Rita Repulsa…once one of the Greatest Evils around, had been trapped finally by the meddlesome teenagers that Zordon of Eltar had manage to snag, and she ended up getting trapped for eternity, until some idiot was dumb enough to come across it and accidentally open it. So the evil empress waited and waited, trying to ignore her feeble minded lackeys, who were also cramped in this tiny prison. Being cramped in here didn't give much time for Rita to think, all she could focus on was her raging headache, and it was starting to make her very agitated. If she had access to her powers, Baboo would be fried by now. With his constant whining, she had just wanted to strangle him. The only one who was keeping quiet beside herself, was Goldar, but even his silence was pushing her limitation of not blowing her short fuse.

After what had seemed like an eternity, finally light shot into the small prison and Rita instantly arose out of it, hoping that she wasn't dreaming. She was met with two clearly freaked out human beings. Rita raised her eyebrows, clearly unimpressed that they had developed suits to come out into the moon and breathe still. Still…she probably get some information out of this lowly creature. Inching closer to the clearly freaked out human. "You…what is the year?" Rita had an idea of what the year was, but to make sure her migraine didn't grow any bigger.

"Well whoever this chick is has clearly watched too many Madonna videos," one of the guys wisecracked. Instantly her eyes darkened, and her staff appeared into her hands, and lightening shot out of it, instantly burning a hole through his middle, dead before he hit the ground.

"Now…why don't you tell me what year it is, or you will suffer the same fate as him," she said, pointing her staff at the smoking carcass of his teammate.

"2….2006," he managed to stammer. Rita mused…it had been ten thousand years since she had last been free. "Pl…please don't kill me…" he whimpered. Rita rolled her eyes, and instantly let out a tiny bit of lightening, sending him back to his ship.

"Wow who knew humans would be more pathetic than they already were?" Rita said to herself, but didn't let that fact bother her very much. She was finally free, and it was time to resume her plan to try and conquer Earth.

Earth Angel Grove, California

Ernie's Juice Bar, the local hangout of most jr. high and high school teenagers. Zordon knew that an evil was coming back, and he had to look for new fighters, now more than ever. So far there was nothing of the sort that could be trained that quickly for what is going to come.

"Ay yi yi yi Zordon…what if we can't find anyone?" Alpha 5 stammered. Alpha 5 had been with Zordon ever since the beginning, faithful assistant, and always ready to help Zordon.

"Have faith Alpha, we will find our fighters," Zordon assured the flustered robot, although he would prefer to fight the evil himself, after losing his last team, the Red Ranger barely containing Rita Repulsa and her lackeys into their prison where they were supposed to stay. They continued to watch and wait for some people worthy enough and able to hold the mantle of being Power Rangers again. Zordon stayed silent but he was thinking he might have found his teenagers.

Jason Scott started up his car and hit the road. Just as he was going to head on the exit to head for the Juice Bar since he had a class to teach, when his cell phone rang. He picked it up, and saw it was Kimberly Hart, one of his best friends since Elementary. Still driving he answered his phone, "Hey Kim," smile in his voice.

"Jason…hi," she whispered. Jason heard the tremble in her voice, and vaguely heard her silently sobbing in the background.

"Kim…are you doing ok?" he asked her already turning his car around to head towards Kimberly's house.

"Yeah," she said, "I just need a ride…the person that was going to pick me up couldn't make it, and I really need to get to my class. Can you give me a ride?" Jason could tell that wasn't the reason why she was worked up, but he knew that she didn't like confrontation.

"Of course, I'm on my way now," Jason told her.

"Thanks Jase," Kim said, and she hung up the phone. What she didn't tell Jason was that her parents were fighting again, and since they were fighting there was no way she could get downstairs without receiving some of the anger that was coming from them. So one of them will get angry and take the only car that the family had at the moment. So Kimberly decided to leave a note saying where she was going and climbed out of her window with her gym bag and climbed down to the first floor. Wincing she heard the family car squeal out of there, and saw her Mom in the car tears streaming down her face. Kimberly sighed and waited for Jason. Wiping stray tears from her face, she calmed down seeing Jason's cry drive up.

She ran up to his car before he got out and jumped into the passenger's seat. Jason sat back down, and turned to Kimberly, noticing her eyes were slightly red, and he knew that she was crying. He put a hand on her shoulder, "Kimberly are you ok?" She just nodded, and looked like she just wanted to get far away from her house. So he let go of her shoulder, and turned the car back on, and started to drive once again towards Ernie's Juice Bar. He continued to glance at Kim every once in a while, and saw her looking sadly out the window.

"Jason…" she started, and just as he parked into a spot. He turned to Kimberly and she instantly wrapped her arms around him. Instantly he wrapped his arms around her, and she buried her head into his shoulder.

