Chapter Six : Moonlit Walk

"Let's get out of here?" whispered Albus a while later. "We seem to have gained a bit of an audience."

A subtle blush appeared on Minerva's face as she looked around at the enquiring faces. She looked back at Albus and saw that he was smiling brightly at her.

"I believe a certain Ms. Skeeter would have a field day with this!" answered Minerva as Albus appeared behind her and helped her up from her chair.

"She would have a field day if she saw us coming out of a classroom together followed by a group of students," replied Albus before dropping a tender kiss on her cheek as he helped her on with her travelling cloak. "Shall we go for a walk before returning to the school?"

"I would like that very much!" answered Minerva as she slipped her arm through his and, after paying, they made their way out into the night.

As soon they were out of sight, Albus dropped his hand and intertwined her hand within his strong one. He was still having trouble believing that she was actually his now and that she loved him. He closed his eyes as they walked in a companionable silence. He found himself reliving the kiss that had taken place in the restaurant. He felt himself tingle at the very thought of the kiss. Her lips had been so soft and the kiss had been everything that he had imagined and more.

"Albus!" Minerva's soft voice broke into his thoughts.

"Yes, my dear?" he asked as he turned his head to look at her.

"What are you thinking?" she questioned him.

"I was thinking about the kiss we shared," he answered her as he came to a stop.

"You don't have to think about it," she said as she took a step in towards him, "we can relive it right now."

"Oh I like your suggestion!" answered Albus as he lowered his head and brushed his lips softly against hers and pulled her into his arms.

The kiss started off soft and tender as they got used to each other. They clung to each other as the kiss deepened itself. Albus tentatively ran his tongue along her teeth hoping to gain access to her mouth. Her mouth opened at his tongue's request and Albus was able to explore her mouth with his tongue as she did the same with her tongue. The feeling that it produced in the lovers was something that they hadn't expected, their bodies were crying out for the other's touch as well as that they felt as though they were finally home. Years of longing were finally over and forgotten about now as they expressed their feelings through a kiss and subtle touches. They had to force themselves to break the kiss because if they didn't, they would run out of air to breathe. They looked each other in the eye till Minerva dropped her glaze to her feet.

"Ah you need not be shy, my love!" whispered Albus as he cupped her face in his hands and made her look at him.

"Oh Albus!" replied Minerva as a tear slipped down her cheek. "I never thought this would ever happen and I find myself rather emotional."

"My dear Minerva," said Albus as he planted a soft kiss on the tip of her nose, "I am feeling rather emotional at present as well but it is to be expected as we have declared our love for one another. I love you, my dear, and now that I have you, I plan to not waste another moment or ever let you go."

"Oh Albus," replied Minerva was she snuggled into him, "I love you so much and I am so happy that you return my feelings. This is the start of our future together!"

"Our future!" agreed Albus. "My future doesn't seem so lonely as it did before I had you!"

"I wonder who set us up?" questioned Minerva as wrapped her arms around him tighter.

"Someone who wasn't as blind as us!" answered Albus as he tried to think who would set them up. "Let's head back to the school and retire to my chambers, we shall sit in front of my fire toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate while we think about who set us up."

"I think I will pass at the hot chocolate but I will settle for a cup of my favourite tea," said Minerva as she pulled away slightly and allowed Albus to take her by the hand and lead her towards the castle.

They walked in silence as they approached the castle but Minerva pulled her hand away when her acute hearing picked up on the sound of two familiar voices.

"Listen!" she told Albus as she made him stop in his tracks.

Albus did as he was told and he too picked up on two voices that belonged to Severus Snape and Xiomara Hooch. They were hidden out of view behind a tall bush and were obviously waiting for something or someone. From the sound of it, Severus was getting bored with the waiting.

"Xio," grumbled Severus, "What makes you think they will even come this way? It's been hours since they left!"

"That is a good sign!" replied Xiomara, with obvious excitement in her voice. "I knew it was such a good idea to set them up!"

"You don't even know if they met up!" pointed out Severus as he blew on his hands to warm them up.

"Of course they did, Severus," scolded Xiomara as she placed her hands on her hips and glared at him. "It's obvious that they did because they haven't returned yet."

"Minerva is going to hex you for this," replied Severus, "and I just may let her!"

Albus lent forward and whispered, "I think we have found the culprits who have set us up, my love."

"So it seems!" answered Minerva. "Fancy pulling their legs?"

Albus nodded and a smile graced his lips as Minerva explained her idea to him. Moments later Xiomara and Severus both jumped as they heard a booming voice coming from the nearby lake. They peered over the bush and saw Minerva and Albus facing each other and from the sound of it they weren't happy.

"How dare you!" growled Minerva. "How dare you behave like that in a restaurant full of people!"

"I believe it was you who threw the butterbeer over my head!" replied Albus.

"I did that for a reason," snapped Minerva. "I always have reasons for my actions!"

"Pray tell me what they were for throwing my drink over me?" asked Albus.

"If I have to tell you then you obviously have no idea how hurtful your actions were!" yelled Minerva as she took a step forward towards him.

"All I did was kiss Anna on the cheek for Merlin's sake," replied Albus, who was trying not to laugh.

Severus and Xiomara looked at each other when they heard the headmaster mention another woman's name.

"You are impossible!" exclaimed Minerva as she threw her arms into the air. "Thank the heavens that there WILL NEVER be a you and me!"

"I agree with your words," replied Albus, "whoever had the idiotic idea of setting us up will have me to deal with when I find out who they are." Minerva glared at him before storming off in the direction of the school. Albus lagged behind for a few moments before heading in that direction as well.

"Uh oh!" said Severus "I don't think that was in your plan!"

"Shut up, Severus!" replied Xiomara as she poked him in the ribs with her elbow. "They are going to kill the both of us."

"Erm," said Severus as he rubbed his side, "I have a correction to your statement. They are going to kill you." "

"Unless you want to sleep on the couch in your office, I suggest you shut up!" replied Xiomara as she marched back up to the school.

Minerva and Albus burst through the door that led to his private living room, laughing loudly.

"Oh that was fun!" said Albus as he wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her to him.

"Xiomara will be avoiding me for the next few days now!" replied Minerva with a smile "Oh her face, that shall remain with me for as long as I live."

"Perhaps I can give you something else to remember for as long as you live!" whispered Albus as he nuzzled against her neck.

"What may that be?" asked Minerva.

"This!" answered Albus as he bent down and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

...the end...