A Wonderful World

Chapter 4: KANDACE!


"Yeah me, now I kind of need your help with something…soo do you think I could borrow you for a sec?" asked the girl standing in the doorway with wet brown hair and radiant blue eyes.

"Uh…well…I kind of-"

"Sam? Who's at the door?"

Kandace arched an eyebrow at Sam.

"Hold Jess I'll be right back!" Sam said as he shut the door and stepped out side. "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here! You're supposed to be-"

"Sam! Did you not hear me? I need your help!" Kandace said crossing her arms.

"Ok…I'll help you…but first do you're parents know you're here? How did you even get here?" asked Sam.

"…I've got my ways… Anyways, I've been kind of not feeling well lately and-"

"YOU CAME HERE BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T FEELING GOOD?!?! Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if that was just some stupid excuse to come here and see me…" shouted Sam.

"…Well…actually it was! But-"

"Ok, that's it I'm taking you home!" Sam said grabbing Kandace's right arm.

"NO! wait! You don't understand! I can explain! I didn't come here for that…well… actually that was just part of it… But NO! It-it's it's not how you think it is! I mean…AW MAN! I DON'T KNOW! JUST LET GO OF ME!" Kandace yelled trying to get out of Sam's strong grip, only failing to do so.

"Oh, and what are you going to do about it if I don't?" Sam asked taking her into the motel room.

"…I'll…I'll…I'll report a kidnapping!!! NOW LET GO!!!" shouted Kandace.

"Now exactly how are you going to do that if I have you in here…there's no phone." Said Sam.

"I've got a cell phone smart-ass!" Kandace shouted, smiling while showing Sam her cell phone with her left hand.

"Hmm…Cell phone huh? Well I guess that means you can call your mother then huh?" Sam asked raising his eyebrows and letting go of her arm.

"Sam? Who is she?" asked Jessica.

"Oh…Um… I know her from a previous job." Sam said taking a second to glance at Jess.

"A job?" asked Jessica.

"It was before I was in College Jess." Said Sam.

"Jess huh?" Kandace said skipping over to Jessica. "Hi, I'm Kandace." Said Kandace, while holding her hand out to shake Jessica's.

"Nice to meet you Kandace, and its Jessica actually." Jessica said smiling and shaking Kandace's hand.

"…I hope you get burned…" Kandace dangerously whispered so that only her and Jessica could hear.

"E-excuse me?" Jessica asked, her smile turning into a frown.

"Oh! Nothing!" Kandace said smiling.

Suddenly the door opened, and everyone turned to face it.

"WOW! DUDE! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!" asked Kandace.

"Uh…wow…Hey uh Dean y-you all right?" asked Sam.

"Just Peachy." Dean said sarcastically while walking threw the doorway.

"Whoa…dude…you smell!" Sam said waving his hand through the air by his nose.

"Yeah… I know." Dean said not too thrillingly.

"…Uh…I-is that?" Sam asked, pointing to Dean's shirt.

"Why yes, I believe so Sam…NOW DON'T PUSH IT!" shouted Dean.

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