"Kim…what's wrong?" Jason whispered, but she refused to answer. Jason had never seen Kimberly so depressed, so he just continued to hold her until she calmed down.

"Sorry," Kim apologized after a minute, starting to pull away, but Jason continued to hold her.

"Kimberly…there is something wrong…just tell me what is going on…" Jason said to her, refusing to let go.

"Look…my parents were fighting all night…" Kim started. "It was terrible. They have been fighting non-stop…" Kim sighed.

"Oh Kim," Jason said, squeezing her arms. Just as he was about to say some more comforting words, he heard a knock on the passenger window. Trini Kwan, Kim's best friend was the person knocking.

"You guys are going to be late…" Trini started, but then stopped when she saw tears streaming down her face. "Kim…are you ok?" she asked her.

"Yeah…" Kim sighed. "Look Jason…I don't want you to be late for your class…so go ahead…"


"It's ok Jason, I'll stay with her," Trini said to Jason, "You don't want Zach to teach the class by himself do you?" Trini said with a giggle. Jason sighed, but let go of Kimberly. Kim gave him a grateful smile, and got out of the car. Jason sighed, and reluctantly got out of the car as well and headed for the locker room to change. "So…your parents were fighting again weren't they?" Trini addressed Kimberly.

"Yeah…it got really bad again…." Kim sighed.

"Ok…you are staying at my place tonight," Trini instantly said.

"Trini…I have imposed on your parents too much already," Kim said shaking her head.

"Kimberly don't be silly," Trini said with a laugh. "Look, I am not letting you go home there tonight and let them duke it out while you are in the house…."

"But what if it gets violent again? I do not want my Mom getting struck again," Kim sighed. Trini sighed.

"You cannot stay there Kim. We may be sixteen and all Kim, but seriously, you do not need to be hearing that kind of stuff right now. So it is settled, you are staying with me and my parents, ok?" Trini said in a stern voice. Kimberly finally relented and nodded her head.

"Thanks Trini," Kimberly said to her best friend. Trini smiled and turned around and saw Zack Taylor trying to teach Billy Creston some martial arts. Kimberly let out a small chuckle watching as Zack continued to try and teach Billy it, but he didn't seem to understand. Trini also smiled, watching as Billy tried to mirror Zack's movements.

"He is trying so hard," Trini said as she continued to watch Billy. Seeing as she knew some martial arts, she thought maybe she could help Billy with it. Kimberly seeing the helpful wonder in her eyes, nodded her head.

"Look…I'll just practice my gymnastics, you go help Billy out with his troubling martial arts," Kim said. Trini nodded and they split up, heading towards the opposite sides of the room. Trini walked over towards them, pulling her hair back with a yellow scrunchie.

"Hey Billy…Zack," she said to them. Billy felt a little flustered as Trini approached them. Trini gave Billy a warm smile, and he calmed down a bit. "Not bad for a first try," she told Billy, "You need to put a little more weight on your right foot when you are planning on making a right hook," Trini explained to Billy. Billy seemed to understand and he tried it. "Better," Trini said with a smile, and she went behind him and motioned the correct movements, and he was able to mirror the movements perfectly. "Excellent Billy," Trini said with a big smile. Billy barely hid a blush.

"Thanks…" Billy said. With Trini showing him, it was so much easier.

"Much better Billy. Look, I am going to go spar with Jason…so go ahead and let Trini show you some moves ok?" Zack told him, and Billy seemed more than happy to have Trini teach him. Zack went over towards Jason, who was staring at Kimberly as she practiced her gymnastics. "Jason," Zack said as he approached him, but Jason didn't say anything. "Jase," he said snapping his fingers in front of his face. "Where is your head at?" He asked him. Zack turned around and saw who Jason was looking at. "Dude…why haven't you asked her out yet?" Zack sighed. "And I know it is not just something is bugging her, we all know that you have liked Kim since the beginning of middle school," Jason stayed silent, and Zack rolled his eyes.

As Kim was performing a back flip, Bulk and Skull…the somewhat sort of bullies that were in high school with them, started to walk over towards Kimberly. "Hey there Kimmy," Skull said to her walking up right next to her. Kimberly clearly wasn't in the mood to deal with pushing him off of her.

"I'm a little busy Skullovitch," Kim sighed, stretching away from him, but he grabbed her arm. "Hey let go!" Kim said, trying to get his grip off of her. He started to pull her closer to him, and instantly Jason was over there, yanking Kim from his grip and pushed him away from her.

"She said let go," Jason told Skull tersely.

"Wow you seem really jealous for a guy who is just a friend," Skull said with a laugh.

