Inspired by BluestAngelDust's "Fallen From Grace" I got the plot from the story and realized I just had to write my own version of it. I hope the writer doesn't get angry with me or anything. I just couldn't help myself.

Features an uncommon pair. Read and you'll find out who.


The blue haired girl floated in mid air as she chanted. She wanted to meditate, knowing that she needed to calm the storm that brewed in her mind. She opened her eye, glancing at the red head that bobbed up and down beside her, the source of her inner turmoil.

She knew how they had grown to be close friends but she didn't know when she had started to feel so strongly about the red head that sat beside her.

She treated her as a teammate at first but their professional relationship changed after the Puppet Master incident. Switching bodies had a profound effect on both of them seeing as the experience allowed them to respect and understand each other better. But most of all, it allowed Raven to see that the alien and her self were not that dissimilar from each other.

They both were outsiders to the humans in their own ways. She was cast aside because she was the silent and brooding titan while Starfire was shunned because of her bizarreness and innocence. Innocence that civilians often misread and mistook as ignorance. The only difference between their situations was that Raven was forcibly isolated from everyone because they feared the darkness that dwelled within her while the Tameranian was set apart from everybody because she simply had not adjusted to Earthly customs.

In other words, Starfire was trying to find a place to belong while Raven just didn't fit in with anyone. There were times when she didn't even fit in with her team mates, except of course for the Tameranian princess.

"Friend Raven?" the red head called out, breaking the blue haired teen's train of thought.

"Hmm?" she replied, her eyes still closed.

"I apologize for interrupting you but I wonder if you would want to accompany me to the mall of shopping?" her green eyes shone brightly with hope that Raven had no intention of shattering. She sighed and nodded her head in reply. She glanced at the clock, then back at her team mate.

"We can go now if you like." offered the usually quiet titan. She knew it would please Starfire. Besides that fact, her meditation was leading her nowhere. The red head squealed in delight then flew to her room, eager to get ready. Raven herself did the same.

She didn't know when she came to love the other girl, but she knew she already did. At first, she didn't understand what had brought on this need to please and be near Starfire. But when she did, she knew it was too late to turn back for the red head had buried herself within Raven's heart and not even the seemingly unfeeling girl could dig her out. No, it was too late for her.

As afraid as Raven was to admit, she could no longer deny it. The cold and sometimes cruel teen had grown to more than like someone. The gothic titan had fallen in love for Starfire. A love that she feared would not be accepted and returned by her kind and caring teammate.

Of course, being the aloof and unemotional teen that she was perceived to be, no one expected that she would ever fall for the red headed teen, who was a member of her team and gender. Hell no one probably thought she had the ability to love. Even Raven her self did not know she was capable of such an emotion yet it came.

She sighed as she floated down the hallway and into the living room where her anxious friend had been waiting for her.

"Shall we friend Raven?" Starfire asked, earning a nod from her serious counterpart.

The two flew side by side and finally reached the mall. The red head led the way, dragging the love-struck girl into every store the mall had.

"Star are you done?" the robe wearing titan asked, a hint of irritation in her voice. The things she did for Starfire. The red head responded by coming out of the dressing room, wearing a tight mini skirt, shorter than the one's she wore, and a very tight tank top. Her outfit left little to the imagination, causing Raven to force herself to control her blush.

"What do you think?" the Tameranian asked as she twirled around. The blue haired titan responded by putting her hood up. Starfire was about to ask once again when she heard the cash register ding and saw money fly out. The register and cash were outlined in a black light.

The red head, mistaking her friend's loss of control to be an act of anger or annoyance, perhaps both in her mind, did not ask again. Instead she headed back into the dressing room, unaware of the pink hues that covered her hooded friend's face.

She had bought the outfits that she had tried on and Raven helped to carry them using both arms and her powers. The usually quiet Titan mentally slapped herself. There she was, following the red head like a love sick puppy and carrying her bags like some devoted fan or some whipped boyfriend.

