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Summary: It shocked everyone. Even Inui. Who knew that Fuji Yuuta and Fuji Shusuke could be so…alike?

G0.0dbye-Days: It's pretty short, but it was a weird idea that just came into my head. Enjoy!

It shocked everyone. Even INUI was staring at him with his mouth hanging open. And Inui never does that.

"…This was beyond my data!" he spluttered.

"That was disturbing." Ryoma commented. All the other regulars nodded in agreement.

"See! I told you!" Fuji smiled and proceeded to hug his brother.

"Get off!" Yuuta protested. "And why is everyone staring at me?"


"Yuuta" Momoshiro said in amazement. "That was…was…"

"Weird?" Eiji suggested.

"Weird." Momoshiro finished.


"What?" Yuuta said angrily. "What was weird?"

"You seriously don't feel anything?" Oishi asked worried.

"What is wrong with you people!" he exploded. "Why are you starring at me?"


Yuuta was standing in front of the school gates, a scowl on his face. He was in his St. Rudolph tennis shirt and had a tennis bag slung over one shoulder. One of his hands was trying to swat his older brother away from him and his other hand was holding a cup.

But not just any cup. It was a cup that used to contain Inui's new and improved special vegetable juice. ROYAL version.

And Fuji Yuuta had chugged it down without any difficulty.

"You drank it…" Tezuka said flatly.

"So?" Yuuta frowned. "It was good!"

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