"She has already told you several times that she wasn't interested," Trini said, appearing out of nowhere. "So step off," Before any more harsh words could be exchanged, Ernie, the boss of the juice bar came out to them, and pulled Bulk and Skull aside.

"Look guys, if you are not going to behave, I am going to have to kick you out," They just nodded and Kim let out a grateful sigh. Zordon had definitely found his five teenagers to become his warriors. What Zordon hadn't known at the time was Rita was spying in as well.

She knew that Zordon was spying for some little teenagers, and she knew that he was going to spy anywhere and everywhere. "Finster!" she shouted.

"Yes…" Finister started, and as an afterthought added, "my queen,"

"Send a putty patrol down there right now…before Zordon decides to choose his little army of teenagers to turn into Power Rangers," she snapped, and turned to Goldar, "And you are to go with them, just as a precaution,"

"Yes my queen," Goldar said, bowing slightly, disappearing into flames. Finster instantly sent a putty patrol down to Earth and they appeared into the juice bar. At first no one seemed to notice them until Goldar appeared. Then again, who wouldn't freak out to see a giant bird with a pig like face, donning golden armor and a nasty looking sword?

People tried to run away and some of them had managed to escape, while others were being dragged off. A putty tried to grab onto Jason's arm, but instantly Jason threw it off of him. Kim stayed close to Jason, cringing at Goldar. "Come on Kim," Jason told her, grabbing her hand and following Zack, Trini and Billy. Trini saw a couple putties grabbing a little kid, and Trini instantly launched herself at the Putty, knocking it's feet from under it, and grabbing the little girl away from them, and Zack knocked down the other one. "Alpha, try and get a lock on those five," Zordan said in an urgent voice. Rita was onto their plan already and was desperately trying to stop Zordon.

"Right away Zordon," Alpha said, instantly attempting to grab a lock on them. Trini managed to find the little girl's older brother, and they managed to escape. Trini and Zack went back to the others and started to go out the exit, when all the sudden Kim was ripped out of Jason's grip.

"Kimberly!" Jason shouted, and instantly headed towards Goldar, but stopped when Goldar had his sword hovering towards Kim's neck.

"Come quietly or little Miss Gymnast here will get it," Goldar snapped. Jason looked at Kim's scared face, and was about to let the putties take him, when all the sudden, he, Kim, Trini, Billy, and Zach were surrounded by lights and shot up into the air. For a while it had seemed like this little trip would never end they crash-landed onto the ground. Jason was instantly helping Kimberly up.

"Kimberly are you ok?" Jason asked, and Kim just nodded, and latched onto Jason's arm. Billy helped Trini up and she gave him a smile. Zack got up and looked around, the blue tinted room. Where the hell were they? As the group looked around in wonder, Alpha came up to them.

"Oh…thank goodness I was able to get you out of there! My circuits were about to overload!" Alpha cried happily. Billy looked at Alpha in wonder.

"Wow…" he said walking around Alpha. "Artificial Intelligence…able to speak…seems to have some sort of emotions…" Billy started to ramble. Zack just stared at him as he rambled on.

"He definitely has a knack for not speaking plain ol' English," Zack muttered, and Trini smacked his arm.

"I am Alpha Five," Alpha introduced himself, putting out one robotic arm towards Billy. Billy took it and shook it.

"Billy Creston," Billy said. "And that's Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor, Kimberly Hart, and Jason Scott," he introduced. They murmured some hellos and Alpha turned around.

"Um…what are you staring at?" Trini asked Alpha 5.

"Zordon…I managed to teleport them all safely," Alpha said. Suddenly Zordon's head appeared in his normal tube.

"Good Alpha," Zordon said and looked at the clearly freaked out sixteen year olds. "Don't be alarmed…" Zordon said in a calming voice.

"Ok…what…who are you?" Jason asked.

"My name is Zordon," he informed them impatiently. "Look…there isn't much time to go into lengthy explanations, just turn around and I'll show you what's going on…" They turned around and saw Goldar in a cave like area, and Zordon heard one of them mutter, "What is it with bad guys and caves?" Zordon shook his head and continued his explanation. "That would be Goldar…he and the clay creatures known as putties have your peers trapped…"

"Ok…I don't understand what you want us to do about it," Jason sighed. "Look I am all for saving whoever got captured, but this seems more like something for the cops to do, not us,"

"Well not yet," Zordon said. "Look normal human means for fighting these creatures will cause a lot of lives to be lost…you five are capable of handling the responsibility of becoming Power Rangers," They all stared at him with blank faces and he sighed once again. "Look warriors for good to protect your planet from Rita Repulsa…" the viewing globe changed and showed Rita Repulsa floating around the city, causing havoc all around the planet. "So are you going to accept this destiny for yourselves?" Taking their silence as a yes, he summoned the Power coins that would enable them to become the Power Rangers. The power coins attached themselves onto the morphers and appeared in each of their hands.

