I know it has been a while since I updated, but today I was sitting down at my computer, and my good friend Rah helped me write a majority of this amazing chapter. Thank you so much, the chapter would not have been this awesome without you! I hope you all enjoy this, and I will start working on the next chapter as soon as I get this posted.

Tommy allowed the doctor to check on him, all the while squeezing Kat's hand. He'd caught the mischievous glint in her eye. Once alone, he turned to look at her. A piece of him-and admittedly small one-knew he shouldn't give in to the darkness but if it meant being with Kat, he'd do whatever it took.

"What are you thinking?" he asked.

"Oh just a little something Rita's cooking up. Infect humanity with a monster or


"I have a better idea. Why don't we get the hell out of here and go after the other Rangers. Taking them out would make her more than happy." Kat leaned foward and brushed her lips against his cheek. "What did you have in mind, my sweet?"

"I've got something that none of them will see coming."

He pulled the leads from his chest with a grimace and pulled on the clothes lying on a nearby chair.

Kat looped her arm through his and in a flicker of pink light they disappeared. They rematerialized minutes later in Tommy's bedroom. He crept to the door and listened. The house sounded empty.

"What are you doing?" Kat whispered and followed him into his dad's bedroom.

Tommy slid the closet door open and pulled a small black case from the top shelf. With two soft 'pops' he opened it to reveal a handgun. He pulled the gun and clip free of the foam and checked to see there was ammo loaded.

"Oh dad. Can always count on you to be a bad influence," Tommy said with a laugh and stowed the weapon in the waistband of his pants.

"Now...where would we find some Rangers?" Kat purred in his ear.

He pulled her close and kissed her. Deep and long. She moaned as she pulled away. Breaths came in gasps for both of them. Tommy licked his lips and offered her his hand.

"They went off to fight Putties in the park." And with that, Kat took his pre-offered hand and transported them towards the rangers. They appeared out of the line of sight from the Rangers and saw them fighting the putties. Kat licked her lips in anticipation as she saw a thoughtful look appear on Tommy's face. She was thinking this was definitely the more exciting of plans then the one that Rita had originally. "So what are you thinking about doing?" she questioned, loving this new side of Tommy that was coming out.

As much as Tommy would love to make a grand entrance, and just send the Putties away, he thought lulling them into a false sense of security would definitely be the better option.
"The Puttties really aren't a match for them, but do you think that you could make them kinda…just take the fall?" he questioned the blond beauty next to him. She nodded her head, and managed to get one of squad's attention. She signaled that they should make themselves scarce and soon. As the Power Rangers began to quickly dispose of them, Tommy and Kat began to approach them. Lucky for them, the Rangers seemed more happy about defeating the band of monsters that Rita had sent out than checking to see if they were just a distraction for a bigger threat.

Once the last Putty disappeared and the Rangers stood catching their breath, Tommy took a step closer and began to clap.

"Bravo. Really well done. Those Putties were no match for the might Power Rangers," he said.

Kat laughed as the Rangers turned around and shock painted each of their faces.

"You okay, man?" Jason asked.

"Never been better," Tommy answered and moved closer. He slid his hands behind his back with one hand gripping the handle of the gun.

"I didn't think the doctor was going to let you out of the hospital," Kim added.

"Yeah and you didn't look so good earlier," Zack said.

"You're not going to look very good when we're done," Tommy said and pulled the gun from its hiding spot.

The group backed away and Jason threw his hands up," What are you doing with that?"

"You're a smart boy, Jason. What do you think?" Tommy taunted.

"You weren't kidding. This really will please Rita," Kat interjected.

"Look, I don't know what Rita did to you but you have to fight it. This isn't you. Either of you," Jason reasoned.

"You don't know us," Kat snapped and her skin took on a pink sheen.

"Now here's what's going to happen. You are going to surrender your power coins to me and serve Rita," Tommy began.

"And if we refuse?" Jason asked.

Tommy gripped the gun by the muzzle and slammed the butt into Jason's temple. Kim screamed as Jason staggered and fell to his knees. Blood pooled on the ground.

"Do not interrupt me." This was definitely different then anything they had faced just yet. Tommy may not have taken a shot yet, but there was no telling if he would or not. Kimberly bent down next to Jason and shot Tommy a glare. He cocked the gun and kept an eye on Kimberly. "It seems I have overestimated your intelligence. Maybe Rita is right always thinking you are stupider than you appear,"

Zach clenched his fists, and found himself slowly inching towards Tommy. There were five of the Rangers and only two of them. Kat saw this, and threw her hand out and energy shot out hitting Zach square in the chest. He went flying backwards and slammed into a tree. "Anyone else thinking of playing hero?" There was fear playing out in the other rangers eyes; they weren't immune to bullets without their fancy power coins working.

They couldn't just stand here and take this. With Kimberly's help Jason staggered back to his feet. "So…I am not sure if I should bother to offer you all a place in Rita's palace. I am not sure you guys would be a good fix. I think killing you and taking your power coins would be the best solution," clicking the safety off he aimed for Jason first. Just as Tommy pulled the trigger, Billy managed to push Kim and Jason out of the way, and the bullet grazed his forehead.

