Where in the bloody deepest depths of hell are we now?!?

Author: Lady Talons (in this story, if I decide to make a comment, the sign will be before it in parenthesis). Oh and by the way, I don't know any elvish so all elvish will be bolded and italicized, sorry.

Disclaimer: Okay honestly, do you think I'm J. R. R. Tolkien? Well if you do…you really need to find the nearest cliff and, well I'll let you finish that thought. But just in case…I DO NOT OWN LORD OF THE RINGS OR ANYTHING THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH IT…. I do, however, own Talon, and Nicole, and this story. DON'T OWN ANY OF THE LOTR CHARACTERS OR PLACES THAT MIGHT BE MENTIONED IN LATER CHAPTERS…so if you think you have found Tolkien (I'm not that good of a writer) you are sadly mistaken.

Recap: We raced out the door, stopping only long enough to lock it and shut it. We reached the large, traditionally painted red and black barn at the same time and skidded to a halt, dumbfounded at what we saw……

Standing in front of us was two blonde men, holding our freshly groomed and saddled horses. "Who the hell are you," both Nicole and I said threateningly, "let our horses go, now!" They stared at us, like we were two idiots. We back up slowly and caught sight of our swords that we used when we were in martial arts.

"I'll warn you one more time, let the horses go and you can leave freely and unharmed," I said keeping their attention drawn from Nicole who was sidling over towards the twin blades. 'Too late,' I thought vengefully.

Nicole ran back over to me, both blades in her arms, as she reached me, she yelled "up Spirit, up Cloud!" The black horse (Spirit), and the chestnut horse (Cloud) reared, ripping their reins from the hands of the strange men. Galloping hoof beats sounded throughout the barn as they thundered towards and past us, stopping outside to gaze at the battle sure to come.

"Who are they," I asked Nicole, thinking that they couldn't understand us while we used elvish.

"I don't know, but they look kind of familiar, don't they?"

Then to our complete surprise, one of them spoke……

Author: well what'd you think? It's a bit different from what I was going to do. By the way, if you wanted to know, Talon's full name is Talon Eva Rhulain. If you've read my other story Elyon Rhulain: A New Bounty Hunter then you'll notice that the names are similar but I just like the name Rhulain. If you have any suggestions as to what to put in future chapters let me know…keep reading.