Where in the bloody deepest depths of hell are we now?!?

Author: Lady Talons (in this story, if I decide to make a comment, the sign will be before it in parenthesis)

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Recap: "What do you think?"

"I'll be there at 5:00." I nodded.

At 5, Nicole still hadn't arrived, so I left a note on the door to go ahead and let herself in, then I went upstairs to shower and change. What I decided to wear was a pair of blue, skinny jeans, a black v-neck shirt, and my favorite pair of brown, high-heeled suede boots. The boots I pulled up over the bottom of the pants to cover them. While I pulled my black and silver hair up into a high ponytail, I heard a knock on the door and then footsteps going into the kitchen.

I dashed downstairs, "Nicole, is that you?"

A muffled voice came from the fridge, "yes, I'm in the kitchen."

"I noticed." She jumped straight up, knocking her head against the top of the fridge.

"Holy crow that hurt." She appeared to be fine but that still didn't stop the string of curse words erupting out of her mouth as she rubbed the back of her head. I on the other hand, was currently leaning on the marble-topped counters so that I wouldn't fall over from laughing so much. "Talon! Why do you always have to sneak up on me, you know how tense I can get!"

Quickly regaining some of my composure, I said seriously, "because, my dear friend…I needed a good laugh. And on a less selfish note, it's just so funny to see you jump out of your skin, I don't know why you can't hear me."

"Because, my dear friend…YOU WALK TO FREAKING QUIETLY!!"

"Calm down Nicole, it was just a question. Why are you so tense anyways?"

"I am calm. The reason I'm 'so tense' is that I keep getting the feeling that something is going to happen and whatever it is, I feel like it's right in front of us and that we should have noticed it already," she said while readjusting her baby blue shirt and tightening her brown ponytail. Like me, Nicole had green eyes that changed to red when she was angry, she was also of slim build and was but a half-inch shorter than me. "So what do you want to do today?"

"Don't change the subject. I've been getting the same feeling, but lets not worry about it. Okay? But anyways, I was thinking we could go horseback riding, but it's up to you."

"We could draw for it," Nicole suggested."

"Alright." Taking three pieces of paper and a pen from beside the phone, I wrote down an 'H', an 'S', and an 'C'. I explained it to her, "the 'H' stands for horseback riding, the 'S' for socializing or the café, and the 'C' for camping. Fair?"

She nodded and then put the three letters into a cup from the counter and shook it. "You draw," she said. I looked away and stuck my hand in the cup and grabbed the first piece of paper that touched my fingers. I handed it to her, which she opened. "Horses it is."

We raced out the door, stopping only long enough to lock it and shut it. We reached the large, traditionally painted red and black barn at the same time and skidded to a halt, dumbfounded at what we saw……

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