Personally I don't know why I started writing this, but I kind of thought it would be amusing to see Gaara have an odd addiction to something unlike his personality so this is what came to mind, I hope you enjoy it. I might write another chapter to accompany it involving the date or I could leave it here. I haven't really decided yet considering I have so many of my other stories to finish. Ah well only time will tell.

'Sweet Tooth' by KitsuneFun

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto that honor is held by Masashi Kishimoto

Your gonna break me down

Your gonna break me down

Your gonna move me round

I must be crazy cause I can still taste you on my tongue

The next song from Gaara's Ipod started to play loudly in his ear as he raced towards Maple Square, it was at the heart of the shopping district of Konoha, and it also housed the more high-end shops there.

The redhead paused to stare up at the small white painted shop with a sign at the top that was painted blue with pink lettering proclaiming the shop, 'Candy Land' it had simple swirls painted in shades of yellow orange and pink drawn on the outside and from the windows you couldn't tell what was inside, but Gaara knew.

Normally the redhead was considered an evil sadistic bastard and that was from his family, everyone else steered clear of him when he walked by afraid to face his wrath and he lived up to the image by dressing in black gothic like clothes, cutting his dyed blood red hair short while spiking it, getting his forehead tattooed with the Japanese Ai symbol, shaving his brows and wearing a thick layer of black eyeliner around his bright jade green eyes… and he loved it all, but their was one think he feared people finding out and that he had the king of all sweet tooths.

Not just any ordinary sweet tooth, he craved just about anything candy coated, sweet or sour, and had been known to wear a candy bracelet from time to time to school in order to avoid tackling someone in the hall and stealing their lollipop… yes he had been known to steal candy from random people, its one of the reasons he had a reputation of being psychotic.

So it was only natural given his obsession that he frequented the mecha of all candy wet dreams which was 'Candy Land' and unlike the game, this was a place where all your candy fantasies could come true where you could really buy and bring a candy castle home… unfortunately you had to wait a day or two in advance in order to get it since it took a while to make the detailed candy confection in the first place.

It was to this paradise of candy that Gaara went to and at a rather fast pace since he wanted to avoid any of his fellow students seeing him enter the premise. He had never known any students from his school who went to the store themselves because it was too expensive and they tended to put their money towards other items like cars, clothes, music or dates. The redhead cared about none of this, nobody liked him and he basically didn't give a shit about anyone else in return… however candy, ever since he was little, would always be there… always be his friend.

The slight tinkle of the door's chime greeted him as he entered the shop, he thought the simple sound was beautiful, the site of isles and isles of delectable candy was beautiful, the new blond haired and blue eyed male that was working the counter was beautiful, '…wait' Gaara's eyed twitched in his reflection of the store and turned towards the smiling boy behind the counter who greeted him briefly before helping the next customer in line, 'He didn't just think that idiot was beautiful did he?'

Gaara turned and eyed the blond slowly from his ragged orange and black skater shoes up his warn in and faded blue jeans to the pink apron with the blue swirling letters that read 'Candy Land' towards the slightly tan face with large blue eyes the same color as Gaara's all time favorite candy, blue tutti-frutti gummy bears and he actually drooled.

'Fuck…' he inertly cursed while wiping at his chin that had accumulated some drool hoping the other boy didn't notice, it seemed he remained ignorant of the redhead's perusal as he rang up a purchase for old lady Saunders. She was a older woman who came by almost as much as Gaara to pick up a golden foiled box filled with her favorite carefully molded chocolate confections, she smiled knowing as she passed the redhead, leaning close slightly to whisper that, "he had missed a spot…" before exiting the door.

Gaara flushed a bright red at the woman's whisper and hurried down one of the isles hoping the new worker hadn't noticed as he tried to fix whatever drooling problem he had including the almost painful and unusual thudding of his heart.

This was a first for Gaara, feeling something for another human and he found himself leaning against one of the shelves of candy, lifting a hand to his chest, trying to take a deep breath as he willed his face and emotions to cool down.

