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She let herself be pulled by the enthusiastic girl. The mall was filled with holiday shoppers so she held onto the hand tightly. It was the first day of break for the younger girl so she promised they would spend the day together. The college student smiled as she saw the other girl's eyes shining brightly as they strolled through the stores.

"What do you think about that one?" the girl inquired and received a nod.

Elise looked over her shoulder and found that there was one less person missing from their group. Her eyes scanned their surroundings before she smiled at the sales representative and told her they would be back.

"Did you see where she went?" she received a shake of the head from the small girl.

Elise reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She was ready to dial the number but a hand on her back stopped her from doing so.

"Elise I'm right here." the missing girl stated.

Elise released a sigh of relief before she looked at the girl. She had a stern look on her face was about to reprimand the shorter brunette but found she couldn't for the girl had an apologetic look on her face.

"I told you to stay close to me." the college student reminded.

The culprit pouted slightly. Elise calmed immediately and smiled. It was difficult to remain upset around these two females. The girl returned with a small grin as she took the taller brunettes free hand.

"Lise?" a voice called and the tall brunette knew exactly who it belonged to.

"Rowan." she addressed as she turned toward the source of the voice that she'd been longing to hear since they parted after drinking their Thai tea. "How have you been?" she asked as the highlighted teen approached.

"I've been alright." Rowan offered a small smile before her eyes turned to the two strangers attached to Elise's limbs. "I would've been better if you called."

"About that…" she had intended to call after their Thai tea run.

"Its fine." the high school senior smiled reassuringly. "It's safe to say you've been busy." her eyes remained on the two small brunettes. "And I can't say I blame you." she smiled at the two young girls. "Let me guess," her eyes turned toward the girl who had vanished from the Amazonian's sights not too long ago. "Embry." she guessed. "And this little one must be Eris." she looked toward the tiny brunette whose hand Elise had been holding through the majority of their trip.

"How'd you know?" the littlest inquired excitedly.

"You're all that one talks about." she gestured toward the tall brunette. "It's very nice to meet you." the high school student remarked with honesty seeping through.

"You're pretty." the littlest sibling commented.

"So are you." Rowan stated truthfully. "Elise didn't tell me how adorable you are." she had to restrain herself from hugging the air out of the girl.

"I like your hair." Eris remarked in fascination. "Is it really that color?"

"It's dyed Eri." Embry told her younger sister. "No one has color like that unless they're in the Titans." she reminded.

"Are you a Titan?" the child questioned.

"I'm afraid I'm not some super heroine." Rowan replied. "But I can do pretty mean cartwheels." she supplied.

"Really?" Eris looked completely absorbed.

"I'll have to show you one day." she gave a girl a wink. "If Embry promises to let me hear her play the guitar one day." her eyes turned to the middle child. "I hear you strum up quite a tune."

"I'm not that good." Embry replied in embarrassment.

"You know," she approached the girl slowly. "I can play a couple of instruments too." Rowan remarked.

"Like what?" the middle sibling inquired.

"Well I can play a little bit of the drums, the piano, and the ukulele." she was very musically inclined. "I can teach you if you want." her offer was met with an enthusiastic nod.

"We're looking for a gift for mommy." Eris informed. "Do you wanna help us?" the girl asked with a hopeful look on her face.

"I don't want to be a bother." Rowan replied.

"You won't be." Embry assured invitingly. "We need another girl's opinion." she reasoned with the older girl.

"If your sister doesn't mind." she looked at her love interest.

Elise had been silent throughout the entire exchange. She'd been watching the three interact. The tall woman was relieved and a bit surprised that her sisters had taken a liking to Rowan. She responded with a small smile and a shake of the head.

"The more the merrier." was the reply received.

The newcomer looked uncertain but she soon felt warmth encase her hand. She had very little time to react as the littlest brunette began to pull her toward the store where they'd found a present for their mother.

"Do you have a gift for your mommy?" the youngest brunette inquired.

"I already got my mommy a gift. I'm actually looking for a present for my momma." she could see the confusion stemming from the sisters. "My parents are both women." the teen with dyed locks didn't know if the topic of homosexual parents had ever been raised. "I don't have a daddy because I have two mommies."

"They're lesbeens?" Eris inquired.

"Lesbians." Embry corrected her sister with a curious look directed toward the newcomer. "Are you one?" she inquired and earned a soft apprehensive nod from the woman in question. "You didn't date Alice did you?" she asked, earning a laugh from Rowan.

