FanFic 100 Challenge #:: 017- Brown

How Silly

The soft glow of late evening had already begun receding into the pale twilight. Ghostly shadows floated gracefully upon the stone walls and floors of the Hogwarts castle. Minerva imagined that this corridor was perhaps the only one available that could escape the typical buzzing of student activities. As it was, she was thankful that, as Deputy Headmistress, she had the ability to forgo any more noise than she, with her head pounding fiercely, could currently endure. At the stone gargoyle, Minerva muttered the Headmaster's password and stepped onto the spiral staircase. Tangible silence seemed to envelope the cool air around her as she carefully knocked on the door. After a few moments without an answer, Minerva raised a fist to knock again, but the door creaked open for her, as if the room itself was welcoming her inside.

Minerva fully expected to be greeted into the office by Albus's usual smiling face and twinkling blue eyes. Upon entering, however, she found him with his head rested on his arms against his desk, eyes closed peacefully, his body moving only with the gentle, constant breathing of slumber. Minerva paused at the doorway, tilting her head slightly as if mystified by the sight. Something deep and long-forgotten stirred within her as she watched her superior and dearest friend sleep. She stood still, entranced by the way the only visible light outside caught on his silver hair and the slightly lopsided half-moon glasses on the tip of his nose. Albus's face appeared so relaxed, so peaceful this way.

Minerva wondered at what Albus could possibly be dreaming at that very moment. She began to stare more intently, finding herself secretly wishing she had learned Legilimency. How wonderful she imagined it would be to be able to look into the mind of such a man as Albus Dumbledore! The thought of disturbing his privacy in such a manner, however, made her blush and feel quite foolish. Even worse, though she would never admit it to anyone, was the fact that she stood there wishing that Albus was dreaming of her above anything, anyone else. Suddenly, in something Minerva recognized as more of a snore than anything else, Albus jolted awake, raising his head lethargically.

Albus's eyes met Minerva's as his lips turned up into a smile. He had been having the most wonderful dream... What was it? The only thing he could remember was that Minerva had been there, and he had been happy. Then he had felt as if he had been shaken awake by someone only to find himself being watched by Minerva herself. Whatever the dream had been, he was certain that this reality was more valuable to him than a mere dream.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" Albus asked.

"I didn't mean to disturb you. I just came by to have a talk or play a game of chess. I'll come back later," she replied hastily.

"No, no, my dear. I don't mind at all."

"Are you sure?" Minerva asked, looking quite apologetic for being found this way in his office.

Albus nodded and offered her the seat facing his desk, which she accepted.

"Albus?" she said carefully.

"Yes, Minerva?"

"I hope you don't mind me asking, but what were you dreaming just now?"

Minerva could not believe how bold she was being in front of him. Albus thought for a moment before answering.

"Ah, socks, I believe. Yes, warm brown woolen socks.."


Minerva nodded. Albus had looked so happy as he was dreaming, so happy even when he awoke and found her standing there staring at him from the door... And he had been dreaming of socks all along? Minerva's heart felt as though someone was relentlessly stepping onto it, denying her the vital blood and oxygen to the heart she needed to survive.

How silly she was to believe Albus Dumbledore could ever dream of her...

How silly of him to lie to her.


A/N:: Poor Albus and Minerva. :(