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The True Tales of Organization XII.

Xemnas was sitting at his desk carefully constructing an elaborate plan. Okay the truth is he's just drawing a picture of his beloved Kingdom Hearts. But anyway, he suddenly hears the sound of a drill, men talking, shovels and the distinct sound of Demyx's voice.

He opened the door and yelled. "Cut that damned racket!"

The noise stopped till he got back to his desk and sat down. The drill and more yelling followed. Once again he got up and opened the door. "Shut up that damn noise!"

The noise stopped. The superior sat down at his desk and the noise started again.

Angered, he got up and walked out the door. He went to the source of the noise and said, "This door wasn't here before." He opened the door. "That blasted noise better stop before I-"

Xemnas looked around. Demyx and a digging crew were digging a huge hole in the floor of the castle that never was. "What the hell is going on here?" He asked. "I didn't even know this room existed."

"Oh hey Superior, I just thought we could use a pool here in the castle that never was, it gets really boring."


"But it's heated… and indoors!"


"But haven't you always wanted a pool?"

After ten minutes of negotiating…

"Fine you can have your stupid pool, just stop singing!"

"YAY!" Demyx whips out his sitar and begins singing, "We're getting a pool, getting a pool, getting a poooooool! It's gonna be blue, blue like the waaaaaaaateeeeeerrrrr!"

Xemnas is closely watching every movement of the workers. "It needs more darkness."

One of the workers looked up at Xemnas for a split second, said "Yeah that's great buddy," and returned to work.

Roxas walked in silently, he yawned and rubbed the back of his 'I slept with a fan girl' hair. "What's with all the noise?"

"WE'RE GETTING A POOOOOOOL!" Demyx shouted happily. He came dangerously close to Roxas's face. He gazed into Roxas's eyes with a hard expression. Xemnas just watched the two.

"What?" Roxas asked.

"Your eyes. They're blue, like the water." Demyx said in a trance like voice.

"Stupid hydro-maniac." Roxas said. Number thirteen walked out of the room.

Demyx stared at the spot Roxas had been standing in for a few moments before shrugging and walking away.


"I'll get it!" Demyx ran out of the room to the front door. A few moments later he walked back in holding a box. He attempted to open it, failing several times before Xemnas snatched it out of his hands and tore it open. It was a large sign that said in bold letters

Welcome to our ool

You'll notice there's no P in it,

Please keep it that way.

Demyx squeals with delight.

"You just think you're so clever don't you?" Xemnas sneered.

At that moment Larxene came in the room with a death glare on her face.

"What the hell is going on?"

"The hydro-maniac got a new sign for his pool."

"Oh... WAIT. We have a pool?"

"We're getting one." Demyx was grinning from ear to ear.

"Well the real reason I came in here is to say, Demyx if you ever get into my underwear drawer again I will skin you ALIVE."

"It was Xigbar, I swear!"

Larxene grabbed Demyx by the collar and lifts him up until his feet are no longer touching the ground.

"Yeah I bet it was." Larxene growled.

"Please, have mercy." Demyx begged.

Luxord walked in and looked around, confused. He shrugged and turned to Larxene. "Miss Larxene, I would like to inform you that Xigbar is performing a panty raid in your bedroom as we speak."

A large truck comes driving by and honks several times making it difficult to understand what Larxene was saying.

"Number twelve!" Xemnas yelled. He was insulted by her sudden outburst of colorful language.

"You potty-mouth!" Demyx pointed at Larxene.

Larxene ran out of the room as the truck begins honking once again.

"I'm going back to my office, if you need me, don't." Xemnas headed back to his office and sat down at his desk. He sighed from his frustration and continued his drawing of Kingdom Hearts.

"Superior is it true?" Axel came running in the room.


"That Demyx is getting a pool."

"Sadly enough, yes."

"Why does Demyx get a pool? I want something too!"






"Ha! I got you! I want a…" Axel's voice faded so the last few words could not be heard.

"A what?"

"A room to keep my lava lamp collection in." Axel mumbled.

"Why the hell do you have a lava lamp collection?"

"They're cool!" Axel yelled in his defense.

"Fine. Call a contractor, you can build it on the sixth floor."

"We have a sixth floor?"

"Courtesy of Xaldin."

Axel ran out of the room to get the phone. Xemnas thought he would finally get some peace and quiet to finish his drawing. His peace was short-lived when Marluxia burst in and it rained flower petals.

"Marluxia has come to investigate a slight problem in the construction going on in the castle."

"And what would that be?"

"I want another flower bed!"

"You already have seven of those, if you must have something, be reasonable."

"Fine. I want a Disco Club within the castle, including a disco ball, colorful flashing lights, a bar, AND, cage dancers."

"You can use room 7 on the 3rd floor. You're going to have to find your own dancers, but I'm sure Roxas has some extra fan girls in his bedroom that would be willing to dance in a cage for you."

Marluxia left the room after throwing some more flower petals on Xemnas's desk. His shouts for Roxas could be heard throughout most of the castle, but everyone was used to weird stuff like this.

After Xemnas finished his drawing he hung it up next to all of his other blueprints and plans to obtain Kingdom Hearts. Basically the wall is covered with drawings of Xemnas and his beloved Kingdom Hearts.

Xemnas walked through the many hallways of the castle until he reached the kitchen. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out a box of Trix.

"Stupid kids, why won't they just let the poor rabbit have some damn Trix?"

Luxord came in and interrupted Xemnas's rant about the poor rabbit. "Excuse me superior-"

"What do you want?"

"Let's not beat around the bush, I want a poker table. Hell, give me a whole room devoted to my card playing."

"Yeah, whatever." Xemnas pours milk on his cereal.

"I'll take that as a go ahead and buy myself some new poker chips and deck of cards while I'm at it."

Xemnas rolled his eyes and ate his cereal, still rambling on about the poor rabbit.

Xemnas looked up from his cereal as Xigbar walked in with several new scars on his face, obviously from Larxene.

"Man, that really hurt." Xigbar was rubbing his head. "Hey Superior, what's all this about everyone getting new stuff?"

"Ugh. Tell me what you want and let me finish my friggin' Trix."

"Uh… Well I've always wanted a shooting range."

"Fine, leave me alone so I can eat my cereal."

Vexen came in and opened his mouth to say something.

"WILL THE INTERRUPTIONS, NEVER END?" Xemnas's voice echoed through the castle as he tossed his bowl into the sink.

"Well sorry, but if everyone else gets something, I want a walk-in freezer so I can, as Roxas might say chill."


"I'll call the contractor and tell him the conscientious news!"

Later while Xemnas is in the shower...

"Kingdom Hearts come back to me, I should have never set you free, my baby, come baaaaaaaaaaaaack!"

"Pardon me superior, but-" Saix had walked in on him while he was showering.

"What do you want Saix? If you're asking for a raise the answer is no."

"You don't pay me, but anyway, I was wondering if I could have an observatory."

"What would you do with that? Be a peeping Tom?"

"NO, I would look at the moon, and stars, and possibly we could find out what those UFOs are doing."

"I'm pretty sure that's just that stupid key blade wielder with a flash light."

"… You really need to get your facts straight."

Saix stood there watching the shower curtain. Xemnas noticed this. "OH WILL YOU JUST GET OUT!"

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