A Dream Pair (FujiEiji) drabble dedicated to the lovely liyenthel. A summary would be pretty much pointless for this drabble. xD

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x Balloons x 100 words x Request - Dream Pair for liyenthel.

'Fuji! Look!'

Fuji looked at his boyfriend, who was holding...

'Aren't they the prettiest balloons ever? Oishi gave them to me!' Eiji continued chatting away about how wonderful Oishi was, and Fuji sat, listening.

'Anyway, I need to go to the washroom, so will you help me watch over my balloons?'

Fuji nodded, smiling. 'Of course!'

Eiji came back to find all of his balloons popped except one, which had Oishi's face drawn on it.

Fuji said cheerfully, 'I don't like balloons.' And he popped Oishi.

Eiji decided never to mention Oishi and his wonderfulness in front of Fuji again. x owari

x omake

'Fuji, do those eggs have Oishi's face drawn on them?'


'Is that why you're throwing them onto the ground forcibly?'


Fuji was scary when he was jealous.

x x x

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