Summary: Ok this is going to be a Naruto Rurouni Kenshin crossover. Naruto meets Kenshin in the woods at the age of 4, gets adopted, and taken on as his apprentice before taking him away back to the war he is currently fighting in. Seven years later Naruto returns to Kanoho to become a shinobi. See inside for full summary. This will be a Naruto/Fem Kyuubi/Kurenai/Anko/Tsunade/Shizune harem pairing. This will be a mature, smart, skilled, (and a bit dark maybe in some peoples opinion) Naruto. Warning: Sasuke and Sakura bashin.

Rating: M possibly a little NC-17 later on.

A/N: This will obviously be AU and Kenshin is Already the master of his sword style. His personality is a combination between before and after the revolution. Out of battle he is a nice guy but not a goofball like in the anime but in battle he is just like the Battousai. Naruto will also not be the happy immature kid like in the anime because of the way he will be raised by Kenshin. I also have not seen the Rurouni Kenshin anime in a few years so I am not quite up to par on the facts. I intend to use the show to fit my needs and throw in whatever else I like. This is fanfiction for a reason and I can go as completely off cannon as I like. Also This may be a crossover but Kenshin will only be back in the picture until Naruto returns at the age of twelve. I just need him to take Naruto for a few years and train him. For the record Hinata will not be in the Harem only the people listed above will be. I may not even focus on her as a friend, we'll see.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Rurouni Kenshin in any way and I am making no profit off of this story.

Chapter 1: Meetings

Deep inside the forest outside Konaha little four year old Nuruto lay crying about his position in life. The villagers had just gotten done beating and chasing the small child outside the village all the while calling him demon. Ever since he could remember little Naruto had always been alone, nobody had ever shown any form of kindness except for old man Hokage. Naruto had never known the love of parents nor the companionship of a friend. All his life Naruto tried to put on a smiling mask to hide his sadness in hopes that if he did not show his despair the villagers might finally give up their cruelty towards him. It was currently the anniversary of his birth and for some reason unknown to Naruto the villagers always seem exceptionally vicious towards him.

While little Naruto lied there thinking about the horrible existence known as his life he heard someone approaching his location and in fear that it was one of the villagers who had not had their fill of beating the poor boy, he quickly dived into one of the bushes to hide. As he stood in the bushes looking for the approaching person Naruto saw that it wasn't any of the villagers he recognized and didn't even look native to this region. The stranger was wearing a red and white kimono, he had long red hair tied into a ponytail in the back with the bangs falling to his amber eyes, he stood about 5'2", looked to be in his mid-twenties, had a very distinctive X shaped scar on the left side of his face, and carried a katana strapped to his waist. Naruto then noticed that the man was currently limping and appeared to be covered in blood while holding his side just as he collapsed. Naruto quickly ran to the fallen man's side to see if he was alright to find that he was passed out. Naruto tried to think of what he could do to help the man. He first thought to bring him to the hospital in the village but quickly decided against it in fear of the villagers thinking he had attacked the man. He then decided to sneak into the village and grab all the medical supplies he had in his apartment he was living in on account of the orphanage unwilling to take him in and try to patch up the man to the best of his abilities, which due to the constant beatings he received was quite competent.

After bandaging and cleaning up the man, Naruto went to gather some food and water for when he woke up. Upon returning with a canteen of water and a few dead rabbits Naruto began to start a fire and cook his catch. Later that evening just as the meat was just finished roasting Naruto was startled as the man began to stir.

The man in question was slowly trying to sit up as he smelled something very appetizing. He noticed that he was not alone but realized that if whoever he was with wanted him dead he would have already been killed. Upon fully erecting himself into a cross legged sitting position and opening his eyes he realized that his companion was a boy who could be no more than four years old. As he surveyed the boy he immediately noticed his hideous orange looking jumpsuit. He had blond spiky hair and black, fox-like whisker scars on his cheeks to go along with the fair amount of bruises adorning his face.

"Hello" the man groggily said

"Hi" the boy timidly replied

"What's your name" asked the man chuckling at the child's shyness

"Uzumaki Naruto" the boy replied little more easily upon confirming that the man was not from around here.

"Well Uzumaki-san my name is Himura Kenshin, but you can just call me Kenshin" said the man

"Thank you, you can call me just Naruto if you want" the boy said

"Well Naruto can you tell me where I just might be, I fear I have been wandering through these woods for a few days in search of some help after acquiring my injuries and appear to be a bit lost.

"Were about a few miles outside of Kanoha mister Kinshin. Naruto replied

Upon seeing the man sneaking a glance at his canteen Naruto generously offered it to him to which gratefully accepted.

After taking a drink Kenshin once again began to speak.

"Thank you. Where you the one who took care of me and bandaged me up while I was unconscious?"

"Ya, when I saw you passed out, I went to check on you and when I saw you were bleeding I ran back to my apartment to get some medical supplies. After I finished bandaging you up I went to get some water and collected some food for when you woke up." Naruto replied while going over to the fire to collect the food he had prepared for himself and his companion.

"Oh, your quite competent for someone your age. Won't your parents be wondering where you are if you have been looking after me all day?" Kenshin said while accepting the food offered to him by Naruto.

"No sir, I have been an orphan since I can remember. I have been told my mother died giving birth to me and that my father died not long after in a battle." Naruto said a little sadly while dropping his head

"I'm sorry, I just thought since you said you got these supplies at your apartment that meant you lived with your parents. Shouldn't you be staying at an orphanage to have someone to look after you or do you have a guardian you live with?" Kenshin said while eating his food feeling sorry he brought up the issue of his parents, knowing what its like since he himself was an orphan at a young age.

"Once again no sir. About a year ago I got kicked out of the orphanage because they didn't like me and didn't want me near the other children, so old man Hokage got me set up with an apartment and gives me a little money per week to live on." Naruto once again replied feeling a little more depressed.

Kenshin realized that all he was doing was making the poor boy more depressed with each question he asked so decided to let the questions drop and eat in silence. Upon finishing his meal Kenshin tried to stand up but winced and realized that he would not be fit for travel for a good while. Aside from the huge gash he had in his side he figured he probably had at least a cracked rib, a broken arm, and maybe even a cracked fibula or tibia. With the amount of injuries he had obtained it would probably be a good month before he could safely return to base and give his report.

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