"No." the newcomer confirmed.

"Good." Embry remarked. "Lana's been waiting for her." both Elise and Rowan paused in surprise at the insightful girl. "What can I say?" she gave a small shrug. "Terra's rubbed off on me." the blonde proved to be quite perceptive and she learned much from the older female.

"Ooh! I miss Terra." the littlest brunette remarked. "You should tell her to come over soon!"

"You just want her to make you those chocolate chip red velvet cupcakes!" the middle sister teased the youngest who didn't deny the accusation. "Remind her to give me that C.D. she promised too!" she reminded gently.

Rowan grew quiet as the two sisters continued to talk about Terra and Elise's other friends. That familiar feeling of disconcertment crept through though this time it wasn't rooted by jealousy. She was concerned. As she looked at the sisters she felt the strength of their bond. She wanted to be with Elise and knew family was extremely important to the tall brunette.

While her sisters were more than comfortable with Alice being a lesbian Rowan didn't know whether or not they, not to forget their mother as well, would be keen on the idea of Elise being with her.

Most of the time people felt differently about homosexuality when one of their beloved family members is involved. The surprise dissipates and turns into disappointment. That feeling then builds up to estrangement which leads to resentment from at least one end of the familial spectrum.

The four continued to walk down the mall visiting stores along the way while each girl tried to pick something up for their mothers. Two tiny brunettes scoured the places in a composed manner and if it wasn't for their childlike appearance Rowan would have forgotten about the pair being kids. Well the little ones insistence on them eating at the arcade pizza joint also reminded the high school senior of the children's respective ages.

Now here she was sitting across the pizza watching as the little girls went around the arcade with youthful exuberance. She remembered instances from her own childhood.

"Where are you right now?" Elise inquired as she scooted closer to the distracted female.

"Just thinking." Rowan turned her head toward the older woman and flashed a reassuring smile before turning her attention back to the girls. "I think I was about Embry's age, the last time I was here." she reminisced. "My mom's took me here after Sheri Thompson refused to invite me to a birthday party at their house." the girl with dyed hair smirked. "They rented out the place for me and my few friends who refused to go to the party if I wasn't going to be there."

"Loyalty is hard to find." the tall brunette remarked. "I bet Sheri was a real bitch."

"Well it wasn't really her fault." she replied. "She was always nice to me, never said a bad thing, but her parents always glared whenever they saw me with my mothers." Rowan informed. "Her father was a pastor so he thought I was a product of sin, a bastard child being raised by a lesbian couple."

"Those narrow minded idiots." Elise muttered distastefully.

"It wasn't all that bad growing up." Rowan disclosed. "I can't really complain." she remarked. "I have a roof over my head, I've never had to worry about money, and most importantly I have two loving parents who are always there for me." a small smile appeared on her lips. "I suppose there are a lot of people who think being raised by a same sex couple is unconventional but it isn't."

"Compared to anyone in our group," Elise saw Rowan's eyes sparkle when the 'o' word was released. "You've probably had the most ideal life."

"I wouldn't really know about that." she reminded.

"It's not for me to tell you their stories." her stare remained on her two siblings but it was clear only half of her attention was on the pair. "But all I can say is that I, we," she gestured over to her sisters. "Had an ideal life too…" she paused. "Until my father died." the tall brunette confessed. "Eris didn't even get to meet our daddy." she stated sadly.

"Is that when you started taking care of everyone?" Rowan inquired knowingly after her hand met with Elise's.

"My mother couldn't really handle work and a newborn." the ever so strong college student answered with a shrug. "I refused for my sisters to be handed off to the care of strangers." she explained. "I don't regret anything I've done." it was the truth.

"I can see that." the other woman replied.

"I'm glad my sisters like you." commented the taller female. "To be honest I wasn't really concerned about Eris but Embry on the other hand…" she smirked. "She can be quite difficult when it comes to meeting new people."

"It's really no surprise since she is your sister." Rowan teased. "But I wonder if…"

"They'll love you even after they find out we're dating." Elise remarked as she laced their fingers together. A small disbelieving look played across her love interest's face. "What? I have moments when I can be quite insightful myself." she knew, somehow, that the younger woman had been stressing about her family's reaction to their relationship.

"We're dating?" affirmed the high school senior after recovering from her shock.

