too damn hot

Sanzou's drinking beer on his own. It's another cheap bar and another hot night, with the sweat tight under his arms and across his chest and pooling on the back of his neck. The others have gone to their separate rooms. He doesn't know if Gojou and Hakkai are sharing a bed tonight, and frankly he doesn't give a damn. As long as none of them come in to bother him.

He's busy ignoring the Toushin Taishi sitting on the windowsill and looking him over with a considering eye.

He knows that later in the evening they're going to have sex. It's one of those things that happens; they both have an itch, they scratch it. It's not going to make a single bit of difference to whatever Homura's grand plan is, or when Sanzou next points a gun at his head.

Homura is never hot; divine blood has a certain coolness to it. His flesh is neither warm nor cold, but simply bland, and as unmarked as it is unheated. There are no scars round his wrists where the shackles wear at the flesh, as there would be on a human. There is no awkwardness when he removes his clothing. There's passion and there's heat but there's no warmth or humanity to it.

They've fornicated in different positions. Homura doesn't seem to care about the awkwardness of it, or the inconvenience to Sanzou, as long as he gets what he wants, and Sanzou doesn't usually care by that point either as long as it's over and done with. Up against the wall, with Sanzou's robes down round his waist and one leg hooked over Homura's shoulder and the two of them banging so damn hard against the wall that he was still surprised the innkeeper hadn't come to investigate. Bent over the edge of a table with the line of the wood digging into his thighs and his jeans down round his ankles and Homura's hands tight on his shoulders. On a bed, even.

He hopes it'll be a bed tonight. It's easier to concentrate on the fornication and get it over and done with, and then he can roll over and go back to ignoring Homura and Homura will take himself off with a vaguely amused, vaguely wounded air, and perhaps Sanzou will finally be able to get a bit of sleep.

But fuck it all, it'd be easier if it wasn't so damn hot.