"PREGNANT?!" Ron yelled, burying his face in hands. Hermione had called him into the kitchen of their London flat, her excited but still very business like aire told him that she had important news but he was not expecting this. A promotion maybe, but a baby?

Hermione smiled cautiously; she could not yet tell how he was about to react. He gawked at her; she nodded at him nervously in response. "Pregnant," he said quietly as though assuring himself. "Wow, you're pregnant. We're having a…oh, bloody hell--"

He proceeded to fall sideways from the stool he was sitting on to the kitchen's hardwood floor. "Ron? Ron!" Hermione's voice faded out as fell. The last thing he saw was her practically launching herself over the counter at him, wide-eyed and horrified.

When he came around sometime later he was on the sofa and Hermione was standing over him. "Oh, Ron," she hugged him. "Are you alright? How's your head?"

He moaned but tried to sit up. The pain on the left side of his head was excruciating. He rubbed that side and felt a huge bump already formed. "Shit!" He rushed to the bathroom to assess the damage. " 'Mione," he called after seeing the bump which was roughly the size and shape of a large egg. "Is there something you could do about this lump?" he yelled to her.

She appeared in the doorway looking mildly affronted. "Ron, I'm pregnant." She reminded him, ignoring his problem. He looked at her expressionless, as if taking in what she had just told him again. She was afraid for a second that he would yell or faint again. Instead he smiled broadly and nearly charged at her. He hugged her, lifting her off of her feet and spinning her around. He put her down again and kissed her hard, square on the lips and raced out of the room; all in a great ginger-haired blur. She stood where he'd put her, stunned for a moment until she snapped out of her surprise and followed him. She found him near the hearth, kneeling near the green fire the blazed there, ready to stick his head inside.

"Ron wait!" He stood up. "We should wait to tell everyone."

"Awh, come on."

"At James' birthday party next Friday," She kissed him, "we'll tell everyone together."

"Alright then…" He looked disappointed. "Just Harry?" he offered.

"No," she said firmly and kissed him again.

He smiled. "So, how far along are you, anyway?"

"Three months."

"And you haven't told me until now?" He was slightly upset.

"Well I wasn't sure about it until about a month ago; I went to see a muggle doctor…and then I just haven't gotten around to it until today, what with our work schedules." She looked up at him, hoping he wouldn't be angry. He recognized the regret in her eyes and instantly forgave her.

"I see," he laughed a little. "Well since we already know one is on the way, do you want to go practice for the next one?" He grinned. His mischievous smile quickly faded however, "We can still, right?"

"Yes, Ron," Hermione laughed. "Come on, I'll show you," she winked, grabbed his wrist and led him in the direction of their bedroom not even bothering to shut the door.

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