I trudged down the stairs and looked at the digital kitchen clock. 3:30 AM. What the hell did he want at this hour? I yawned and stretched as I made my way to the door, bumping into the glass table my brother handed down to me and cursed loudly.

I opened the heavy door letting all the light from the hall in causing me to shield my eyes. "Is everything alright?" I asked him. He didn't say anything as he stepped into the room slowly and let me shut the door behind him.

I followed him to the small end table, where he threw his car keys and turned to face me. "Babe? It's 3:30 are you okay?" I asked reaching to place my palm on his cheek.

He quickly grasped my wrist and twisted it. My mouth opened to say something, like "ouch" or "stop". But before I even sucked in a breath to speak he slapped me. I stood there for a second, shocked. Goosebumps rose all over my skin, I could feel the flesh on my face getting hot from his hand hitting it. He paused looking around for a second before grabbing my arms with all his strength and tossing me onto the couch like a ragdoll.

I kicked him and clawed him and even tried to bite him. But he held all my limbs down as he continued to beat me senseless. I thought I vaguely smelt alcohol on his breath when he got close enough.

After about a half hour, his face turned soft and he looked at me horrified. "Oh my god, Lily!" he exclaimed, he was now the one reaching to touch my face.

I batted his hand away and stared at him, my eyes cold. "Get out." I said lowly. He opened his mouth as if he was going to say something. "GET OUT!" I screamed, causing him to get up off the couch and begin to back up. I picked up his keys and threw them at the door. "Leave, now." I said opening the door.

"Lily, I can explain seriously, I was out all night with the guys and-" Slam.

I closed my eyes. And the first thought that occured to me was to shower.

I washed all of the blood off my face from the bloody nose,and lip he had given me. I covered all my bruises with a sweatshirt. The hot water usually was inviting, but not at 4am or to me in this state.

As soon as I stepped out of the shower and into my room my phone was ringing.

"Hello?" I said monotone and upset.

"Hey beautiful! My best friend!" his voice came from the other line.

If only he had called before..

"Hey John! My favorite champion!" I said trying to sound excited.

"Whats wrong Lily? You sound like you've been crying." he asked concerned from the other end.

if only you knew..

"Nothing John, it's 4am what do you expect? How was your flight?" I asked.

"Good, I'll tell you all about it if you come open the door." He said hanging up on me.

I was in a horrible mood, but something about seeing my best friend made me giddy and I practically ran to the front door.

I opened it and jumped onto him causing him to drop his suitcases he was holding onto the floor and wrap his arms around me.

I kissed his cheeks when he let me down. "I missed you!" I squealed picking up one of his suitcases with both hands and beginning to drag it up the stairs with him in tow.

"I missed you more." he said. "Whats wrong with your lip? Still biting it I see?" he joked referring to the big split in it.

"Yeah, that's it." I said brushing him off.

"I hope it's okay that you sleep in here tonight. I haven't set your room up yet, because well..you know me." I said placing his things on my carpeted floor.

"I don't care Lily, it's not like we haven't done this before." he said smiling at me.

I crawled into bed after John. Who already had one arm outstretched expecting me to lay my head on his chest. Which I did willingly.

"Since when do you sleep with clothes on?" he asked eyeing my sweatshirt. I shrugged closing my eyes.

"I don't know, I go away for 2 months and come back and you're all different, I don't know if I can handle it." he said laughing as he clicked off the light.

A few moments went by and we were silent. "Do you remember when we met?" he asked.

"When you were gay? Yeah." I said laughing slightly.