This takes place after the Mexico trip ninth season.

A fatal Secret

Chapter One: The truth is told

Kelly Taylor sat in the kitchen of her beach apartment listening to the rain fall into the window. It thudded in rhythm with her heartbeats. Her heart...why did it have to be so complicated? She was in love with two men; one forbidden to the world's eye and one perfect for society. Many nights she stayed up in the kitchen, in the same spot, drinking tea and dreaming. Kelly thought thoughts she wasn't suppose to think. She was suppose to be in love with Matt Durning...and she a convenient sort of way. Then there was Dylan. She didn't know what she wanted with him and Dylan didn't know what he wanted with himself. The unfortunate part of all of it was how he excited her and made her feel But most importantly he was the father of her unborn unknown child. A detail that hadn't passed her lips yet.

Dylan McKay lay awake in his bed. He could hear his roommate David Silver watching TV. outside. It was a Tom Cruise movie, Top Gun, and it was just to the point where Goose was about to die. It wasn't the TV that kept him awake; noise was something he had learned to live with though he hated it. What kept him awake wasn't his girlfriend and it wasn't his that passed away; thought usually that was the case. This time it was the blonde he fell for years ago; Kelly Taylor. He dreamed about her often and had been rejected by her in the past on more than one occasion. Why go down that road again? Why even dream of her? Ever since they slept together in Mexico old memories of their dating days flew back into Dylan's mind. He never let go. He could never let go of anything and now he was just being reminded of how lonely he truly was.
Dylan was seeing Gina Kincaid, a brunette who was very petite and very strong willed. It was something she and Kelly had in common; about the only thing they had in common. He didn't love Gina and he knew that he never would or could if he tried. Deep in his heart he cared for Gina, but they were just having fun. Sooner or later the straw would break the camel's back and words of hate would fly from her mouth, then they would go their separate ways. Dylan knew the ending, but Dylan knew the ending of all love stories. He would be left alone feeling empty and in a daze; much like he was feeling now. At least he would have the memories and day dreams of the blonde that could never be his.

Kelly slept in late that morning which meant she would get to work late. She rushed into her best friend's store called "Now wear this." She found her friend Donna Martin ringing up a customer.

"There you are," Donna spoke exasperated.

"Sorry I'm late, you didn't wake me when you left the apartment," Kelly walked over to the register.

"I figured you were getting ready and I heard the shower going. It must have been Gina," Donna smiled as she finished ringing up the customer, "Thank you, have a great day."

"Right, Gina. A fun addition to the apartment," Kelly put forth a fake smile.

"I know, she's the devil, but what can you do?"

"I have an idea," Kelly started to go into detail but was quickly interrupted.

"Don't say anything! I don't need temptation," Donna heaved a sigh.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're too nice?"

"On more than one occasion, how are you and Matt doing?"

"Matt and I? I don't know; together. Working through whatever happened with us."

"His wife is what happened," Donna pointed out.

Kelly grabbed a pile of clothes and began to fold them.


"What," Kelly didn't look p, she didn't want to think about Matt. If she thought about Matt she would think about Dylan and if she thought about Dylan she would think of their baby.

"Are you okay?"

Kelly put forth a fake smile, "Never better."

"I'm your best friend," Donna walked over to Kelly and applied her hand on her shoulder, "you can talk to me."

Tears started to form in Kelly's eyes as she quickly tried to fight them back, "Donna, things are complicated. I can't talk about it."

"If you can't talk about to e then who can you talk to?"

"Right here; right now, it's not the time or the place."

"Then we'll take our lunch hour. We're due for it right about now."

Kelly nodded her head; she couldn't keep this secret forever.

Channel surfing became a bore and the book was nearly finished. The waves were awful and Dylan was bored out of his mind. He couldn't get Gina to stop talking. They sat on the porch and once again she was going off on his lack of direction.

"Dylan, look all I'm saying is that if you applied yourself you could really make a difference," Gina had been riding Dylan's back for nearly fifteen minutes.

So? I'm different. What's right for one person is not right for another. What's right for you is not right for me...Dylan would never say this, but he thought it. He didn't need another fight, but he didn't need another lecture either.

"Dylan, are you even listening to me," Gina waved her hand in front of his face frustrated.

"Yes, Gina, I'm listening. What do you want me to say? I own the After Dark...again...what do you want now, me to run for president? I don't think I'm exactly qualified."

No one understood his thoughts. They were unusual to other people. Dylan didn't want what other people wanted. The fact was he was still in search of himself, but the judgment he received was already brutal. He was and always would be branded as irresponsible and selfish, why fight what was inevitable at this point? Why add fuel to the fire by showing emotion and pain?

"Then why aren't you communicating with me," Gina rolled her eyes.

Dylan stood up, "It's pointless, you hate who I am so much then don't hang around," Dylan walked back inside shutting the door behind him.

Donna sat opposite Kelly in the courtyard outside of her work. She was listening to intently as Kelly told her tale in Mexico. Donna was in disbelief that she and Dylan slept together, but the truth was the major shocker had yet to be spoken.

Kelly brushed a strand of hair out of her face, "We swore we'd tell no one, we'd continue with Matt and Gina. Cheating on Matt always bothered me, but Dylan cheating on Gina never bothered him. It's so unfathomable to me."

"What is," Donna inquired.

"That he could do something like that and let it roll off his back as if it were nothing."

"He's not in love with Gina; he's in love with you."

"That still doesn't make it right."

"No, and I'm not justifying it. People do crazy things when they're in love," Donna leaned back in her chair, "have you considered telling Matt the truth?"

"It's not just that I slept with Dylan that makes it complicated, there's more to it than that," Kelly buried her face in her hands.

"What more is there then?"

Kelly looked up with tired eyes; troubled eyes. There was a silent plea, a silent begging hoping she didn't have to tell.

"Well, what is it," Donna wasn't ready to back down.

"Oh God, how could this have happened?"

"How could what have happened," Donna asked with concern.

"I'm pregnant," It was all Kelly could say.

The rain was coming down hard, the driveway was flooded and there was no sign of California sunshine coming back. Kelly had just finished her lunch with Donna and it was decided that she needed to tell Dylan right away; he had a right to know, it was his baby too.

Kelly banged on the door waiting for someone to answer. It would be so much easier if David answered, letting her know Dylan was out and wouldn't be back...ever. To Kelly's misfortune Dylan opened the door immediately steeping out of the way allowing her to enter.

"Kelly, what are you doing? It's pouring outside," Dylan shut the door confused.

"Dylan, I have to talk to you. It's urgent; are we alone?"

"Yeah, David's at the After Dark. What's so urgent it couldn't wait till the weather cleared up?"

Kelly had practiced saying what she was going to say to Dylan. She had a whole speech prepared, but in that moment she panicked. In that moment she saw her future flash before her and she was terrified.

"Dylan, when we were in Mexico, God...we, you and I...Dylan I'm pregnant. I know it's yours, there's no way it could be Matt's, he's been with his wife, I haven't been with him. Dylan, you're the only one it could be."

Dylan stood in shock. He wasn't expecting any of what he just heard. Just then a familiar voice entered the room.

"Oh good your home, I just rented nine months and it's a pretty spiffy movie," Steve smiled proudly.

Dylan looked from Kelly to Steve and then everything went black.

Steve looked at Dylan's motionless body on the floor, "I guess he didn't want to watch the movie."