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The Price of Honor

1: Being ninja ain't always great

Drakken was going over his bills. He figured since he was a genius, he could balance his own books and everything; Shego figured that it was just another thing for him to screw up at. She was mostly right, especially since he was starting to see that he might have to borrow money from her again to pay…well, her. He doubted that would go over well, especially if he had to explain that one.

"She'll get all huffy and start with the hurting words and then the hitting," he muttered, feeling her sting already.

The scientist started to look at the expenses that came from henchmen, hoping that there would be some answer there for his budget problem. He thought that maybe he could skim money from them and funnel it to Shego's paycheck, but as he eyed the paper, he started thinking. The henchmen were almost as expensive as Shego and they did much less work. They were more pleasant to be around than Shego, but pleasant did not steal the components that he required to take over the world. If he held off on paying them, then he could pay Shego, but he knew that he was just going to eventually have the same problem again if not next month then the one after that. It was always like that.

The cerulean-skinned male frowned and huffed in anger since it seemed like he was always going to be in debt. He cleared his desk by sweeping his arms across the table like a spoiled, angry child. He folded his arms across his chest, wrinkling his cobalt jumpsuit. Drakken turned his heated obsidian eyes to the floor where he pushed all of his papers and noticed some magazines mixed in with his finances. He would not have thought anything of it, but one of the magazines was open and it was opened to a very interesting advertisement.

Drakken stood up and went to retrieve the magazine to get a better look at the ad. His expression melted from upset to intrigued, the wheels in his head turning once again. Maybe what he needed was cheaper and more competent help than what his henchmen were providing. After all, Shego was worth more than all of his henchmen put together and there was only one of her. Even though Shego's check alone was as much as the henchmen put together, she still did infinitely more than they did, so they were costing him much more in his opinion. So, maybe instead of having a bunch of worthless henchmen, he should get one more Shego.

"One that's not as snippy," he mused, mumbling thoughtfully to himself. Yeah, one more Shego would be nice, but one that did not have all of the extra mouth and hopefully one that did not want as much money as Shego.

Despite Shego's smart-mouth, Drakken valued her, of course. She did what he told her to do for the most part and she even hung out with him sometimes, sort of like a friend. She went to karaoke night with him and everything. She was supportive of him in her own weird way. Sure, she made fun of him all the time, but she never turned down a job once he got started, which she could easily do. Without Shego most of his projects would not even get off of the ground since it was not like he could steal most of the equipment that he needed.

"Why do I even have henchmen?" he wondered. He was pretty much throwing away money by having them around since Shego did everything. She got the equipment, she held off Kim Possible, and she helped him escape if not from the lair than from jail…most of the time anyway. It would definitely be a good move all around to find someone else as capable as Shego than keeping around a bunch of henchmen that did not do anything.

He scanned around for a phone or something to get in contract with the number on the ad, but the floor was totally cluttered. He supposed now, looking down at the mess that he made, clearing the desk with his forearms might not have been the wisest thing that he could have ever done. He bent down and started grumbling to himself as he began his search for the phone. He shouted his triumph to the ceiling when he came across the lost the device.

"Ha ha! Drakken—one, phone—zero!" he cheered as he set himself up against the desk and began dialing the number. He silently mused that it was a lot of numbers to dial, but he made it through. "This is probably my best idea this week!" he congratulated himself already.

He was proud to have figured out a way to reduce costs in his operation and he was probably going to raise efficiency. He did not even take into account all of the expenses that would go down if he had to let go all of his henchmen, like he would not have to worry about providing people with those red jumpsuits or feed a bunch of lazy, fat guys that probably could only catch Kim Possible if she had a steak tied around her waist.

"Why didn't I see this before when they couldn't open that pickle jar!" Drakken moaned to himself as he was put on hold. He then began humming the tune that was playing. It was a peppy song that was just making him feel even giddier about his plan. He smiled all the way through it.

Yori was meditating when she was summoned by Master Sensei. It was all a part of her morning ritual. She tended to devote much of time to her art, so when she woke up in the morning, she tended to do a couple of hours of Tai chi. She took a shower and ate breakfast. She then went into her mediation on normal days, but it would seem that she was not in a normal day anymore.