"Yes." Elise replied as if this was the most obvious fact. "We've already slept together, hung out for a drink, you've met my friends and I'm sure you'll introduce me to yours." she listed the date-like things they've done. "I suppose fate just has a way of speeding things up." her eyes gestured over to her siblings.

"We have to meet each other's family sometime." a huge grin appeared on her face upon hearing the establishment of their rekindled relations.

"But first we should go out on a proper date." proposed Elise.

"Doesn't this count as one?" Elise asked.

"I hardly think going out with my sisters counts as a date." rebutted the older woman.

"I'd like to think we're hardly conventional." her reply was met with small smirk.

Their shopping trip ended with the sisters dropping off Rowan at her place which much to Elise's surprise was conveniently located in the same building as Rachel Roth. Apparently the younger woman lived on the floor below the businesswoman. It was no surprise to the high school senior that Terra standing by her side, waiting for the elevator. She greeted her new friend with a small hug after they entered the lift.

"I take it you and Elise had fun today." the blonde smirked. "I saw her drop you off." in truth she had sensed their presence.

"I just ran into her and her sisters at the mall." she confessed. "And what have you been up to lately?" suddenly she was overcome with a rush of guilt. Here she was, supposedly adapting herself with her new circle of friends, yet her focus had been solely on Elise. "Anything new since we last hung out?" she inquired with genuine interest.

"I was just out with Lana." Terra didn't wish to disclose too much since she didn't know what exactly Rowan knew.

"Are they still not speaking?" Elise had kept her in the loop thankfully. She received a nod from the petite teen. "I don't exactly know what happened," she confirmed. "And I know I haven't known you all for very long but I hope you can tell Lana I'm here if she needs an extra pair of ears or even just another distraction."

"You should talk to her." the blonde replied, knowing the other woman's intent was sincere. "Call her up." her advice was met with a nod.

The elevator reached its first stop and the two friends shared a quick hug before the doors slid open. The taller woman proceeded to step out of the mechanical wonder. Rowan paused and looked over her shoulder. Her eyes glanced over as the blonde shinning with consideration and concern.

"The same goes for you too you know?" the allusion didn't go unnoticed by the blonde.

"I know." she confirmed. "And I'm here for you too." with that, Rowan gave her a wink before completely heading home and leaving the petite teen alone.

To say she was anxious to return was an understatement. After their very intense conversation the blonde had avoided the half demon by preoccupying herself with the distraught Lana. She had spent the night at the ebony haired woman's place but knew she wouldn't be fair to either of the two women.

She couldn't bring herself to take advantage of Lana and her current situation. If Terra was there to console her friend, she should be there with her focus fully on the intelligent human.

Her mind shouldn't be clouded with thoughts of a certain half demon. She shouldn't be wondering what she should say to her temporary roommate. She shouldn't be playing scenarios in her head of how she should deal with the older woman when she starts her questions. No, Terra knew Lana deserved nothing more than the full attention of one of her best friends.

And avoiding her disguised teammate was certainly out of the question. It wasn't fair to the older woman since she hadn't done anything wrong. It wasn't her fault Terra was utterly and hopelessly enamored with her.

She entered the penthouse with a heavy sigh as her thoughts continued to consume her mind. The blonde laid down on the couch with her eyes closed in an attempt to quiet down her contemplations. She was in dangerous territory now that she was in the empathic woman's abode. Her emotions were erratic and she knew this would raise concern and questions from the half demon.

Once she had calmed herself she opened her eyes and was surprised to find her hostess sitting on the lounge chair across from her with Luna positioned on the older woman's lap.

"Good evening." Raven greeted.

"How long have you been there?" Terra questioned after Luna leapt up and proceeded to lick her face.

"A while." she paused. Concern was shining in her usually red eyes. "You were too distracted to notice." she knew the blonde's senses should have indicated her presence. It wasn't like Terra to be so unfocused. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes." the blonde replied all too quickly. "I'm just tired."

"Oh." Raven knew this wasn't the truth but let the lie slide. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out to dinner." she informed the blonde and a rush of remorse suddenly flowed from the teen. "We can just order in." the half demon offered in attempt to appease the guilt ridden blonde.

"No." she refused for the older woman's mood to be dampened. "Let's go out."

"There's really no need for you to…" she was interrupted.

