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Ichigo and Rukia have been dating for 2 years now. Ichigo was going to drop the big bomb question. You know… the 'will you marry me?' question.

Rukia and Ichigo were both 23 years old, and Rukia was still as beautiful as she was when she was 16. Ichigo was still as hot as he was when he was 16.

Ichigo had an idea for asking Rukia if she'd marry him.

Later that same night…

Ichigo dialed Rukia's phone number.





"Hello, Ichigo!" Rukia's bright voice came on the phone.

"Hey, Rukia, I was wondering if you'd like to go to Old Country Buffet."

"Oh, yes, of course!"

"Ok, I'll pick you up around six."

"Ok, bye!"

Ichigo hung up. My plan is working.

He dialed Orihime's number.



"Ichigo?" Orihime said out of breath.

"Orihime, is everything ready?"

"Yep…you said six, right?"

"Yeah, six."

"Okay then. Rukia and I will meet you there."

"Yep, bye!"

Ichigo hung up. Perfect.

Like, 6'o clock.

Ichigo and Rukia walked into the restaurant. They walked up to the front desk.

Orihime greeted them. "Oh, hello Rukia, Ichigo."

"Table for two," Ichigo smiled.

Orihime walked out from the desk. "This way," Orihime showed the two to a booth.

They sat down.

Orihime handed them both menus. She smiled and walked off.

Rukia was about to open her menu when she noticed Ichigo staring at her. She glanced up. "What?" she blinked.

"Oh, nothing." He answered.

Rukia smiled as she opened her menu.

Her face went blank.

What is this?

The menu read:

Rukia, look to your left.

She smiled as she turned her head to face the left of her.

Ichigo was standing next to her.

Rukia was confused. "Ichigo? What's going on-?"

Ichigo got down on one knee.

"Oh my God," Rukia gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands.

Ichigo smiled at her. "Rukia, I love you."

"I-I love you, too." Rukia said between gasps.

"…and I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

He pulled out a velvet black box.

"Rukia," he opened the box.

"Will you…"

There was a gorgeous diamond ring inside.

"Marry me?"

Rukia was speechless. She smiled wildly.

"Yes! Yes, Ichigo!" Rukia jumped on top of him.

"I will marry you!"

Ichigo fell over, with Rukia on top of him.

Ichigo laughed. "That's good." He smiled as he and Rukia leaned in for a kiss.

Their lips pressed together slowly. Ichigo opened his mouth, allowing Rukia's tongue in. Their tongues fought with each other for a moment or two until Orihime walked up to the two on the floor.

Orihime laughed. "Are you two having fun?"

Rukia broke apart from Ichigo's mouth.

"Orihime!" Rukia squealed as she stood up. "Ichigo-"

Orihime giggled.

Rukia smiled. "You knew all along, huh?"

"Yeah!" Orihime laughed.

Ichigo stood up as he handed the ring to Rukia.

"I believe this is yours," he said giving Rukia the ring.

Rukia put her hand in front of Ichigo.

Ichigo took her hand as he easily slid on the diamond.

Rukia's eyes began to fill with tears. "It's so beautiful!" She sighed. "And it fits perfectly."

She turned to face Ichigo. "I love you so much!"

Ichigo smiled as he leaned down to kiss Rukia.

Rukia tilted her head up a bit.

Their lips touched but there was no kiss.

Ichigo smiled into Rukia's dark blue eyes.

She smiled back.

"I love you too." He whispered into her ear.

They kissed.

I love you more than you know, Rukia. More than you know.

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