Title: Prize

Pairing: ChasexCaleb

Warning(s): None

Disclaimer: The Covenant and all related features don't belong to me. The story, however, does.


Chase had known. Maybe not from the very beginning, but he'd definitely figured it out by the time he'd stolen that kiss from Caleb in that girl's bathroom. He might have even known it earlier, when he'd beaten the younger boy in that race. Perhaps he had known it from the moment he set eyes on the teen.

He had to have him.

He didn't truly want the teen's powers. If he as that desperate for them, he would have gone to the decrepit old man hiding away with his caretaker. He would have been easy enough to convince. A few words about his wife's safety would have been enough.

But he didn't want the power of the Sons of Ipswich. He wanted to destroy them, to make them feel as lost and confused as he had been growing up, not knowing what this power was.

And the easiest way to destroy a group was to take out the leader. Cut off the head of the snake and the rest would follow.

So Caleb had to be the first to fall.

Caleb was strong, though. It would take a lot to break him, but Chase knew how.

He knew what he wanted, now. He wanted to take the boy, to satiate his lust in the boy's slender frame. And the very act of fulfilling his desire would break the teen, and then two of his goals would be reached.

And now, the day had come to put his plans into action.

Caleb was his. And soon, everyone would know, because once he got Caleb, he wasn't planning on locking the younger boy up. No, he was going to drag him around, flaunting him, making sure that everyone saw him and who he was with. He'd dangle him off his arm, showing off his prize and if Caleb or one of the others didn't quite care for the idea… Well. There were ways around that. The "good" guys were so easy to manipulate. The "heroes" wouldn't dare let anyone get hurt.

And Caleb was the most heroic of them all. So when Chase came along and threatened his mother, his friends, his girlfriend, Caleb would crumble. He couldn't protect all of them, so he'd do whatever Chase wanted.

And Chase knew just what he wanted.

Chase might have lost the first battle, but he was going to win the war. It was too late for Caleb.

Chase was going to claim his prize.

And there was nothing Caleb could do about it.


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