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Sasuke walked the crowded Northridge mall , with hands in his pocket a sporting a very clever disguise. He was supposed to meet Kakashi, his manager, at the Borders book store. But because he was known for being late, he decided to take a small walk inside the mall.

Sasuke can't you think right? Some fan girl might come up to you and ask for your autograph, or a herd of fan girls will come over you like a huge stampede.

But once you are in here, might as well buy something for your wife and kids, eh? Sasuke walked into the Gap kids, and walked over to the toddler section for the newborn. A new member of the Uchina family was added a little more over 3 months ago, and Sasuke couldn't be anymore happier.

Sasuke now 31, was one of the most famous actors (competing against a certain Mr. Depp) in the world and was considered the most handsome man by People magazine. To say the least he had stolen the hearts of millions of girls around the globe. But unfortunately to many of his fans he was a married man and had two beautiful children. A son named Joey who was 11 years old, and the new arrival baby Damien. He skimmed at the new arrival of the baby jumpers, and he picked out one a jumper that was a light blue and was decorated with violet cover clouds.

Hmmm? Purple for a boy? Ah, well he's too small to even begin to complain about fashion….yet.

He didn't know why, but out of all of them, he likes this color the best, though his wife prefers the color pink. He walked over to the huge line that had formed at the cashier, when his telephone rang. He checked the caller ID, it was his wife, Sakura.

He moves the baby jumper to his left hand to have access to the phone and flipped it open.

"Hey, baby. What's up?" Sasuke said, smiling at the cashier who was now scanning the prize tag.

"Sasuke I miss you, when are you coming home?"

"That will be $32.75 sir" Came from the cashier.

"Huh? That much for only one thing?" He asked taking out his wallet, pulling out his credit card.

The cashier smirked while she stuffed the jumper into a blue plastic GAP bag, "hey I don't make the prizes, and I just charge them"

"SASUKE WHO IS THAT? ARE YOU CHEATING ME?" Came a scream from the phone that could he heard all around the store.

Sasuke flinched as he pulled the phone from his ear…that was loud.

"Sakura, I'm at GAP an buying the kids a gift, and now it's not a surprise because you just screamed it out loud, and the voice was from the cashier here at the store dammit!" he said trying to keep his cool up, because at this rate he had dozens of pair of eyes staring at him.

"Oh that's nice, honey! I know you will never cheat on me! Forget I even brought it up" Sasuke was already out the store with his merchandise. Of course I will never cheat on you.

They talked for a few more minutes as Sasuke walked into a few more shops, and they soon exchanged goodbyes. Sasuke now had like 4 bags of different stores in one hand, while he struggled to keep his phone by his ear. He flipped his phone off, and shifted bags to his other arm. He kept on walking towards the mass group of people passing by. He was almost near the escalator, all he needed was to pass by the Apple and Old Navy store.

"But mom! Can't I get another I pod? Please?" a young girl, took a glance at her mom before fixing her gaze back at the glass window that cased the new arrival of merchandise.

Sasuke was going to keep walking, but the next voice he heard made him stop dead on his tracks.

"But Kelly, you have three I Pods already! Why in the world wouldn't you want one more?" The woman standing besides her with long purplish colored hair, which the girl referred to as 'mom' said.

Sasuke stopped walking, he knew that voice, and it caused his head to swirl with memories that he hoped to have forgotten. The impact was so overwhelming he felt dizzy and at any given second he swears he would faint.

To get some things cleared up:

Northridge Mall – Was the best hangout place when I lived in California.

Sasuke is Married To Sakura AND has 2 children with her, but the mystery woman is going to change his LIFE

And three….that's all I'm saying!

There ya go! I know its short, but I want to see if the readers like it or not. And this is my FIRST story I have decided to put on here. Enjoy! Read and Review