Shuichi could only think that this was the most erotic experience of his life.

The music pulsing in the background had given him an adrenaline rush like nothing else could, and he used this adrenaline to the fullest as he and Ryuichi Sakuma dominated their shared stage that night.

The double concert had been Tohma Seguchi's idea, and it went down in a storm. Tickets were sold out within two days and both bands had looked forward to this night. Tonight, they could let loose with everything they had, letting their respective passions completely consume them, if only for a few hours.

This was their encore song, the first time Shuichi and Ryuichi had shared a stage since shortly after Bad Luck had made its debut, and it was captivating. The smooth sounds of three keyboards complemented the slightly harsher sounds of the rock guitar as two voices mixed and harmonized perfectly, the lights behind them flashing different colors and adding to the experience.

It began to get really intense when Ryuichi abandoned his own mic stand to stand near Shuichi, who moved so that they were facing each other on opposite sides of the microphone and the audience was viewing them from the side. They stared into each other's eyes, both gazes piercing. Shuichi took the microphone out of its stand, kicked the stand away and pressed himself flush against his fellow vocalist.

The crowd roared.

With them egging him on, Shuichi rested his free hand on Ryuichi's hip and began to sway his own hips in time to the thudding beat of the music as they continued to sing. Ryuichi placed his hands on Shuichi's waist and they both smirked, their minds suddenly churning with dirty thoughts.

At the end of the song, there was an instrumental segment, and they used this to their advantage. The microphone was placed back in its stand and Ryuichi stood behind Shuichi, again pressing himself close and let his hands travel up Shuichi's shirt, resting on his chest as he began to grind his hips once more. Shuichi leaned his head back to rest on Ryuichi's shoulder and, by tilting his head at just the right angle, found that his lips could just reach Ryuichi's neck. The temperature in the large stadium seemed to increase when, upon feeling Shuichi's lips touch his skin, Ryuichi threw back his head and let out a low moan. No one could hear it besides Shuichi, but it was obvious that they were both enjoying this immensely.

It was at this point that the song ended, and the crowd voiced their appreciation with the biggest round of applause any of them could remember receiving. Just as everyone was about to walk off the stage, the audience began to chant something. It took a few seconds, but the words were soon audible: "Kiss him! Kiss him! Kiss him!" Both vocalists realized this at the same time.

There was no hesitation. In a flash, Ryuichi had pulled Shuichi forward by his belt loops into a hot, needy kiss. The very ground beneath them seemed to shake with the noise the audience was making as Ryuichi made love to Shuichi's mouth in front of everybody. A kiss that they wished could last hours lasted only a few seconds before Shuichi picked up the microphone again.

"Well folks, I hate to disappoint you, but I think Shuichi and I are going to go continue this in my dressing room." He shot Shuichi a sexy smirk. "Wish us luck!" Without further ado, both males ran off the stage and out of sight, their bandmates shaking their heads in amusement.

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