A/N: I added this last chapter so that I would have a sort of epilogue and I wanted to do every member of the Turner family.


Everyone on the Flying Dutchman was given shore leave when we reached the island; it was the first time in ten years that most of us had seen the Realm of the Living let alone to have land under our feet. The Asian crew of the Empress was a little weary of us at first, but after we brought out barrels of rum they gladly shared the food they were preparing.

As the feast started the men had a good time. This was really a time of celebration for us. Not only was this the closest thing the men have ever gotten to a vacation but our beloved captain of ten years would be free. Thanks to the love his beautiful wife, my daughter-in-law, he shall be free to stay on land with his family.

Since the Dutchman always needed a captain, Will chose a man named Bernard Fokke to succeed him. Fokke had been on the Dutchman's crew for a long time and Will trusted him to do the job. And the fact that he actually was Dutch made us all laugh. I think the Dutchman will run smoothly under Fokke's command.

For dinner, I sat with the other crewmen of the Dutchman since this was the last time I would be with them. I was now free myself, thanks to my son. Fokke had honored Will's ruling on my life so I would travel on the Empress back to Singapore. No doubt my daughter-in-law could use a good sailor in the pirate empire she had inherited from Sao Feng.

I looked over at the three of them. Will was having trouble with the chopsticks his family was using, Elizabeth was smirking at her husband while expertly using her own, and young William was chatting away, happy to have a father.

I wonder if I had returned to Will when he was a boy, would he have had the same reaction as my newly found grandson? Once again I started feeling regret for my past sins. If I hadn't abandoned him to go pirating in the Caribbean, would I have still had my family? I had left Will with only his mother. And when she got ill, I wasn't there.

But Will turned out to be a good man without me. He was a strong captain on the Dutchman. He had made some major changes to the ship. The hundred year debt was no longer in effect. Any man could leave the Dutchman as he wished as long as there was a willing man to take his place and there were always men on the other side that were never ready to cross. Right now there are probably ten men at World's End lining up to take my place.

I have lived a good deal of my life under one curse or another, but now, for the first time in twenty years I was a living human again. At Last.