"The three of us should go out." Terra gestured to herself, the older woman, and Luna. "It's been way too long since Luna walked outside." she informed the older woman who simply nodded. They retrieved the fox's leash and placed it on the furry animal before they walked out of the penthouse. "Thanks by the way."

"For what?" her confusion was clear.

"Taking care of Lun while I was gone." the blonde elaborated with a grateful smile. "I hope she didn't give you too much trouble." as long as they stayed on trivial topics she felt she could continue keeping herself composed.

"Not at all." the taller woman returned her smile. "We mostly played and watched television." the half demon never thought she'd be in charge of someone's pet though she couldn't really complain. She found Luna's company congenial. "Though I think Luna would appreciate it if you don't make too many overnight excursions." she advised gently. "I know I would."

"You could survive a few nights without me." Terra countered jokingly.

"I could." agreed the guised half demon. "But I'd rather not." her eyes shone with such affection and truth that the blonde felt her heart rate increase slightly.

"It really won't be an option when Kori returns." she reminded the older woman of their temporary living arrangements.

"I've actually been meaning to talk to you about that." Raven remarked as they entered the parking complex. "I was wondering if you wouldn't mind me asking her about the possibility of you staying here when she's away on shoots." the three made their way into one of Raven's cars.

Terra was floored. She had hoped the older woman would be sick of her company. She hoped they would go back to the way things were, to those unscheduled random monthly meetings. It was the only way she would become oblivious to the half demon again. Terra wanted nothing more than for Raven to remain unaware of the truth she'd been harboring since before she was encased in her stony slumber.

"Rae…" her voice was thick with emotion. She never believed she would see Raven so welcoming and unguarded.

"It's just an idea." the older woman sped out of the garage as she felt the rush of emotions coming from the half elemental. Most of all she could sense the uncertainty within the blonde. She guessed that she was being too presumptuous in believing Terra would want to spend any more time with her. "I don't have to ask."

"I would love it if you do." Terra confessed. She knew she should have declined the offer. By spending more time with the older woman, she'd only be digging herself a deeper grave. But she had been taken back by the older woman's generosity. It was during moments like these, when those eyes sparkled with something other than hate and anger, that she found Raven so irresistible. "Are you sure you'd want to spend all that time with me?"

The half demon smirked. Clearly she had been mistaken. Of course the blonde was more concerned whether or not her hostess would regret the offer. The selfless teen would never think ill of her or anyone.

"I wouldn't ask if I wasn't." she reminded.

The older woman reached out to Terra and was surprised to see her advance rejected. The teen moved her hand before the half demon got within an inch of her personal space. In attempt to disguise her intention of avoiding the touch, she proceeded to run her fingers on Luna's silky fur.

The blonde knew that adding a touch to the spoken sentiments would only contribute to her lack of restraint. She couldn't afford to lose control around Raven.

After parking the car the three walked around the complex. They managed to find a place to eat before perusing the open air shopping complex. Most of their excursion had been traversed in an uneasy silence. Raven had seen through her ruse in the car. Though she was offended by the rejection she knew the blonde was deeply disturbed. The older woman waited patiently for Terra to discuss what was bothering her.

It seemed the only topic that could be discussed without incurring a wary response from the teen was about Luna. The blonde seemed to relax when they entered a pet store.

Raven carried the fox inside and watched as Terra perused the store with such amusement. The blonde had immersed herself with the countless outfits which surrounded her. The half demon felt relieved. At least there was still something which could put the teen at ease. The only thing which upset Raven was that she wasn't the cause of the return of the blonde's elation.

She had no way of knowing that this wasn't the case. Terra watched her interaction with Luna when she had gone off to purchase their food.

Luna sat on Raven's lap while the half demon stroked her fur. When the animal shivered slightly the older woman wrapped the fox in her jacket. The teen found it absolutely adorable. She was reminded of the gentleness that the half demon possessed; gentleness that she had been fortunate to witness on more than one occasion.

It was during these moments that she allowed herself to revel in her love for the older woman. It was during these moments that she remembered why she loved Raven deeply.

"Do you need any help?" a saleswoman asked with a bright smile.

"Yes actually." Terra replied. "I was wondering where that jacket on display was." she pointed toward the window. The saleswoman led the way toward the new arrivals section of the store. "Thanks…" she paused and read the I.D. badge. "Kristin."

"You're welcome." her warm hazel eyes turned toward Luna before focusing on her blonde customer. "Is that your dog?" she asked.

"Yes." Terra answered proudly. "Her name's Luna."

