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Author's Notes: So, here we are. The random ongoing ficlet that shall have all of the Adventure children dealing with their own children. How long this is exactly going to be, I cannot say. As of right now, I'm shooting for 25 lessons. If I get more ideas, however, I may go higher, and if I loser inspiration, it may be lower. It all depends.

This may end up being a prologue of sorts to the Second Generation fanfiction that I have been considering in writing, especially since everything that will happen in these little moments are taking place a year before that story would actually begin.

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Introduction to Parenthood

Lesson One: The Talk

Tai had never been so nervous in his life. Sure, there had been the time when they had been in Datamon's base and he had been so scared that he couldn't move. There had also been the time when Agumon had been captured by the Digimon Emperor and they were forced to fight him. But that was different. This was different.

This was embarrassing.

Just remember everything that Matt told me to say, Tai thought as he twiddled his thumbs. It's just like telling a bedtime story.

It was just a very embarrassing bedtime story. One that had to be told, however, and with Kinta's brown eyes staring up at his father with curiosity, Tai knew that he could not back down now. His son was sitting a few feet in front of him mirroring Tai's cross-legged position on the master bedroom's bed. Spiky brown locks drooped down around the fifteen-year-old's head announcing that it was about time for haircut.

At least, that's what Sora had been telling both of them for a while. Tai did not see a problem with his son's hair; after all, he wore his own very similar to his son's style when he was that age. His just used to defy gravity a lot better than Kinta's did.

His son was dressed in a hooded red-orange t-shirt with a brown long-sleeved shirt underneath. With it, he was wearing olive green cargo pants with brown tennis shoes. If it was not for the slight curl at the ends of Kinta's hair that made it droop like it did, Tai would have claimed that his son looked almost exactly like he did when he was that age.

Kinta, apparently tired of this staring contest between father and son, huffed. "Dad, what is this about?"

Tai tried very hard not to blush. "Um, well… you see…"

"Just spit it out, Dad," Kinta said as he rested his head on the palm of his hand.

Tai took a deep breath. Things like this really should not be that hard.

"Well, you're at the age now where certain… things… might become a lot more apparent to you, and… probably… a lot more interesting, too," Tai stammered, going redder by the minute.

Kinta still seemed oblivious as to where this was going. He switched hands and continued to stare at his father with rapt attention.

"Y-you see… when a man and woman… er… love each other very, very, very much… they sometimes want to-"

It was at that moment that Kinta's eyes widened and he sat up straight, his hands raising and waving frantically for his father to stop talking. "Whoa! Dad!" he cried, looking panicked and awkward. "Are you about to talk about what I think you're about talk about?"

Tai stared at his son, pink tinge still in his cheeks.

"What do you think I'm about to talk about?" he asked.

Kinta went pink as he avoided his father's gaze.

"Well, you know…" he began, doing a pretty good imitation of Tai as he struggled to stop from stammering. He looked around the room, making sure that door was locked as he did, as though afraid that he was going to be overheard, before leaning forward and whispering the word, "Sex."

If possible, Tai went redder.

"Well, yes," he said, trying to sound dignified even though he had never felt more awkward in his life. "I figured that you are old enough that we should talk about-"

"Oh! There's no need!" Kinta said quickly, his eyes darting around as though looking for an escape. "I think I pretty much have everything I need to know!"

Tai's eyes widened. "You mean you already know-"

"Yeah! Pretty much!" the brunette said.

Going pale, Tai asked, "Kinta, have you ever…?"

"No!" Kinta went bright red as his eyes widened in humiliation. "No, of course not! I meant- I mean- I just hear things! At school and stuff! I haven't… you know…"

The father visibly relaxed. "So, you haven't…"

"No way!"

"Good," he sighed.

He looked at his son who had let his face fall into his hands to hide his flaming face. He couldn't help the smile that spread across his face as looked at him. It was true that Kinta tended to get into trouble a lot – a trait that he had got from his father – but he was a good boy. He got pretty good grades, was well liked, and had a good head on his shoulders. Tai often told Sora that he must have gotten all of those traits from her.

"Can I go now?" Kinta whined, peaking out between his fingers up at his father.

"Of course, but, Kinta, if you have any questions about anything…?"

Kinta, though still blushing, smiled. "I know, Dad. I can come to you for anything."

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