Since Halloween is coming round, and it happens to be my favorite all-time holiday, I thought I would present you guys with a special treat. This story's timeline is set years after the Easter chapter and placed between the time when Sasuke and Naruto still weren't friends again and before the first chapter of Sweet Tooth. Hopefully it explains a little about Naruto's mindset at the time as well as Gaara's. I know that I will be writing another one explaining what happened between Suigetsu and Gaara after this, so I hope you look forward to it, and please enjoy this chapter in the meantime. Mucho Luff and best Halloween wishes

PS Can you guess who the Puppy is?

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, that honor is held by Masashi Kishimoto (though I don't think the bastard deserves it considering what he has done with them lately)

'Sweet Tooth-Halloween Prequel' by KitsuneFun

Personally Naruto didn't care who it was he was kissing since he was practically drunk anyways and convinced that they probably wouldn't remember each other in the morning after the Halloween Party was over at Neji's place, so it really didn't matter, 'plus it could have been worse', Naruto thought as he moaned appreciatively into the kiss, for a moment, when his partner became unusually enthusiastic with grinding his erection into Naruto's leg, 'The Puppy could have been Neji'.

"God your sexy," the brunette mumbled moving his lips sloppily down Naruto's cheek to his ear where he started to tongue it in a very unusually erotic way, almost like the guy was trying to fuck his ear slowly with his tongue, which was oddly hot (though that could have been the inhuman amount of alcohol, that Naruto had consumed earlier, talking) since it matched the jerky fervent movements of his hips.

"Mmmm," Naruto lifted a leg to twine around his partner's hips, pushing his hips up in the process as the other boy's, pressed down. He tried to remember what the guy's name was despite his buzzed thoughts, thinking that the guy might have told him earlier when they were first introduced, but at the moment he was still on a fuzzy-slightly-horny-high and didn't really care so he settled with calling him, "Puppy," because of the stupid dog costume the guy was wearing, "If you say so…"

"Oh yes…" the guy panted a bit as he moved from tonguing Naruto's ear to nuzzling the soft flesh of his neck with his nose slightly, "and you smell so good."

"Do I," Naruto wanted to let out a chuckle, but he held it in since he didn't want to hurt the guys feelings, even if he thought the dumb-ass was ridiculously cheesy considering this encounter didn't mean anything to Naruto, who was already seeing it as a one-night stand.

The guy grabbed hold of Naruto's right hand and pressed it against the juncture of his pants, "That's for my pretty Kitty."

Since Puppy couldn't see his action, Naruto rolled his eyes at the come-on, if he wasn't already horny from the skillful way the guy used his tongue earlier, Naruto would have called the whole thing off right then and there because he didn't need another guy falling in love with him over a simple thing like sex with a stranger.

"Tell you what Puppy…" Naruto moved both his hands towards the other guy's pants and started to quickly unbuckle them, before shoving a hand promptly inside his partner's pants where he proceeded to rub along the other guy's hard shaft that was already wet due to his pre-cum, "This kitty is hungry for a little milk… do you think you can give me all you got."

It was a clear challenge, Naruto had given in a sexy tone, and apparently Puppy had more hormones than brains because he quickly leap onto Naruto's idea like a especially delicious bone, by proceeding to molest him unmercifully. It probably would have concluded with the guy fucking him into the couch they were laying on except the doorbell chose an inconvenient moment to ring.

"Fuck!" Naruto let out an exasperated shout, pulling away from Puppy at the sound, and banging the back of his head against the couch in the process.

"I'm trying," Puppy muttered still playing with the ties on the back of Naruto's black cat suit, having apparently missed the doorbell ringing and thinking Naruto had meant something else entirely (not that Naruto would blame him, but it just proved how much the other guy was definitely not boyfriend material).

