Lonely Heart


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I thought I knew you,

But somewhere along,

Our journey took a sudden turn,

You'd think from all the mistakes,

I'd finally learn…

"Inuyasha? Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered as she walked through the forest.

It was pitch black and while the others were asleep, Inuyasha had left and Kagome was determined to find him.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked a finally time as she walked into a clearing and found Inuyasha with Kikyo.

Kagome quickly hid behind a tree, but kept a watchful eye.

It feels as if,

We are miles apart,

What will I do,

With this lonely heart?

How long will we have to be apart?

I know you are by my side,

But suddenly,

It feels like a lie…

"Kikyo…. why won't you let me protect you?" Inuyasha asked.

"Because I don't need your protection!" Kikyo replied coldly.

"That may be true," Inuyasha started. "But I need you…"

Meanwhile, Kagome was watching as tears silently fell from her face. She walked off before she could let him finish. She suddenly felt alone. Completely helpless and alone.

She quietly walked off to the nearby river and sat at the water's edge. Tears continued to flow as she pondered her love for Inuyasha.

She told herself that she needed to let it go. Inuyasha had chosen who he wanted to be with and now she must accept it.

Soon, a familiar half-demon came up behind her and asked, "Kagome? What are you doing here?"

Kagome didn't even look at Inuyasha. Her heart couldn't take it.

"Go away," She whispered.

"Why?" Inuyasha pressed as he sat beside her.

"Because I know now who you have chosen…. you want to be with Kikyo…I just don't understand why I'm even here…"

I'm not sure,

Of where I stand,

I thought you were here,

To hold my hand,

What will I do,

With this lonely heart?

I feel as if,

We are miles apart,

I know that you are by my side,

But suddenly,

It feels like a lie…

"Kagome…. I need you….I don't know how much you heard, but obviously it wasn't enough. I told Kikyo that if she wouldn't let me protect her then she has to let me go. I told her that I have someone else that needs me and that I need…" Inuyasha said.

"What?" Kagome asked fairly surprised.

"I need you Kagome… and I promise that I will never leave you…" Inuyasha replied as he pulled Kagome into a loving embrace.

The End

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