She broke out of her trance and hurried to his office in the main school building. She thought that it was disrespectful to keep Master Sensei waiting, so whenever he called for her, she always dropped whatever she was doing as soon as possible. She did such things out of courtesy and a deep respect for the man that she believed not only saved her life, but gave her a purpose.

Yori had lost her parents at a very early age. She had been left with family members that did not like her much and did not take great care of her. To be blunt, they treated her like a slave for the most part. She never did understand why. She ran away when she was seven and probably would have died on the streets if Master Sensei had not come across her. He brought her to Yamanouchi after she told him that she was an orphan and introduced her to the ninja arts, along with all sorts of stories about the heroic ninja that trained at the school. She had devoted her life to being a ninja from that point on and took it quite seriously, hoping to one day be like the honorable ninja that she heard tales about.

The light in the office was dull as usual since there was only one window open. Master Sensei was sitting against the wall with a small table in front of him. There was a paper on the table that he was focusing on.

"Sensei," Yori greeted him, bowing deeply as she spoke.

"I have a mission for you," Sensei informed the young ninja.

Yori nodded to show that she understood. Ever since she graduated the school and became a full-fledged, well-respected ninja, she was given missions like every other ninja at the school. She did not have many problems with taking on missions now, but the first time she had been given a real assignment had been a different story. She was still adjusting mentally to tasks, but it worked better for her to think that she was over her issues with things.

"Here's your contract and your instructions," Sensei said while rolling up the paper that was sitting on his desk. He sealed it by wrapping a string around it and then he handed it over.

"I will do my best," Yori replied sincerely.

The old man nodded and smiled a bit. "I know you will. You're free to leave at any time."

Yori nodded and bowed again before exiting the building. The only time that she was allowed to leave the school was when she went out on assignments because she had yet to earn any other privileges. Being a ninja at Yamanouchi was all about earning rights through succeeding in missions. Missions were what kept the school going because that was how the ninjas earned their money, like their ancestors. None of the students at the school paid tuition, so something was needed to keep the operation moving and that was sending the graduates out on missions.

Once Yori was outside, she untied her assignment instructions. She read what was she was supposed to do and was shocked to see that she had a long-term mission. She was being hired out indefinitely, as long as her new boss could pay for her services, she would be there. She was going to be acting as a "lackey." Her eyebrows curled near each other; she was confused as to why her mission was described as "lackey." She was used to cryptic language being used in contracts, but she never saw the word "lackey" before. She supposed that she was going to have to have her new employer explain that to her.

"Uh…Doctor D, where are all the henchmen going?" Shego asked curiously as she entered the main room of the lair. She noticed a bunch of men in street clothes walking the opposite way and they were carrying boxes full of their personal junk.

"They're fired. We don't need them anymore!" Drakken declared proudly, standing haughtily with his hands behind his back and a smug look on his face.

"We don't need the henchmen anymore?" Shego echoed in a puzzled tone and a raven eyebrow arched high in the air. She could not argue that one since she figured that they did not need them much in the first place. Just about the only thing they were good for was heavy lifting. A crane and a forklift could do the same thing that they did with less complaining and no medical expenses.

"Nope!" he proclaimed with a grin.

"And why don't we need the henchmen anymore?" she asked while going to stand near Drakken. She found mocking him face-to-face was better than doing it a few feet away.

"Because I've come up with something even better."

"Better how? What'd you come up with?" she inquired, feeling that she was about to be on something that would keep her amused for the rest of the day.

"Only this, Shego." He held up the magazine that he found the other day and showed it to Shego.

"You came up with 'how to have smoother legs longer'?" she asked with a tiny smile.

Drakken balked at the question and pulled the magazine back to see what Shego was going on about. He saw that the page he showed her as a "Veet" advertisement. He huffed and grumbled angrily as he started flipping through the magazine to find what he was talking about. Once he got to the page, he handed the magazine back to his sidekick, practically shoving the book into her hands.

"Tell me you didn't," Shego said while holding in her laughter as she looked down at what Drakken showed her.

"I called the number," he boasted.

