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Severus Snape eagerly made his way to the owl tower, a huge grin, which was totally uncharacteristic, plastered on his pale face. The idea he had thought of earlier was letting him radiate joy, giving him reason to act so foolish. Then again, he was a teenager so foolishness was very acquainted with him.

As he walked, almost jogged, to the place where Evans was, he couldn't help but wonder. What would it be like to go to a place where the warmth and coziness of it all would make him believe it was home? What would it be like to wake up every morning for roughly two weeks to be in the same room, nay the same bed with Lily?! What would it be like to see a motherly and fatherly figure around the house, caring for him?

When he reached the tower, being very careful and weary to make sure he wouldn't slip on the ice and look like an idiot, he glanced around. There was Lily Evans, beautiful as could be, standing inside. She stood next to a part of the window that was torn down slightly, letting what little sun hit her to show just how flawless she was. But…she looked different, she looked…sad. Her head was tilted, the fire like red hair flowing like a waterfall onto her shoulder. Despite its cover of her face, he could feel the sorrow radiate off her like joy had radiated off him moments ago.

"Evans?" He called out, making his way over there.

Startled, she looked up and quickly looked back down. However, that second of seeing her face, which Snape could stare at forever, gave away a lot more than she wanted to give away. Tears had swam in her emerald like eyes, making them even more gentle if even possible! Stains of salty water were under her eyes, making it painfully obvious that she had in fact been sobbing perhaps.

His voice became soft, like a feather, "Lily, what's wrong?" She said nothing, did nothing. Hoping no one was around or would walk in, he wrapped his thin arms around her shaken figure. Although there wasn't a lot of warmth, it showed protection. "Lily…"

The teenager threw herself into his embrace and clung to him like he was life itself. Stunned by such an action, he held onto her and whispered soothing things in her ear. Part of him didn't really notice what he said.

Finally she calmed down enough to explain, "M-My mom and dad…They won't wa-want me home." She broke into a quiet sob but quickly regained her composure, "They told me that my sister, Petunia, was upset when she heard I was going home. She refused to…she refused to eat if I was going to be there. So…Mom and Dad said for me to stay here- they'd mail my presents."

Snape was, without a doubt, utterly repulsed by such behavior. How could two loving parents, the very idea that Snape longed to have, reject one of their daughters? Why should Petunia get her way by acting and pouting like a spoiled nine year old, like a child? How could they do that?!

Sadly Snape knew why; it was because Lily Evans was a witch.

Humans, Muggles especially, were always scared of what they couldn't understand or control. If they couldn't control something, they'd destroy it or reject it at least. It would seem since they didn't understand (or know how to control the magic in Lily) that they didn't want to let her come back more than necessary.

When he was sure that she had stopped crying, he began to wonder how to make her smile again. She looked so beautiful when she smiled, looked like an angel send from Heaven to help him. Hoping he wouldn't upset her with this, he carefully chose his words.

"Lily…My sweet Lily…" Okay, so maybe that part hadn't been planned. Either way, this random blurt of emotion made her blush lightly. "Lily, look on the bright side. You can be with me during the holidays. There won't be a lot of people so we can basically do whatever we want; we can explore the castle and grounds!"

With a gentle smile, she nodded. "You always manage to cheer me up…even if you're usually sour as expired milk." Before he could scowl completely, she brought their lips together. In this cold, he felt warmth spread through his body…he felt a fire begin to build.

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