She admitted to being the love sick puppy, but being admitting to playing the role of the fan was something that Raven thought she was above of. After all, Starfire was her equal. They were both super heroes on the same team. Then again, she fact that she loved her teammate kind of meant that she idolized the red head in one way or another. She did revere her for being kind, gentle, adorable, and emotional. Things that the ashy skinned titan could not afford to be.

That was probably the reason why she loved her. She could be the things that Raven longed to be and feel the things that the half demon trained herself not to feel.

The leotard wearing titan smiled slightly under the shadows of her cloak as she thought about the reasons as to how she had fallen so easily for the taller woman. The respect she gained for the skirt wearing heroine grew to a slight crush which slowly but surely turned to love. Raven shook her head, reminding herself that these kinds of thoughts were not allowed to her, seeing as she had to control her powers or Starfire's merchandise might end up all over the mall.

"Raven?" the bubbly titan called her name.

"Yeah?" she responded with the same monotone in her voice.

"Are you feeling ill?" the red head reached out and touched her friend's forehead, only to have her shrink away. Starfire observed her friend. She was aware that her team mate did not like to be touched but to have her step back so quickly was a curious thing to witness. It was as if Raven was afraid of her.

"I don't get sick." Raven reminded her friend as she avoided the touch. She hated to admit it but this was one good thing about being a half demon. She didn't get sick from a cold like average humans did.

"Then perhaps you are tired." remarked the green eyed girl as she eyed the girl before her. She stared into Raven's ocean blue eyes, trying to determine what was wrong, only to have the shorter girl look away.

"I'm fine." her voice betrayed her, letting a hint of reassurance break its monotone. She felt content that her teammate cared for her and a little guilty that she was making her worry. "Why do you ask?" the gothic titan wondered if she was being to obvious.

"You are more quiet than your usual self." replied the green eyed titan. Raven disapproved of herself for being so noticeable.

"Sorry Star." she apologized as she forced a small smile on her lips.

"Then perhaps you require sustenance." suggested the Tameranian. She dragged her teammate to the nearest fast food establishment before the shorter teen could protest.

The hooded woman sat down as she waited patiently for their food to come. A few minutes later, Starfire came back with a tray full of food to satiate her appetite and Raven's.

"Raven?" it was the fiftieth time that she had called her name yet the shorter girl didn't mind. She didn't mind at all.


"Is it not rude to eat with that on?" the red head asked curiously as she pointed at her friend's hood.

"No." she replied. "That only counts for hats and baseball caps."

"But does your hood not also cover you head? Just like a hat or a cap does?" the Tameranian countered earning a small smile from her quieter teammate. Raven said nothing as she dropped her hood in defeat. They ate in comfortable silence and were about to leave when a familiar form caught her eye.

"I'll be right back." the leotard wearing titan said as she excused herself. Before Starfire could ask to join her, she left and headed straight for the bathroom to follow the girl she did not expect to see. "What are you doing here?" she asked as she the dark-haired villain stood in front of the mirror and fixed her hair.

"Well... if it isn't the ever so cheerful titan." remarked the dark-haired teen before Raven. She hadn't expected to encounter one of the Teen Titans since she wasn't there to cause trouble. "I didn't realize that this city is that small." she stated.

"What are you doing here Blackfire?" she demanded. She could have told the villains younger sister about her presence but decided against it since she did not want to alarm her secret love until she knew why the villain was there and besides, she could handle the taller girl before her if she needed to.

"Relax Rae." she said as she placed her hands up as if she was surrendering. Raven scowled at the nick name.

"Don't call me that." her eyes were glowing black.

"Okay sorry." the dark-haired Tameranian muttered. "To answer your question, I'm just enjoying myself here." the glow in the half demon's eyes did not dissipate as she looked at her love's older sister. They both remembered what happened the last time Blackfire was on Earth. "Don't worry, I'm not planning to do anything to harm Starfire or anything illegal for that matter. I gotta go legit if I expect Galfore to keep sending me money." she explained.

"Allowance?" she asked.