Oh, god, Shego thought. She could not believe how proud he seemed of things. She bit her lip to try to keep herself from laughing, but it was not enough. It was just way too much for her. The emerald-eyed thief burst out, laughing long and loud. She had to hold her sides and bend down from the heartiness of the laugh.

"Laugh all you want, Shego—" the mad scientist started, but she cut him off before he could do any further.

"Thank you, I will!" she remarked while continuing on getting a good laugh at his expense.

He was not fazed by her typical behavior. "I'll have you know this'll save us all sorts of money and I won't be behind on with your paycheck anymore," he stated soundly.

"I'll believe that when I see it," she scoffed while wiping away tears from laughing so hard. "Oh, god, I can't even believe this. You actually fell for this!" she said, going back to laughing. She pointed to the ad in the magazine, figuring it might annoy him, which would just make things better for her.

"Look, this'll definitely work," he argued strongly, folding his arms across his chest because of her reaction to his brilliant move.

"You ordered a ninja out of a magazine and you think it'll work? Oh, man this is too much! I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" Shego hooted while placing a hand on the floor to keep herself from falling over.

"It will work! My ninja should be here in four to six business days," he countered, stomping his foot.

"This is just too much! And this is why you're firing all of the henchmen because of a hired ninja out of a magazine!"

Drakken turned his attention away from the skeptical sidekick. Shego was now on the floor laughing at him. He watched the henchmen and made sure they all got out of the lair. He was sad to see them go. After all, they had seen him through some trying times, but it was time to move on to bigger and better things. He needed to save some money.

Yori was dropped off by helicopter by one of the Yamanouchi ninja. She was dressed in casual clothing because she was not going out on a mission right away. She was wearing a dark blue skirt with a v-neck, sleeveless light blue shirt, showing off her tanned skin for the most part. Her hair was pulled back with her usual red headband. She had a large backpack on since she was not sure how long she would be staying with her employer as a "lackey." She silently noted that she did not like the sound of the word. She was not sure what it was, but the way it rolled around in her head just did not feel right.

"This whole thing doesn't feel right," Yori muttered to herself.

The ninja warrior walked through an open wide door, which appeared to be in a volcano from the rocky outside. She was used to things being in or on mountains, so as long as it was not a live volcano, she did not think that anything was wrong with there being a dwelling in the place. As she was coming in, she took in her surroundings. The walls were a mix of the natural stone from the mountain and steel from the building within. There was a long corridor that was pretty bare, nothing on the walls and nothing on the floor. She noticed some cameras and small circles around the place that she suspected were electronic eyes that did not seem to be on. She tried to avoid the cameras on instinct, even though she was supposed to be there.

She noticed a bunch of men coming down the hall as if they were leaving while she was going in. She wondered why that was, considering that it might just be a busy day for them, until she overheard some of them talking. Many of them were grumbling about losing their jobs. Others were talking about going to work for a mad scientist that paid better.

"Mad scientist?" Yori echoed, slightly bemused. She wondered if they meant "mad scientist" like the ones she read about in books and comics. She doubted it; those were just make-believe, right?

She continued on going through a long corridor. She continued going by departing men with boxes. She noted that they had basically two body types between them. There were some that looked what she would consider overweight and then others that appeared to be suffering from malnutrition. She could not help entertaining the idea that the larger ones ate all the food from the smaller ones. She dismissed those thoughts as she came to one open room off to the side. She looked inside, seeing some more men moving about and also two stationary people. She decided that she would go speak with the two people that did not appear to be busy.

As Yori stepped into the open room, she noticed that there was a large wall-mounted screen off on the far side. She passed by a circular table that had a light hanging over it, which curiously only had two seats despite the fact that there seemed to be dozens of people in the building. There were mechanical pieces lying about the area and a large machine setup off to her right. It did not appear to be on and she could not even begin guessing what it might be for.

She turned her attention back to the two people that were just standing around. She noted that they were a bit different than the other people around the place. First of all, one of them was a woman. The only woman that the ninja had seen so far. Second of all, both of them were sporting some rather odd skin tones. The male's body type was also different from all of the other men that she had seen so far.