"What are these things?" Trini asked.

"These devices will allow you to become the Power Rangers…. being gifted with powers inherited from the dinosaurs depicted in each coin. Jason, your natural strength and courage your dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Trini your natural strength and grace you have the power of the Saber tooth Tiger. Billy strong willed and smart, you are the Triceratops. Kimberly, agile and graceful you are the Pterodactyl. And Zachary, you are the Mastodon. Together you five are going to be the Power Rangers…to activate your powers…so you can save your peers, call out your dino names and you will be transformed into the Power Rangers,"

"Just like that huh?" Trini asked.

"You have got to hurry Rangers…ay yi yi yi," as alarms started to blare. "You need to hurry!" Jason gave Kimberly's arm a squeeze, and she just nodded.

"Alpha get the teleporters ready, and get the rangers closer to cave so they can save those people," Zordon said to him. "Once you morph…you will be able to be stronger…my first generation of rangers used to say it's Morphing Time, and it activated the Power Grid to get you into your suits…may the power be with you," and instantly they were teleported a couple miles from the cave.

"This is so lame…" Kim complained, as they started walking. "Even though we didn't agree to do this, shouldn't we at least be able to be teleported closer than this?" Kim sighed. They heard weird noises, and putties started to surround them. Zack, Trini, and Jason were the only ones with any martial arts training. "Great…just great," Kim sighed.

"Ay yi yi yi Zordon, why aren't they morphing?" Alpha said as he viewed in.

"Just give them time Alpha…you do remember the first time we had rangers? They barely had any fighting skills at all," Zordon reminded the freaked out robot.

Trini, Zack, and Jason put themselves around Kim and Billy trying to protect them, as the putties started to overflow. Billy looked at the morpher in his hands, and decided to try it out, to figure out its technology. "Triceratops!" Billy said, and instantly the coin glowed blue and he was in a blue suit.

"Billy?" Kim asked, and Billy looked at himself.

"Whoa…" he said. One of the putties broke through Trini and tried to attack Billy, but he launched the putty away, as if his body already knew marital arts.

"Guys…lets follow Billy and 'morph. It's Morphin Time!" Jason said.



"Saber tooth Tiger!"

"Tyrannosaurs!" Instantly they were in costumes, and thrown into battle fighting the putties. After just a couple minutes, the putties were subdued.

"Whoa…this is so cool," Billy said, landing a perfect kick on the last of the putties.

"Alright…lets go save the civilians," Jason said, and they ran towards the caves. Goldar was guarding the cave.

"I see Zordon managed to get some new idiots to join the bandwagon of being the new Power Rangers. I have killed one generation of you pesky punks, I can kill another just as easily!" he said his sword drawn and ran towards them.

"Kim, you Trini, and Billy go look for the civilians! Me and Zack will handle Bird Brain over here!" Kim jumped over Goldar, and she Trini, and Billy went inside the cave. Kim felt weird leaving Jason behind to fight Goldar, but started to look for the people that were trapped. They were met with Putties and they instantly went into battle.

Jason and Zack were fighting well against Goldar, but Goldar had been at this a lot longer then they had and it was apparent as he was blocking every hit they tried to lay on him. "You are pretty good…gotta give you that," Goldar sneered, as he managed to lay a kick on Zack's abdomen. "We will finish this later rangers,"

"Coward," Zack shot at the bird like creature as he disappeared.

"Come on lets go help them get the rest of the civilians," Jason said, and they ran into the cave. Jason saw Kimberly helping a girl probably around their age, struggling.

"Look is Adam going to be ok?" she asked, kept looking over her shoulder, at the young Asian American Billy was supporting.

"He is going to be fine Aisha," Kim assured her. "The sooner we get you out of here the sooner we can get you to the hospital," That seemed to convince Aisha and she stopped struggling.

"Any more civilians left?" Jason asked Kim and Billy.

"Trini is rustling the rest of them towards the exit now," Billy informed him. Jason nodded and turned towards Kim. Kim let Aisha go walk with Adam, helping Billy support him.

"Goldar attacked him," Kim explained to Jason.

"Ah," Jason said. As Kim helped Trini hoard the civilians to the exit, Goldar flamed back in, and waited until everyone was distracted…and grabbed onto Kim, latching her arms behind her back. Kim struggled in his grip, but couldn't break it.

"Kimberly!" Jason shouted as he saw the struggle and ran towards Goldar, but he disappeared, taking Kim with him.