"Yes. An allowance. I may not be sitting on the throne but my parents did leave me a fortune. Starfire too of course." she informed the heroine. Raven however did not let up and she couldn't blame her. "Sheesh... seriously I'm not planning anything. But if you want me to leave the city or whatever, then just tell me. Earth is a big enough place for all of us." the taller woman reasoned. The titan dropped her guard after she decided that if Blackfire was there to perform evil tasks, she would simply have done it. Besides, she noticed the bags that the Tameranian, proof that she was just shopping and this was just a chance meeting. She also took into consideration that the teen villain had not done anything illegal. Not to Raven's knowledge anyway. The most important factor of it all was probably the fact that Blackfire was still Starfire's sister and she knew it was not up to her to shun the dark-haired girl without her love's consent. Raven turned around to leave. "Always knew you had a soft spot for me." the lilac eyed woman stated and watched as the titan paused at the doorway to glare at her. She winked in response.

The half demon could only hope that she had made the right decision as she exited the bathroom and headed back to her friend, only to find that she was no longer there. The sounds of people clamoring caught her ear and she quickly took flight. She searched the skies and the ground for her friend and found the red head, fighting Gizmo and Mammoth while Jinx was nowhere to be seen.

She rushed into the battle. She concentrated and the wired hand that wielded a knife that came from the tiny geek's back pack was engulfed in black. The wire broke from the pressure that Raven had applied to it with her powers. Gizmo glared at the other female titan, angry that she dared break his invention.

He rushed toward her, more tentacles spewed from his back pack. She evaded the swings with ease, blocking some of them before she delivered a kick to the geek's face which sent him flying back. The little teen quickly got up and attacked Raven once again. The blue haired girl saw a bloodied Starfire get tackled by Mammoth, causing her emotions to go haywire. Suddenly, Gizmo's pack was wrapped in a black light an exploded, along with a mail box and two lamp lights.

The leotard wearing titan rushed toward her secret love. She watched as Robin's bird-o-rang came into the scene and miss Mammoth. A familiar purple starbolt came not a millisecond after their leaders intended attack had failed. It hit Mammoth directly and threw him off of Starfire. The two members of the Hive retreated as Raven rushed to the red head's side.

She found the girl bruised and unconscious. Luckily, she had no broken bones. As the smoke cleared, Robin and the others found Raven carrying the sleeping red head in her arms. She teleported herself and her injured friend back to the tower.

The cloak wearing titan sat down next to the red head who laid on the bed of their hospital wing, blaming herself for the injuries that the green-eyed alien sustained. She cursed herself for leaving the girl's side to talk to Blackfire. Then again, she remembered the purple bolt that had been visible to her eyes and hers alone. She couldn't quite believe that the aforementioned villainess had just saved her little sister's life. She couldn't quite figure out the lilac eyed girl's game.

Blackfire knew that no one would be able to see her help her sister, nor did she stay to take credit for saving her. Did that mean that the dark-haired Tameranian was telling the truth? That she really did not want to do anything to harm Starfire or other's? Raven didn't know. All thoughts of the lilac eyed woman escaped her mind as she heard her secret love groan.

"Robin?" the red head whispered. Hearing that one word made the half demon feel as though a thousand needles had pricked her heart. Raven dismissed the feeling quickly. Green eyes were exposed to the world and she soon found that she had called on the wrong bird. "Oh, it is you friend Raven!" exclaimed the cheery titan. The shorter woman gave no reply as she extended her hand over Starfire's forehead and healed her injuries. "Thank you." the hooded woman nodded her head.

"Rest." she beckoned the taller woman.

"Did we defeat Gizmo and Mammoth?" she asked. Raven nodded her head once again as she felt guilt make its way to her heart once again.

"Sorry I wasn't there to help you." apologized the blue haired teen.

"Do not worry friend. No serious harm has come to me." she smiled brightly at the other girl, putting her at ease.

"I couldn't stand it if something happened to you." the words slipped through her mouth before she could catch them. She looked away embarrassed. She had revealed too much. Starfire knew her friend and for her to make a comment like that was truly unlike her. She observed her friend, wondering why she said what she said and why she couldn't look her in the eyes.