"Billy!" Trini yelled, as he fell to the ground with a moan. Ignoring the throbbing pain in his head, Jason let out a yell and tackled Tommy. The gun fell to the ground. Kat turned towards Kimberly who had managed to put her fear aside and start after her boyfriend. Kat couldn't have her helping; come to think of it Trini was definitely the more experienced fighter. Waving a hand lazily, a pink haze went in front of Trini so she couldn't jump in to help her friends.

"Come one," Kat said wickedly, stopping her from reaching the two grappling men. As far as fighting went, Kat was right about how much training Kimberly had. She was definitely more of a gymnast. "Really, is this the best Zordon could do?" she said easily deflecting one of Kim's kicks. Just after she said that, Kimberly landed a hard right hook to her jaw. All playfulness was out of Kat's face, and she backhanded the smaller girl. She landed hard on the ground. She didn't even wait for her to get up. She straddled her and harshly put her hands around Kim's throat.

Kim struggled beneath Kat's grasp. She tried to dig her nails into Kat's bare arms but the world blinked in and out in hazy shadows. Behind them, Tommy landed a punch to Jason's chin and sent him sprawling. Unfortunately, Jason landed right beside the discarded gun. He reached towards it but Tommy beat him to it. Just as Jason tried to roll out of the way Tommy got a shot off. Jason stopped and looked down. Crimson stained his t-shirt and every muscle in his stomach quivered in agony. He coughed and blood gurgled in his throat.

"Kim," he rasped but was powerless to save his girlfriend, let alone himself.

In the distance he saw three people coming towards them at a jog and he tried to wave at them while still keeping pressure to wound in his side.

"Baby, that's our cue," Tommy said.

Kat glanced over her shoulder and pouted. "But we aren't done."

"We have too many witnesses piling up. The rangers might not go to the police but bystanders won't have trouble. We can finish them later."

He stowed the gun in his waistband and dragged Kat from atop Kimberly. They disappeared, leaving the rangers scrambling. Jason collapsed and Zach crawled toward him, sporting bruises. Trini looped one arm around Billy and one around Kim.

"Alpha. We need a teleport now," she said into her communicator.

They materialized in the Command Center moments later and Kimberly and Billy passed out along with Jason. "Zordon...help," Trini begged, close to tears. Alpha immediately appeared, taking Billy out of Trini's grasp. In a flash Dulcea appeared and ran down to check on Jason.

"Zordon…this isn't looking good," she said, placing her hand on top of Jason's stomach. She could easily use what gifts she had to heal a lot of injuries but this gunshot wound was worrying her.

"Do something!" Zach growled at her. Zordon looked at Duclea, and knew that if they combined their powers, they should be able to hasten Jason's recovery. Kim stirred, and saw that there was a commotion at the Command Center. Her eyes widened when she saw Jason on the floor, and Dulcea applying pressure to his stomach.

"Zordon…we are going to have to do this together…" she said, and felt her mind reaching out to touch Zordon's. Tears reached Kimberly's eyes, and she ran down to Jason, grabbing one of his hands. Dulcea lifted up her hand and blood was still pouring profusely still. A soft glow appeared between Zordon and Dulcea. Slowly but surely the wound stopped seeping out blood and was beginning to close. In the midst of healing, Jason was beginning to stir. He let out a groan and tried to move. "Steady him!" Dulcea commanded her voice thick with power. Kim squeezed his hand and with the help of Zach and Trini managed to get him to stay down. After what seemed like ages, the wound had closed. All was left was a scar.

"Just stay down ok?" Kim whispered hoarsely. Jason nodded, but he held onto her hand. Zordon and Dulcea were silent for a moment; after trying to find ways to try and convert Tommy back had distracted everyone at the Command Center and then using that much power; it drained them.

"After we get the rest of you patched up…" Zordon said as Alpha was bandaging people up, "we need to talk about what happened…" Dulcea had a feeling that the worse had happened; Tommy not being able to fight off Rita's magic. She knew about the Olivers gun.

Trini, being the least bruised of the group, turned to look at Zordon and Dulcea. "We were visiting Tommy in the hospital. He was attacked...or so they said. You called us about the Putties."

"We were doing fine and then they just sort of gave up. And Tommy and Katherine appeared," Zack added.

"We realized something was wrong when he pulled out a gun. I don't know where he got it. I don't think I want to know. And then...things are a little fuzzy. He hit me and the gun went off. I tackled him and he shot me," Jason said from his position on the floor.

"Kat nearly choked me to death," Kim added.

"I'm afraid I should have foreseen something like this. The gun belongs to Tommy's father. And Tommy has always had a dark side. I just never realized how dark."

"You managed to escape," Zordon said.

"Because Tommy decided he'd had enough of beating the shit out of us," Jason said.

"There were other people getting too close and I think it freaked him out," Trini said.

"Either way, I don't want to go up against them again any time soon. Rita's monsters are scary but nothing she's thrown at us has been this...dangerous," Kim said and massaged her sore throat.

Dulcea looked grim as she surveyed the bruised and battered rangers. "No. I think it unwise to attract their attention until we have found a way to release them from Rita's magic."

"But what if the magic is only part of it. What if he's really that dangerous?" Jason asked.

"We will have to hope restoring the good in him will be enough to control his impulses."