"I don't think I've ever seen a dog like her before." the girl said curiously. "I go to vet school and I've pretty much seen every breed there is." she stated proudly.

"You're studying to be a vet?" the girl nodded. "I've got a friend who's a vet."

"I'm glad there are more animal enthusiasts on in the world." the salesgirl replied. "Just when I thought I'd seen every breed." she glanced at Luna once more before looking at Terra once more. "I thought she was a Pomeranian at first but she looks more like a fox." she laughed as if the notion was so farfetched.

"She's a mix." Terra was used to stating this particular lie.

"That explains it." the salesgirl smiled. "Would you happen to know of what?" she then scratched her head. "I'm sorry if I'm bugging you with all these questions." the girl apologized. "It's just that she's really adorable and well I want to get another dog." she wanted to see if there was any way she could get a dog as gorgeous as Luna.

"It's fine." the blonde replied. There had been a few people who'd been interested in purchasing a dog that looked exactly like Luna. "I don't really know what breed she is." she paused. "I just rescued her."

"Oh." the salesgirl smiled sweetly at the blonde. "Do you volunteer at a shelter?"

"No." Terra replied as they walked toward the counter. "I literally just ran into her when she was a puppy and she was all alone so I took her in." the teen confessed as she paid for Luna's clothes.

"That's so sweet." was the reply she got. "There aren't that many people willing to take in strays." the salesgirl proceeded to ring her up and place her purchases in bags. "Oh," her hand went to one of the papers on the counter. "I volunteer at this shelter a lot." she handed the leaflet to the blonde. "Maybe I'll see you there?" there was a hopeful tone in her voice.

"Maybe." was Terra's response as she took the pamphlet.

"We could use a few more volunteers." the salesgirl encouraged. "Here you go." she handed her customer the bags. "Enjoy the rest of your night."

"You too." the blonde took the bags. She walked out of the store with Raven and Luna trailing behind. Bright blues turned to look at the older woman who took the bags from her hands. The half demon proceeded to carry the fox in one hand and handle the bags with the other. "What's wrong?" the look on the taller woman's face allowed Terra to know she was troubled.

"Are you going to the shelter?" Raven asked tersely.

"I think so." the blonde replied. She was rather confused as to why the older woman would ask her this. "Why?" it didn't make sense that the half demon would be upset with her over a trivial matter such as her volunteering at the shelter.

She received no response. The half demon only walked faster toward the mall garage and Terra had no choice but to follow. To say that the ride back home was immensely awkward for the blonde was a gross underestimation. She didn't possess any empathic abilities but she could sense the annoyance coming off Raven in waves.

Whey they returned to the penthouse, the older woman simply handed Luna and their purchases over to the blonde and went upstairs without another word. This left Terra utterly confused.

In her room, the half demon began to discard her clothes and change into her nightgown. Her annoyance was growing immensely and she knew exactly why. The little green monster was breathing down her neck. It had made its appearance the moment she felt the lust coming off the salesgirl. She could practically see the drool pooling from the insignificant human's mouth.

It made her sick to her very core. That girl didn't deserve to have Terra's attention. Of course, ever the kindhearted soul, the blonde couldn't reject the salesgirl's advances. It occurred to her then that the young teen probably didn't even know the salesgirl was hitting on her since she wasn't being so forward with her advances unlike the other suitors Terra had to fend off. The woman was far too innocent for her own good sometimes.

The half demon frowned. If the blonde was clueless to the fact that she had just been hit on, then she was also clueless to why the older woman's mood had changed.

Raven growled. She had walked out on Terra without so much a goodnight. No doubt the blonde was tossing and turning, trying to determine why her hostess was so distressed. After quieting her emotions, the half demon could feel the worry coming from her guest room.

The half demon traversed the hall and knocked on the door. She received no response because the blonde was too engrossed in her thoughts to notice.

She opened the door and found Luna sleeping on her mattress in the corner. Her eyes then settled on the fox's owner. Terra's back was facing her as the teen was curled up on the bed. With guilt laden steps she walked toward the bed and quietly slipped between the sheets.

"I'm sorry." Raven whispered as she pulled the teen in her arms.

Terra was surprised to feel a pair of warm appendages around her waist. Her back was suddenly pressed against the toned yet soft body of her hostess. The older woman's face was buried on the crook of her neck, breathing softly into her skin. Terra smiled as she felt her burdens lifted. The half demon's embrace always made her feel calm.