Yori took in their stances to try to figure them out. The woman, whose skin looked white with a green undertone, was standing impatiently. It seemed like she was annoyed with something. There was an underlying edge to her as if she was dangerous in some way. Yori supposed that she would have to wait and see if that was the truth or if the woman's body could lie well enough to make her come off as something fierce.

The man was standing like he was upset, but there seemed something else to him. His stance was a bit tense, almost like he was impatient too, but in a different way from the female next to him. She did not pick up a vibe from his body that he was dangerous physically speaking. There was still something about him that bothered her, though.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for a Mister Doctor Drakken," Yori said quite politely to the pair, getting them to turn to her since they were paying attention to the departing henchmen.

"I'm Drakken. Who are you and how'd you get in here?" the cerulean scientist inquired with a puzzled voice. "Shego, have you been unplugging the security system again to recharge your iPod?" he demanded to know.

"As if this is my fault. Don't try to blame me if your stupid system can't stop a little girl from getting in," Shego retorted with a scoff.

Drakken frowned and then turned his attention back to Yori. "Look, I don't want to buy any cookies or magazines or whatever you're selling…unless you have chocolate chip anyway," he commented, hope in his voice with that last bit. He could really go for some cookies and milk right now.

Yori's face scrunched up from the exchange. She did not know what to make of them. Drakken seemed to be a bit strange, beyond the fact that he was sky blue color. It was almost like there was something wrong with his mind. The woman, Shego, did not seem to have the patience for him.

"Um…I'm not selling anything," the petite ninja replied in a confused tone.

"No, then what do you want? We're very busy here," Drakken declared quite seriously.

"Busy laughing our asses off," Shego muttered while filing her nails. She had only just stopped laughing from hearing that Drakken hired a ninja from an ad in a magazine.

"I'm looking for Mister Doctor Drakken. I'm from Yamanouchi. My name is Yori," she introduced herself to her current boss. She bowed to him, which seemed to surprise him. The scientist stepped back and looked at the slender ninja with a puzzled expression on his face.

"You're the ninja I ordered?" he squeaked in disbelief.

Yori's graceful features twisted a bit, but she forced her face to go back to normal seconds later. The way he described it made it wound like she was some book that he got off the internet. She was not "ordered." She was hired, like a person. Unused to such blatant and open disrespect toward her, Yori did not even know what to say.

"This is your big plan?" Shego asked as she got a good look at Yori. So far, the girl had been nothing but polite, seeming almost docile. She probably did not weigh a hundred pounds, the sidekick thought. After taking in the sight of the Japanese girl, she was at it again, laughing her head off.

"But, I wanted someone better!" Drakken cried.

"Better?" Yori echoed in disbelief. He had not even seen her in action and he was already judging her. It was infuriating. She took a deep, calming breath, reminding herself that she had a mission to carry out. She had a responsibility to her school, so it would not be a good thing to knock her employer unconscious.

"They sent you a junior high school student!" Shegi remarked, her head bent down from laughing so hard.

"What the! Where's that magazine? I'm calling that number back and complain about being ripped off!" Drakken huffed while whipping his head around to hopefully locate that rip-off magazine.

"That's what you get for ordering ninja out of underworld magazines!" his green-skinned sidekick commented, tears coming from her eyes. Oh man, Drakken was seriously making her day with everything that was happening.

"I can assure you I'm quite capable of anything that you would have me do. I've brought my qualifications and everything if you'd like to see them," Yori said in a flat tone. She did not have to bring any of that stuff considering the fact that Drakken and Master Sensei had already faxed each other everything that they needed in the transaction.

"Yeah, I would," Drakken said, frowning deeply because of his displeasure with being sent a ninja that was probably twelve years old.

Yori went into her bag's side pocket and pulled out a folder. He snatched it, which caused a rare frown to mar her face. He mumbled as he went through the folder, reading off the things that she could supposedly do. He actually did not understand most of it considering the fact that he was not a ninja or even a martial artist.

"Ah, yes, well these appear to be in order. I guess I just expected you to be…older," he commented. He expected older, bigger, and, well, deadlier looking. Yori looked like she might have trouble beating up a panda plush toy.