It was as he closed his eyes that he suddenly felt something cold press against his cheek, his eyes flew open in shock to stare into concerned baby blue, "You ok…" the guy was slightly taller than him by a couple of inches and despite being in a candy store and unlike the previous employee that had been pimply faced and rather grotesque to look at, this boy was more than beautiful up close… he was gorgeous. He pulled away the bottle of water he had pressed to the redhead's cheek after the boy faced him.

Gaara licked his lips nervously finding it hard to say something other than, 'Take me I am yours Mr. Gummy Man'. It probably wouldn't be taken that well by the other boy.

The blonde's eyes widened in worry when he noticed the redhead begin to hyperventilate slightly and turn a red almost as bright as his hair, "Hey… maybe you should sit down huh," the blond started to fidget nervously looking from side to side for a sign of the manager, he noticed the lunch sign in Jiraya's office window and sighed while rubbing a hand at his forehead, "Just great…' he thought, 'I am stuck dealing with a customer whose about to pass out and Jiraya has left me alone to go to the titty bar again'.

Naruto wondered if maybe his dad was right and that he wasn't cut out for working, considering his dad could pay for anything he needed for college, he hadn't really needed to take the job, but the blond wanted to prove to his family that he was more than just a rich kid living off his families wealth. His Grandfather had thought the idea was great and that it had perfect timing because he had an opening just recently in his candy shop 'Candy Land' where Naruto could work as a cashier.

He was told by Jiraya later when the blond agreed to take the job, that their tended to be a lot of regulars who came to the shop, even those who came daily, the blond wondered briefly if this redhead before him was one of the regulars, he definitely didn't look like the type to like anything sweet.

Naruto lifted a hand to press it against the other boy's pale forehead and watched the other's bright green eyes widen in shock at the slight touch, "Why don't I take you where you can lie down… that ok?"

Gaara managed to nod, which in turn made the blond boy smile, the site of the smile made the redhead's stomach clench awkwardly like he eaten too many sour worms, but he still followed the other boy towards the back where their was an empty storage room. The room also served as a place for fellow employees to relax in on their break, it even had a small cot in the back in case his Grandfather came back from the titty bar shit-faced… which oddly enough happened more often than not.

"You can lay down here…" Naruto mumbled gesturing the redhead towards the lone bed, after Gaara laid slowly down onto his back, the blond stood up and gave the customer a reassuring smile, "Just wait here a moment, I have to go up front a minute to put the busy sign up… I don't want anyone walking in here for free candy while I am gone…" he gave the redhead a friendly wink before turning to rush back towards the front, he didn't notice when Gaara's face reddened again at the wink.

'Oh my god…' Gaara cursed again inwardly as he banged the back of his head against the pillow it was resting on, 'I am acting like such a dork…' he banged it some more for good measure.

It was something the redhead had never experienced before, '…was this what the other idiots and morons giggled and gossiped about at school, did he have a crush?' He found his hands wandering to where the blond had touched his forehead; the guy's hand had been so soft and warm…. And his smell, Gaara closed his eyes remembering the heavenly scent of musky vanilla similar to butter cream icing; the blond had smelled so good, his heart thumped in agreement.

Till this moment, Gaara had never wanted anything more than candy in his life and it was so odd that it should happen so quickly, 'maybe it was his imagination… maybe it wasn't the blond himself causing it, maybe he was at the beginning stages of one of his sugar rushes, 'but,' he reminded himself, he hadn't had any candy all day and had been in fact itching for his fix since school, when he came rushing through the doors of the candy shop… so technically he shouldn't be feeling anything yet.

The blond emerged through the door as Gaara was settling his turbulent thoughts and with the other boy's appearance the redhead's heart started thumping like mad within his chest again and his gut clenched even tighter, he lifted a hand to rub at his belly and found himself finally asking despite his qualms about the boy, "What's your name?"

'There went the cute smile again', Gaara thought finding himself slightly hypnotized by the sight as he waited for the blond to respond. The other boy continued to smile as he pointed to his nametag, "My name's Naruto Uzumaki and yours?"

Gaara sat up a bit on the bed as he regarded the blond, he found he liked the name Naruto a lot, "My name's Gaara Suna" his lip twitched threatening to smile as he noticed the other boy's pleasure at hearing his name.