"Hey guys." Robin said as he entered the room, Beast boy and Cyborg beside him as he did so. "How you feeling Star?" the masked teen asked as he looked over the red head. She smiled instantly as she saw him grin at her with his boyish charm.

"I am better now that friend Raven has healed me." she responded as she looked at her friend. The hooded teen still avoided meeting her eyes.

"That's one good thing about having Raven around. Sure she has no sense of humor but still, she can heal us whenever!" Beast boy commented, earning a glare from their so-called healer.

"B.B. be quiet!" Cyborg warned his friend, knowing it was not wise to irritate Raven after she had just healed someone. The aftermath of the task always left her tired and peaked. The half robot knew it was easy to anger her when she was in this state and bringing forth her fury was something they could not do.

"It was just a joke." the green teen defended his actions. "Raven knows that right?" the half robot and the changeling both looked at their quiet teammate only to find that she was no longer there.

Raven had teleported herself back to confines of her room. She couldn't quite stay there and watch the pair. To have him coddle and fuss over the red head like that while she could do nothing, annoyed her immensely. It was unbearable to have their team leader look at Starfire the way she wanted to. And he had the chance to do it so openly while she couldn't on account of the consequences she must face for losing control of her emotions.

A knock on the door brought Raven out from her reverie. She walked over to the door, expecting either an annoying green teen or their ever obsessive team leader behind the metal contraption. She was surprised to see a pair of green eyes, staring back at her, a bubbly smile on her lips.

"Hello friend Raven!" Starfire greeted with the same cheerful tone that her friend had grown accustomed to. "May I come in?" the quieter titan stepped out of the way and let her pass.

"Shouldn't you be resting?" the monotone there in her voice. She was trying her best not to show the other woman how concerned she really was.

"I have rested enough and I believe it is you that I have to thank for that!" she exclaimed. Raven nodded in reply. "You have been so kind to me." the red head whispered. "Yet another thing I must thank you for." she smiled, a small and appreciative one that made the usually stoic titan smile in return. "I really am thankful for your friendship and everything that you have done for me." the smile dissipated from her face. Never had Raven seen her look this serious except when they were engaged in a battle.

"What's wrong?" the monotone in her voice broke as concern leaked through. The red head did not respond but the smaller girl knew that something was bothering her. "Star?" Raven approached the other woman. The taller of the two responded by sighing and reaching out to the blue haired titan. She caressed her cheek affectionately.

"You are a wonderful friend Raven." the Tameranian whispered.

"You are too Star." the half demon tried desperately to control her emotions but being so close to Starfire and to have the taller woman touch her was just so overwhelming. The next move that the red head made shocked her, making her lose all control. The alien princess had placed her lips upon Raven's. It was a chaste and simple kiss, yet it made the smaller girl lose control as the lamps beside her bed exploded.

"I don't want to lose your friendship." she whispered to the clearly overwhelmed half demon. Before Raven could regain her control and ask Starfire why she had just kissed her, the red head was gone out of her room.

Raven stood there, her fingers on her lips. The scene kept replaying in her mind. Why did Starfire kiss her so suddenly. It was move that was too affectionate even for the red head to make. She didn't understand it. She couldn't think as she heard the sound of her heartbeat, pounding madly in her chest.

Did that mean that the green eyed beauty feel the same way she did? Raven didn't know but she soon found that a feeling of hope had settled itself in her heart. Only to have it crushed when she awoke the next day.

"Why is everyone so damn happy?" Raven asked as she headed into the kitchen for her morning tea.

"Robin just told us..." Beast boy started, the excitement in his voice was clear.

"He's with Starfire now!" Cyborg finished.

The half demon paused, confusion settling within her. She couldn't believe it. If that were true, then why did Starfire kiss her the night before? The sight before her shattered her heart as she saw the new couple, holding each other's hand as they came into the kitchen.

