"Severus, hurry up! You're gonna make us late!" A red headed Gryffindor cried out, tapping her foot with annoyance. Although she was in the lion house, her eyes were as green as Slytherin.

"Why bother? History of Magic is boring." A greasy haired boy grumbled as he walked out, not bothering to push back the strands of hair that curtained his pale face. Rolling her eyes, the girl adjusted the strap of her book bag and placed a hand on her hip.

"Are you feeling okay, Sev? It's not like you to want to skip a class." She giggled with light concern, locks of fire red hair falling over her face.

Severus Snape shrugged, looking at the ground. "I'm fine; I just don't feel like being trapped in a class with that Potter." The name was full of venom as he kicked invisible dust in the air.

Lily Evans sighed lightly, knowing he always got picked on. "Alright then. Pray tell, what do you want to do instead?"

Grinning, he looked up and shrugged. "Let's go outside."

A flash of horror crossed over her face, "But it's raining!"

Severus teased her while dropping his books at the door, "What, scared of getting your hair messed up? That's not like a Gryffindor at all!"

She copied his actions and ran after him through the huge entrance.

Rain poured on them the instant they set their feet outside. Lightning struck in the far distance, brightening the smile on Lily's face. Thunder clapped and echoed all around them but they were too busy playing cat-and-mouse to care. They stepped in mud, nearly tripped over branches, but finally the Gryffindor girl tackled the Slytherin boy down.

Laughter filled the air, barely heard from the thunder. "You were saying something about me being scared, what was that again Sev?" Lily lay on him, whispering it so they wouldn't be heard. He felt his body burn with desire, a shiver travel down his spine although there wasn't a lick of cold air.

Rolling over so his friend had her back on the wet grass, he grinned. Instead of talking, they stared into each others eyes. Snape always had dark onyx eyes that sparkled when he was with her. Evans had the opposite of dark, light emerald green that glittered with happiness nearly all the time. Drops of water fell from his hair, falling on her cheek but she didn't mind.

He got up, blushing darkly, as it stopped raining. Just like that, the magical moment was gone. She sat up and giggled. "That was fun!" Such a child at heart. Severus nodded and watched her as she tried to get rid of the water in her hair without magic.

They had been friends since the age of nine. They met at a barely used playground everyday after he revealed that she was a witch. Since then, they always talked and spent time together as friends…only friends. Severus loved her with the passion of a blue flame. Lily, although he didn't know it, loved him just the same but both refused to confess their love in fear of ruining their perfect friendship.

Drops of rain rested on her face, making it seem like those perfect almond shape eyes had been crying. Without realizing what he was doing, Snape reached over and wiped them away. They both froze as if they were hit with a spell, staring at each other.

"Thanks…" She whispered softly.

"No problem…" His voice was a soft and low as hers.

"Hey Snape! Trying to wash your hair in the rain?!" A voice cried out, making them both snap their heads towards it.

James Potter.

Lily stood up and frowned. "What do you want, Potter?"

He walked up to her, smirking in a sly manner. Severus sneered and glared. "I wanted to ask you out to Hogsmeade this weekend." James whispered in a "mature" tone.

Snape felt his rage bubble and grabbed his wand, ready to pull it out. Just like a thousand times before, he felt jealous and wanted to punch the jerk in the face. But, just like before, Lily snorted. "No! I'm going with Severus so leave me alone you arrogant big headed arse."

Severus felt heat rise in his face when her hand entwined with his.

James glared, shaking in confined rage. Before he could even think of hexing the Slytherin, Lily stood between them.

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