Naruto was tempted to ignore the ringing, since he wanted nothing more than to get the sex over with, but he was currently on candy duty to help Neji out at the party, who was currently hosting the Halloween party that was being held a couple rooms away in his parents ballroom. Naruto had assumed this late in the evening with everyone occupied with the party elsewhere that he could have had a fun romp with Puppy, with no one the wiser, before the party was over. However it seemed there was a diehard trick-or-treater on the other side of the main door who didn't care how late it was as long as he got some candy.

"Sorry Puppy," he grabbed the other guy's hands before he could succeed with opening Naruto's costume since he didn't need to mentally scar the trick-or-treater with his nudity, "I promised Neji I would hand out candy," he quickly shuffled from underneath the other boy and rose to his feet to grab the bowl of candy before heading towards the doorway.

Naruto could hear Puppy muttering behind him about the injustices of being interrupted by a stupid kid, though he wasn't about to voice his agreement, even if he felt the other guy was justified in feeling slightly put-out by the odd situation.

Opening the door, Naruto automatically looked down, expecting to see a small kid and not a pair of black combat boots. Looking up a bit farther, Naruto was surprised to see a kid who was about a foot and a half shorter than him and wearing what looked to be a raggedy plaid sheet with two holes cut out for eyes. Whoever it was seemed to fidget in front of him for a moment before holding up a plastic trash-bag, to yell, "Trick or Treat!"

Naruto eyed the bag slightly, his lip twisted and slight snort came out as he suppressed the odd urge to laugh at the person's choice of costume since it wasn't nice to laugh at someone's expense who apparently couldn't afford a better costume and trying their damnedest to still enjoy the holiday with what they had, so instead he attempted to compliment the kid, "Nice costume," giving him a slight smile (after all he might have done the same thing at one time, and only because he had wanted to exert his independence at a young age by attempting to buy his own things and not rely on his parents vast wealth).

Apparently the kid must of thought he was making fun of him instead, since he awkwardly lowered the bag a bit at the comment, and his hands seemed to grip the bag he was holding tighter than normal, "Ah… thanks," it was almost cute how the other bit out the comment.

Naruto's brow also rose a bit in curiosity at the slightly husky-almost-mature tone of the other kid's voice, it was clearly a teenage boy from the tone of the other's voice (though the age escaped him), which made Naruto a bit more curious than normal about the situation and he found himself eyeing the boy slowly up and down trying to image what the other looked like behind the outline of the sheet, "Do I know you?"

The bag lowered a bit more, "No," the boy shook his head a little too quickly, and he seemed to fidget a bit more on his feet the longer he stood in front of Naruto, "look if you don't want to give me the candy, I can just go…"

"Wow…" Naruto's brow rose in astonishment at the surly attitude of the other boy, if he didn't know any better he would swear the other boy was probably embarrassed about trick-or-treating at his age which probably meant he was a bit older than Naruto had first assumed which only made him more curious than before.

Ignoring Puppy, who was still waiting for him in the living room, Naruto stepped outside silently with the candy bowl still in hand while shutting the door behind him, just in case Puppy decided to see what was holding him up, "How old are you kid?"

'The Kid,' flinched at all the attention he was suddenly getting and started to back up, away from Naruto, and ready to run at the least provocation.

Naruto grabbed a hold of the other boy's upper arm before he could get too far off of the front stoop, "I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude, I am just a little curious," Naruto tilted his head to the side and gave the other boy a charming smile, that his older brother, Pain had once muttered was a dangerous weapon and that he shouldn't use it unless he wanted to be molested by evil people (Naruto suspected Pain had said it specifically with Sasuke in mind because he still wasn't cool with learning his brother had recently realized he was gay and had thought his best friend would be the first to sully him, only to be denied by the best friend, who apparently didn't want a faggot for a friend).

It seemed to work a bit despite the black cat mask covering half his face because the greenish eyes staring at him seemed to widen and glaze a bit in reaction to the smile, "Ah well…I…" the boy rubbed at his cheek awkwardly, while unconsciously drifting a bit closer to Naruto, "I can't because I don't want people knowing about this at school."

"Really," Naruto continued to look at the boy with his 'cute-look', hoping the boy wouldn't suspect that he was doing it deliberately, "And which school is that?"

