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The man who fathered me has been away from this plane of existence for ten years today.

Mr. Gibbs always had time to tell me of the great adventures my mother and Uncle Jack had long before I was born. But I liked Mother's stories better. For one, she wouldn't go off into creepy monologues about the sea, and she wouldn't just tell me Davy Jones and the final battle with Lord Cutler Beckett. She talked about Will Turner, orphaned blacksmith and self taught sword master.

And as I run ahead of Mother singing the pirate song she taught me, all I can think about is Father. All my life I have wanted to meet him. Mother's story always painted him as a knight in shining armor. He had become my hero.

I waited at the top of a cliff over looking the sea. Mother had come over and put a reassuring arm around me. For once I felt like I needed reassuring. What would I do when I met him?

This man had never been there for me. He had never talked to me. He had never met me. But I loved him. Everyone who had known my father only tells me good things about him. It might just be respect for the "dead", but after listening to their story I wanted to be like him so bad. When I was young I used to pester Tai Huang to teach me how to use a sword for hours.

Because of growing up on the sea I've had many men in my life: Uncle Jack, Mr. Gibbs, Marty, Cotton, the entire crews of both the Empress and the Black Pearl. But there was always a void in my heart to be reserved for him one day. I never had anyone I truly thought of as a father figure, but today I would meet my father at last.