"It's okay." she whispered. "What matters is that you're better now."

Raven felt her guilt triple. She had just worried the blonde for no good reason and the blonde wasn't even upset. Terra didn't even bother asking her why she had acted the way she did because she respected her privacy.

"She was hitting on you." she could at least give her the truth.

"Who?" Terra asked.

"The girl from the pet store." she clarified. "I could feel the lust coming from her when you walked in the store." it sounded like such a petty reason to be so upset but she couldn't help herself.

"You were jealous?" she couldn't believe that Raven behaved the way she did out of intense jealousy.

"I know it doesn't justify my actions and my ignoring your presence." the half demon mumbled into her neck. "But I just tend to get very possessive." her arms tightened around the teen. "And I was a bit concerned because I thought you may have been entertaining her advances." she confessed. "But now I know you weren't." the blonde was completely oblivious to the other woman's flirtations.

"Rae." Terra turned around and faced her hostess. "You really don't have to worry about her." she smiled. "She's not my type." bright blue eyes shone with honesty.

"Who is your type?" the half demon pressed.

"I don't have a type." Terra reminded. "It's difficult to notice anyone else." she caught the twinkle in those guised eyes and regretted her word choice. Being this close to Raven made it difficult for her to think. Besides, hearing the older profess her profound possessive propensity sent an indescribable tingle down her spine. "I mean I'll know it when it happens." the half demon could easily decipher their meaning.

"Anyone else?" her head tilted to the side as she smirked.

She had indeed picked up on the teen's word choice. It meant that the blonde was already interested in someone and the half demon had a pretty good guess who the mystery person was but she had to be sure.

"I…" Terra stammered.

"So?" she neared the teen slowly. "Who's caught your interest?" the half demon stopped when their noses were a mere centimeter away.

"No one." the lame reply was given a bit too quickly.

"They might feel the same." she encouraged. "They'd be insane not to." her hand traveled up to the teen's face as she brushed a stray of blonde locks behind Terra's ear.

"No one would want me." she looked away before the truth could be deciphered from her honest eyes.

"Terra." she called out making the blonde pause. Raven had never been one to put stock in idle chatter or what others thought of her reached out to her younger counterpart. She traced her hand over the blonde's cheek before gently guiding those bright blues to hers. Before the teen knew it her chin had been caught between the index finger and thumb and she was staring into those guised blue depths. "No matter what," she started. "I will always want you." the proclamation sent the blonde's heart aflutter. "My Gaia." there was no pity in her voice but pride.

Terra hadn't expected words of comfort to pool from her friend's mouth. The older woman seemed to reserve those sentiments for her ears alone. The realization caused her to blush.

In an attempt to cover her reddened cheeks she buried her head onto the crook of the older woman's chin. Raven only smiled as she held the shorter female close, allowing her senses to be filled by the blonde. She placed her hand on Terra's head as she gently scraped the scalp beneath the soft blonde tresses. Her other hand was placed on the blonde's hip. It was a rather intimate position but there were no complaints to be made from either.

As the blonde fell into a comfortable slumber, Raven looked at the woman in her arms who was wearing a wife beater and a pair of underwear. The shortness of the half demon's black silk nightgown exposed her thighs. She pulled the teen in closer and allowed for more contact. She fought back a groan as she felt the teen's skin against her own.

She wasn't just flirting. There was nothing playful or friendly in her want for the teen's company that much was certain. She opened her doors to a bunch of college kids because she knew it would make the blonde happy. She wanted nothing more than for her to be safe and content. More importantly she was beginning to realize that what she desired most of all was to be the cause of Terra's happiness.

Another thing she was certain of was that the line between friend and sister was crossed around the time she saw Terra in the bikini she let her borrow.

Ever since she realized the blonde was now a woman her feelings changed. It was unexpected yet welcomed. The feeling crept and slowly settled in a deep crevice. Raven was certain she wouldn't be able to excavate this feeling. She wasn't sure she wanted to. She was so used to caring for Terra. She couldn't consider parting with the teen for her existence without the blonde to would cease to be meaningful.

There was the possibility that Terra wouldn't be able to reciprocate her feelings. And on the off chance that she did what would that mean? Just what kind of relationship did Raven really want? Her eyes fell upon the woman in her embrace. These are questions only she could answer but for now they would remain in this intimate embrace.


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