"Nice to meet you Gaara… I don't know if you can tell, but it's my first day here…"

"I… noticed…" The redhead mumbled while ducking his head, hoping the blond hadn't heard the remark or the smile that broke through.

It appeared Naruto had excellent hearing, and he tilted his head to the side in contemplation as he noticed the redhead's awkward yet almost adorable smile, "Do you come here often?"

Gaara nodded, "Yeah…" he hoped the blond wouldn't realize that he was actually Jiraya's favorite customer because he never failed to come in daily; be it rain, sleet, snow or the occasional earthquake… he would be there, unlike the random post office worker who sometimes didn't show up because it was a holiday, Gaara snorted at the idea since candy cravings did not bow to holidays.

This was the redhead's oasis after all from all the non caring individuals at school and his siblings Temari and Kankuro who were oblivious to his feelings.

The blonde's blue eyes brightened as though he just remembered something during Gaara's comment, "That's right…" he pointed at the redhead suddenly, "You're the gothic brat that Jiraya is always talking about so fondly…"

"Brat…" Gaara's hairless brows furrowed in annoyance at the tone, it almost sounded like, "You think I am really young?" the redhead crossed his arms across his chest suddenly feeling pissed, "I am probably the same age as you…" he was a junior at Shuzaku High, but he wasn't about to tell the other boy that.

Naruto eyed the redhead in amusement, he hadn't meant for it to sound like he thought Gaara was really young, in fact the redhead looked liked he might be a senior, to Naruto's eyes, which was only about a couple of years difference in age considering Naruto had just entered Konoha Technical University.

The blond lifted a hand to run through his spiky hair in the back messing it up more as he laughed, "Sorry its not my words… its Jiraya's, he tends to call everyone he likes a brat… even me," he suddenly leaned close till his face was almost touching Gaara's making the redhead pause in shock at the other boy's nearness, "If its any consolation… I think your really cute," he winked before sitting back into a chair to stare at Gaara whose face had turned a bright red again.

Gaara was at a loss for words, normally he would be pissed if anyone tried to tease him like this blond had before proceeding to beat them up because they tended to only mean, the majority of what they said at school, as a joke and genuinely didn't like the redhead in that way.

He tilted his head and stared at Naruto a moment, as silently as the other regarded him, before clearing his throat, "Would you…" he coughed again, finding his stomach was flipping and making him feel sick for even attempting something like this.

"Would I what?" Naruto asked enjoying the varied emotions flitting across the redhead's face… it was really cute.

Gaara closed his eyes briefly taking a deep breath, "Wouldyougooutwithme?"

"Huh?" the blond's brow quirked a bit at the fast speech, he hadn't understood what the other boy was asking.

'Fuck… get it together Suna,' Gaara cursed to himself, taking a deep breath, before trying to respond more legibly this time, "Would you…" the redhead licked his lips nervously, "Go out with me?"

"Ah…" the blond nodded finally understanding what the redhead was asking before his face this time tinted a slight rosy pink in response, "You mean… you want to go on a date with me?" the blond pointed to himself in surprise, it seemed like such an odd request, 'could that mean that right from the begging the redhead's flushed face and attitude had been because…' his face darkened to a bright red at the realization that all the redhead's actions before and currently meant Gaara liked him.

It was Gaara's turn this time to enjoy the odd emotions crossing the blond's face at the request, the blond opened and closed his mouth like a fish… not knowing what to say at first before he blurted out, "Ok…" 'Was that the right answer…' he thought, feeling like his brain had fried a bit trying to work over the idea in his head that, someone like Gaara actually liked him, 'Yep… his first day of work was definitely something to put down in his memoirs.'

Gaara, ignorant to the inner workings of Naruto's mind found himself ecstatic over the possibilities and he actually smiled as he stood up, "Great… how about the Starlight Movie theater tonight at 7 pm?" the blond nodded as he watched the redhead continue to grin as he left, Gaara's spirits were up and for once, it wasn't because of candy… he had a date with someone that was better than candy.