"Konoha…" the boy managed to blurt out before quickly covering his mouth in shock, after realizing he had said too much with that one word.

"Konoha?" Naruto leaned forward eagerly, "Do you know Kyuubi?"

The boy's eyes widening again, but this time in horror, which was a clear 'yes' if Naruto ever say one, he opened his mouth to ask about the weird reaction to his brother's name, but the boy quickly spun on his heel and ran away as fast as he could before Naruto could say anything.

Naruto was tempted to run after the boy to convince him that he wouldn't tell on him to Kyuubi (since he figured that was the reason the other boy had run), but he figured it wouldn't work since it seemed the other boy wasn't very trusting towards strangers, so he decided it was in the other boy's best interest if Naruto let him go. Shrugging off the incident for the moment, Naruto reluctantly returned inside, intent on finishing what he had started with Puppy, however the incident lingered on in his mind for a while after the occasion because Naruto found himself wishing he had been able to get to know the boy a bit more since he had a feeling the boy might be as lonely as Naruto felt since Sasuke's betrayal.

Gaara quickly pulled off the old plaid sheet, his sister had planned to throw away and that he had used as a quick and inexpensive costume, once he got home. Hurrying towards his bedroom, Gaara quickly rushed in and slammed the door behind him closed and leaned his back against the rough wooden surface intent on inhaling as much air as possible since his escape from the Cat-man. His lungs felt like they were burning from the exertion he put them through.

Gaara hadn't wanted to admit it at the time, but those glittering gem-like blue eyes had almost sucked him in, and the gorgeous smile the older man had bestowed on him had made his stomach tingle and twist in a way that scared him because he had wanted to stay behind and get to know the man despite his trepidation. However, that all changed when the Cat-man mentioned Kyuubi, his greatest enemy at school because if they knew Kyuubi, then they would definitely not like him, nor attempt to give him the time of day. In fact, they might have used the opportunity to harass him as much as Kyuubi did on a day-to-day basis at school and Gaara didn't want that.

Instead, Gaara had rushed home as quickly as his feet could take him. Thankfully the rich neighborhood where the house was located was near his home so it hadn't taken long to get there. It was the reason he had chosen that neighborhood in the first place as the best place to obtain the best candy with little effort on his part. He had even taken measure to trick-or-treat during a later hour, so in case any of his fellow students were out they wouldn't have a chance to recognize him. Not that Gaara assumed anyone would with the costume he had chosen, which he regretted in part because it would have been better if he had chosen to wear a white sheet instead, yet the only white sheets they owned belonged to his sister who would have be more than upset at Gaara had he chosen to use them rather than the plaid sheets that were already ruined anyways.

Some of the houses Gaara had gone to had thought the plaid ghost costume was hilarious, or ignored it entirely and hadn't discussed it as far as saying that it was inventive and handed him a piece of candy…until that last house where the Cat-man answered.

The Cat-man's smiling face, half covered by a lacy black mask, flashed through his mind again making him groan out-loud. 'It should be illegal,' Gaara thought, 'for someone to look that good.' But he shrugged off the emotions as irrelevant since he had known beautiful people before, and Gaara had never gotten anything from them other than resentment, disgust or fear so he wasn't about to make an exception, unless one proved to the redhead that they were exception, more than just a pretty face and were good in some way.

Just finding someone who could care about him seemed like a unachievable dream to Gaara, so had he decided to give it up long ago and focus on what was important to him now…Candy. He eyed the tremendous pile of sweet goodness in his makeshift bag with unapologetic glee. He knew the amount wouldn't last him long, barely a couple of weeks, but it would give him the opportunity to save up his allowance for when he next went to the Candyland store. So pushing away lingering thoughts of the Cat-man, Gaara laid on his bed and eagerly dug into his hard-earned Halloween spoils with delight.

In a year's time, Halloween would come around again, and Gaara would keep in mind the one house he would need to avoid next year, after all he didn't think it would be good if he met up with the Cat-man again.