"Hey Raven." the masked teen greeted. The girl did not reply and merely grabbed her cup of tea and proceeded to exit the living room, cursing herself for allowing hope into her heart. She reached her destination and closed her eyes, letting the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore and the cries of the sea gulls above her calm her.

"I did not wish for you to find out like that." a familiar voice stated. "He came to me after I had exited your room and professed his love. I told him that I share the same feelings." she confessed.

"Why did you kiss me?" the half breed turned around, anger and confusion evident in her eyes.

"Your display of affection in the medical room allowed me to see that you have feelings for me." she responded. "I wanted to talk to you about them." she paused. "I never meant to do it. My concern and affection for you took hold of me. When I realized what I had done I... please believe me when I say that I did not want to hurt you." the Tameranian confessed. So the red head knew what she felt about her. "I do not want to lose your friendship Raven. You are very important to me." the comment struck her.

"Perhaps you should have thought about that before you kissed me. You led me on." she retorted, her eyes glowing red. She couldn't believe that her first kiss was given by the girl she loved and that it meant absolutely nothing to the red head while to her, it meant the world. Now her world was shattered. Raven never expected anything to happen between her and taller teen after all, not until she kissed her.

"I apologize for the brashness of my actions. I simply am inexperienced with matters like this." she said, sincerity in her voice. Raven was about to retort when the alarm rang. The embarrassed and hurt titan took the opening and left.

They came and saw the children of the Hive making their way out of the bank. It came as no surprise to anyone when Robin made the first move. He came at Mammoth with his staff, only to have the villain dodge his attack easily. The other's joined in the fight as soon the enormous teen sent their leader flying back. Cyborg fired his arm cannon at the over grown brute, hitting him in the chest. Beast boy then turned into a T-Rex and whacked Mammoth with his tail. Raven was about to join in when Gizmo appeared in front of her yet again.

"Where do you think you're going?" the little nerd asked. "Your fight is with me." the runt said, his eyes flared with anger. He was angry at Raven for breaking his toy. The quiet girl almost smiled at how predictable and silly the villain was being. She decided to let the boy have his revenge, her heart still suffering from the brutal pain of unrequited love.

Gizmo grabbed her with his claw and proceeded to hit her. The hooded titan made no move to block his attacks or even escape his grasp. She was motionless, taking in every blow and relishing them. She could feel the cuts the tiny villain had given her and could taste the blood in her mouth. Growing bored of the entire situation, she grabbed his approaching tentacles with her hands.

"Is that all?" she asked in disbelief, her voice deep and frightening. She had given him a free chance to end her misery and he failed. The anger that she felt from before melded with the disappointment she carried. Her eyes started to glow red and she smiled when she saw the frightened look in the nerd's eyes. It was her turn to fight, to retaliate.

His mechanical tentacles were engulfed in black and ripped from his back pack, rendering him weaponless. The usually stoic titan then kicked him in the face, sending him in the air. He slid down the cement, creating a crater as he did so. The runt groaned in pain. He had expected this attack. He reached behind his pocket and pulled out a laser. He fired it, hitting the usually stoic titan on the shoulder. Raven kept on, smiling maliciously at him, her eyes still glowing red.

Suddenly a starbolt hit the little nerd's hand, causing him to drop the laser. He yelled in agony, feeling the burn on his hand. Red eyes peered at the attacker.

"You're welcome." Blackfire stated smugly. "Wow, first I saved my sister's butt, now I save yours. I should get a medal or something." her grin disappeared from her face as she stared at the furious red eyes before her. "Now come on Raven... couldn't let you have all the fun now could I?" she attempted to joke. "Raven..." she called out to the titan and sighed in relief as the girl's eyes changed back to their normal ocean blue color.

"Thanks." she muttered. Though Blackfire did not know it, she had saved Gizmo from suffering an agonizing demise and Raven from committing a horrific murder. "What are you doing here?"

"You didn't tell me to leave." she reminded the shorter girl.

"I mean here, at the crime scene." the titan elaborated.

