Chapter Twenty One: Epilogue.

I wish dear reader that I could say that Christine and Erik lived happily ever after, but I must admit that some things just cannot be. Though they were happy and very much in love, there were many trials for them. Christine continued to progress in her ill health and through her beloved Erik was by her side in all of the good days and the bad; she did pass away from this world. But do not be discontented, they lived a very full and very rewarding life together.

In the years following Monsieur Reneaux's success at the opera house, and throughout his married life with Christine he came to know much prestige in both genres of musical writing. He continued to produce glorious and vibrant operas but at the same time he wrote for the ballet true and some beautiful works of ballet came out of his music.

Christine lived another nineteen years after the death of Raoul. In this time she married Erik and they began the life that he had always wished for. With the ups and downs of her illness Christine managed for the first and second time, to become pregnant and she carried a son and a daughter to term. The son they named after Erik and the boy proved to be just as much a virtuoso as his parents in all aspects of his musical life. The little girl longed for adventure and found in her desire to break the bonds of society that she could do many things. Angelle, as they called her, was very much the angel of her father's eyes and he spent many hours in teaching her how to embrace whatever the world had in store for her, but he was also adamant that she follow her heart. The children of Erik and Christine wanted for nothing, and went on to great things in both of their lives, but those are not stories for me to tell.

Erik remained devoted to his wife to the very end and though it broke his heart to say goodbye to her at last, the life that she had given him had been more fulfilling then any he could have imagined for himself. He never returned to the opera house, though his legend as the phantom lived on in infamy and reports of the phantoms trickery continues to plague the opera to this day. There will forever be a ghost at the opera house, but I can tell you now, it is not Erik, for he gave up his lurking for the love that he had always longed for.