"Lemme see that," Shego said as she snatched the folder from Drakken. She wanted to see what the papers claimed Yori could do. She would be shocked to find out that Yori was even old enough to vote. Her expression became more and more skeptical as she read the folder. "You expect me to believe you made up that many of your own ninja techniques?" she inquired, glancing up at the young Japanese woman.

"The list has actually been cropped," Yori answered honestly. She had been studying ninjitsu almost all of her life and she was rather talented at it. Mixed in with the fact that it was her passion, she had come up with quite a few techniques that work well with the fact that she was secretly into reading a lot of manga.

"Cropped, huh?" Shego mumbled in disbelief.

"Well then, Shego, why don't you show…what was your name again?" Drakken asked.

"Yori," the ninja answered with a sigh. She got the feeling that she was not going to be enjoying her new mission, not that she ever enjoyed a mission. It was just that she was certain on her list of "most hatred assignments," she was about to have a new number one.

"Yeah, Yori. Shego take Yori to a free room and show her around the lair to let her get comfortable with the place," the onyx-eyed male ordered.

"Uh, Doctor D, do you think it's wise to just show a new girl around your whole operation without being sure she is who she says she is? She could be a GJ agent or something," Shego pointed out, not that she cared. There was only one goody-goody in the world that bothered her and that one did not work for GJ.

"Well, she just said—" Drakken started, but the plasma-wielder cut him off.

"And since when do we just take people's word on things," Shego pointed out with an upset huff.

Drakken muttered and went to go run a check to make sure that Yori was who she said she was. Yori and Shego stood there, keeping the small distance that they had between them. Shego went back to checking over Yori's file while Yori noted the hostile vibes radiating from Shego. She figured if she had to work with Shego, things might be a bit difficult, especially since it was obvious that Shego did not trust her.

The green-skinned woman did seem to be more on the ball than her employer, Yori noted. Shego was going through things that took common sense, which Yori was not surprised that Drakken lacked after interacting with him for only a few minutes. Still, she got the feeling that Shego was not going to help her enjoy or even tolerate her mission.

Once Drakken was through with his checks, finding that Yori was legitimate…so to speak, he told Shego to show her to a room. Shego huffed and muttered something about not being the butler, but she did wave Yori on to follow her. Yori adjusted her backpack and then trotted out after the pale green woman.

"Um…excuse me…" Yori said in her usual polite tone.

"What?" Shego inquired in a huff.

"I was just wondering if you know what kind of work I'll be doing for Drakken-san," Yori replied. She would have referred to Drakken a bit more formally if he had shown her more respect.

"Knowing Drakken, you'll probably just be stealing junk since he can't seem to invent stuff on his own, even though he wants everyone to think he's a genius," Shego remarked.

Yori nodded to show that she understood that. She had had previous missions that involved stealing. The first time, it had bothered her a great deal, but Sensei reminded her that as a ninja, she worked for those that hired her and did not ask any questions once the contract was drawn up and agreed upon. She worked passed her moral issue with stealing by not wondering what things were for or who they belonged to before she got her hands on them. Well, she liked to tell herself that she worked passed it.

"Well, kid, here's your digs. Don't bother me for anything," Shego said quietly rudely while dropped Yori off at the first empty room that they came across.

"Thank you…" Yori said graciously, bowing to the green-skinned female.

"I'm Shego," the sidekick introduced herself blandly, waving off Yori's formalities.

"Thank you, Shego-san. I'm—" Yori tried to introduce herself, but she was cut off.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got that, kid," the pale female commented and she turned to leave the area.

Shego abandoned Yori at the doorway. Well, it was apparent that Shego did not like her. The Japanese young woman figured that she would not be making any friends on her mission, which was not something that she was looking to do anyway. Assignments were there for money to be made and to keep her school going. She did not need friends anyway.

The ninja looked into her new room, which was bare. Yori sighed and stepped into the room; the automatic door slid shut behind her, echoing loudly in her ears, telling her that she was trapped. She felt as empty as the barren room. She looked down while running her fingers through her straight ebony hair. She could not shake the bad feeling that was following her more closely than her shadow thanks to her new assignment.

Next time: Yori and Shego have to work together, which they have a tough time of.