"I was just passing through." she shrugged. "God I missed fighting." she stated as she felt the adrenaline course through her body. After giving up a life of crime she had not been able to battle anyone. The event had let her realize how much she had missed it. Their conversation was cut to an abrupt when a blue beam collided with the dark haired girl's shoulder.

"Damn it!" the injured girl cursed as she placed a hand on her wound.

"Blackfire what the hell do you think you're doing here?" Robin asked as he pointed his staff at her. "Raven are you alright?" the team leader asked.

"Sister! Why have you come?" the red head demanded an answer from her older sibling.

"This is the thanks I get for lending a helping hand huh?" the lilac eyed girl said as she looked at Raven who dared not meet her two teammate's eyes.

"Helping hand." the masked titan repeated. "What do you mean by that?" he asked.

"She helped me out." Raven interjected. "Like she did yesterday." she confessed. It wasn't fair to let Blackfire go to jail or have the titan's beat her up because she had done nothing wrong and besides, the titan owed her for unknowingly preventing her from killing the little nerd. "Look just leave her alone." she ordered her teammates. "She's not here to cause any trouble." she assured them.

"I can't cause trouble or Galfore will take away my allowance... permanently." she informed the titans and as much as the onyx haired teen loved to fight, she loved money much more. Starfire knew what her sister meant and nodded her head in understanding.

"She speaks the truth." the red head said as she hugged her boyfriend, seeking warmth and comfort in his arms. Robin sighed as he wrapped his arm around Starfire's waist and kissed her forehead. Blackfire raised her eyebrow at the scene. So the two were going out. She looked at Raven who looked away from the couple. She suddenly understood why the shorter girl was so angry.

"Okay... but just to be sure, we can't let you roam around the city without proper surveillance." Robin said as she watched his girlfriend's sister. He couldn't have someone just pop in and check on Blackfire. No, the person could miss something and then they'd be in trouble. "Someone to watch you at all times and make sure you don't do anything stupid."

"I'm not gonna have a baby sitter." she argued.

"It's either someone goes with you or you leave." Robin stated in his condescending tone. Blackfire scowled. She would rather leave, but then her lilac eyes caught sight of the hooded titan. She had always been interested in the brooding girl since she had first met her. She had found her to be different and uniqueness was something that the dark haired woman cherished. It was a very rare occasion that someone captivated her. She hated to admit it but Raven had done that seemingly impossible task right from the moment they met and after the night they had spent together in the coffee shop only made the titan more enticing to Blackfire's eyes.

It allowed her to see that the cloak wearing heroine was darker than she seemed. She had a mystery around her that sparked curiosity from the dark haired girl. And the day's events made her realize that the usually stoic titan had a dangerous side to her that appealed to Blackfire.

"Fine by me..." she grinned. "As long as Raven gets to be the one who watches me." she negotiated as she winked at the shorter girl who gazed at her with curiosity like the other titans did. It was an odd request.

Raven continued to look at the older sister of her teammate. She could reject the offer and just force her to leave but then again, the baby sitting mission could prove to give her an advantage. She would be far away from the tower and would not have to witness Starfire and Robin's involvement.

Then again, she knew she had better means of avoiding the couple. She didn't have to resort to using someone in order to attain solitude from her teammates. She was about to recline the offer when Robin spoke up.

"Done." everyone looked at him in shock, except Starfire and Blackfire. Raven turned her back on the titans not bothering to deny that she was upset. "You have to watch her and not let her out of your sight. It's only for a few weeks, just until we're sure she's not gonna harm Starfire or anyone else." he reasoned. The shorter girl sighed and approached her mission.

"We can handle the fort Raven!" Cyborg assured her friend.

"And I promise I won't go into your room!" Beast Boy said as he raised his right hand. The two were trying to make her feel better.

Blackfire stood there with glee in her eyes. She looked like a kid during Christmas morning. She watched as the titan walked to her, defeated. She grinned at the shorter woman.

"Come on then... let me show you where you'll be staying." the supposedly retired villainess said as she flew up into the air. The stoic titan followed right behind her.


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