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Hungrily, Zane devoured the feast that had been set before his very eyes. Rather impatiently, he watched on with hunger as his gaze settled on the pure and unsullied boy that was now busily unknotting his tie.

Pressing closer against the wall in the misty labyrinthine halls of the Pro League shower room; Zane watched in a kind of awe as the boy he would've lashed out at, jeered at, and generally would have all but spit in his face in public (but whom he secretly adored from afar) continued preparing for his nightly cleansing ritual.

Zane all but held his breath as those elegant fingers unbuttoned the immaculate silver jacket with unsurpassed dexterity.

The shirt. The shirt next.

Zane's fingers uselessly clawed at the caulking that separated the milky blue tiles as his perversion intensified.

Ah, hell. He knew it was disgusting. Especially considering the person he was ogling. His own rival.

Oh, God. A bare shoulder…

With ease, Aster had set the black shirt aside.

In truth, Zane had to clutch his already weakened heart when Aster's fingers landed on his…belt buckle.

This is the happiest day of my life.

Nearly drooling at this point, Zane stumbled a few steps forward as the slacks did indeed peel off. Lastly, as a sort of grand finale, what was worn underneath them was also discarded.

Zane stared at that rounded part of Phoenix's anatomy longer than what was deemed necessary before he began to become impatient again.

Turn around, damn it!

However, Phoenix was already busy lathering up a terrycloth washcloth. Perhaps he wouldn't turn around at all now.


Ugh. He had spoken out loud.

Phoenix gasped and spun around immediately. Still, before Zane could get his eye candy, an uncouth shampoo bottle was thrown at his head.

"You jerk! Get the hell out of here! Now!"

It was possibly the first time Zane had ever seen Aster this positively enraged. The boy was literally shrieking.

Zane self-consciously rubbed the spot on his head that the shampoo bottle had unnecessarily collided with. "Lighten up, Phoenix. Like anyone wants to see you naked any--"

Before Zane could finish, he had slipped on a conveniently placed bar of soap. Naturally, he fell. Right on Phoenix.

Hey! This day just got better!

Except for when the lathered-up washcloth was thrown into his wide teal eyes.

Oh, well. For what he had seen, it was almost worth the trip to the eye doctor's office.

Author's Note: Heh. Trashy comedy story. I need a bit of humor now and then. I kept wanting to write a "shower" story for a while now.