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-Akamaru's Fanfic-

Akamaru sighed deeply; he had been searching all day for a decent bit of fandom for himself.

After checking his profile on Wikipedia he was sourly disappointed to see his profile picture was one of Kiba and him…

…which would be fine if they hadn't cut off his head in the pic. All you could see was a little fur and partial ears.

Sure, there had been another picture of him but he was very… small in the picture. He liked being big.

So, in a desperate attempt to prove that he had fans, he promptly turned to fanfiction…

…he had never been so disappointed in his life.

He didn't even have a section! He had to look up(shiver) Kiba fanfiction to find anything that related to him at all!

Where were the AkaIno fics? Or the AkaAny-Damn-Babe-On-The-Show? Where were those?! No… all he had were a few lousy friendship fics with his 'master'…

He already knew he had a life-time bond with Kiba! He didn't need to be reminded… over… and over…

Angry with everything in general, he pulled up a Word document and began typing… how did he manage this? I'm not quite sure… I think he used his nails.

Satisfied with the first chapter he began the process of posting; due to lack of FF account he promptly hacked into Kiba's. It was easy, after all his master would always have passwords either inflating his own ego or things revolving around how sexy he found a certain teammate(yes, I mean Shino… fine Hinata).

'Let's see… NARUTO section… okay… title?'

He froze for a moment, what could possibly describe his ultimately awesome story?

'Ino's mine' he barked in agreement with his title, happily continuing to the summary part.

'Ino is madly and deeply in love with Akamaru but Akamaru only has eyes for the pearl eyed(busty) goddess known as Hinata. Kiba is in love with Ino but doesn't want to ruin their friendship so he gets screwed and ends up with Shino and Neji's little… ahem… [AkaIno some AkaHina, slight lemon, severe Kiba bashing'

He grinned and cackled(as much as a dog could) and continued, the fiction was obviously in French(because Kiba might find it otherwise…) and the rating was M(though, Akamaru missed the usage of 'R' and 'PG', 'T' and 'M' are annoying…).

He made through the rest of the questions easily(but glared darkly at the character questions, reluctantly picking Ino and Hinata… he'd have to complain about not having his name present later…) and barked in excitement when it was posted.

Now to wait for the reviews…

It took Akamaru all of five-minutes before he was rolling on the ground and tearing out fur in the frustration. Why was no one reviewing?!

Checking again for the thirtieth time in ten minutes he finally found one, lone, review.

'Bug-Master: …Kiba? What the hell is this?'

Akamaru suddenly recalled that he had in fact posted this under Kiba's user name(Smexy-Than-Thou) and would be likely receiving reviews from Kiba's friends

'Let's just hope none of them speak French…'

(Ending Notes: …so I put hints of AkaIno… X3 no biggie, just better crack… hmmm, perhaps some AkaTema is due for the next chappy? Ack, Shika-kun's gonna kill me, I'm giving all his ladies to Akamaru XD

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