do you want me to do about it? Tell her to stay here, meanwhile she's so worried she'd probably get herself sick!" shouted Sam.

"Actually Sam. That's exactly what I want you to do!" yelled Dean.

"Dean. I'm not leaving her like that. Here. Alone." Said Sam, calming down.

"All right, fine. I'm not in the mood right now to argue. All I want to do is go! So come get in the car." Dean said, while heading out the door.

As Sam was shutting and locking the door, he heard Dean muttering something.

"Is there a problem?" asked an annoyed Sam.

"Oh, no. Absolutely not." Dean said sarcastically, heading towards the Impala.