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The third Hokage sighed as he started the all seeing ball for the jounins in his office to see who they had for students. Today would have been the day he would have become a gennin if he had not disappeared 7 years ago.


It was October 10 and the third Hokage had just taken Naruto to the Hospital after another beating from the villagers. He was talking to the guards at the door when the alarms for the machines inside Naruto room went off.

He busted throught the door and discovered the sheets to the bed pulled back and Naruto was gone. A note was on the pillow. He walked over and read it.

You should have done a better job, be ready for hell when he returns.

was all it said.

He sent out teams to find him but they discovered nothing.

End flashback

He put on a fake smile and put his pipe in his mouth and said "Well lets look at your students, shall we since you 3 were all on missions yesterday when I showed the others." as he leaned back and it showed Sakura and Ino fighting over Sasuke.

A voice that startled the three sensies that was in the room and the Hokage himself said "Nice bodies, though they need to learn to tone thier voices down. You on the other hand miss would be fun."

Everyone looked around for the person who said it and was suprised to see a blond hair person wearing sunglasses and a black outfit about 13 years old standing on the cealing next to Kurenai.

The Hokage jumped to his feet when three kunias appeared at the blond hair kids neck and he said "Who are you and how did you get in my office."

The blond started to chuckle and he said "Dad was right, you would forget all about the boy you were suppose to protect old man." He then disappeared and reappeared in the Hokages chair with his feet on his desk and said "The names Naruto Uzumaki Kazama and me and my parents are returning to the leaf village." with a smile on his face ignoring the shocked look on everyones face.

The third paled and then regained his composer and said "Thats a nice story but Naruto Uzumaki disappeared 7 years ago and he was not a Kazama."

Naruto smiled and held up his hand and started taking fingers away from 5. When he got to 0 the door burst open and several council members ran in and blocked the door with chairs looking like hell was on thier asses.

Naruto said "Did mom and dad scare the shit out of you idiots that bad." making the council members turn slowly and start opening the door only to stop as the two people on the other side of the door were smiling at them.

Kakashi eyes were wide and The third dropped his pipe and said "Arashi, is that you."

Arashi smiled and said "Hey old man, sorry about having to lie to you all those years ago but we had to go spend some time in soul society to get everything straightened out when we had to kill that Hollow. Told you to be ready for hell when he came back."

An arrow of energy hit the area right above Danzos head and everyone looked and Naruto had what looked like a bow of energy coming out of his hand that dissapeared a moment later after he said "Nice discuise Hollow. It sucks worse then the one I killed last night, I bet you can tell by my attack what I am."

Danzo looked at Naruto and said "I thought we killed the last of your kind 200 years ago."

The woman beside Arashi said "You did, except for the ones that were in soul society where I met Arashi, a soul reaper and we decided to come live here on the earth agian." as she held a similar bow of energy in her hand pulled back ready to fire.

Arashi sighed and said "Do you both have to torcher the hollows before we kill them."

Together Naruto and the woman said "Hell Yeah." making everyone sweatdrop.

The third finally got some order in his head and said "Hold it. What is going on and why are you threatening a member of my council and why are the rest of them here and how are you alive and who is this woman beside you Arashi."

Arashi popped something in his mouth and he fell to the floor only a moment later Danzo cried out in pain and his body changed shape and his face changed into a white mask that was cut in half as he disappeared in flames.

A few seconds later Arashi stood back up and spit out a wierd looking pill that he put in his pocket and smiled before walking in past the scared looking council members.

The woman walked in behind him and took a seat on his lap and Naruto said "So sexy, got a name." looking at Kurenai.

Everyone looked at him increadably and Kurenai stalked over at him and picked him up by his shirt with both hands and said "Who do you think you a..." anything else she would have said stop when Naruto lowered his sunglasses a little and made eye contact with her.

Kurenai eyes glazed over a few moments before she started to pant a little and then looked flush and then a few moment latter started saying "Yes, harder, harder, faster faster faster, Im going to ccccccuuuuuummmmmmm Naaaarrrrruuuuttttttoooookkkkkuuuuunnnn." and she got weak in the knees and fell to the floor panting heavy as Naruto pushed his sunglasses back up smiling while both of his parents shook thier heads.

The woman said "You know son, you should not use that bloodline for fun on just any woman."

Naruto sighed and said "I know mom but I could tell she was horny and single so I thought I would make her happy. Besides, you know I like screamers"

Naruto mom shook her head and slapped Arashi who said "Blame research and developement for giving it to him Anna." as he held her close.

Kurenai slowly looked up at Naruto and after a few moments stood up on shaky legs and slapped him before going and pulling him in a kiss before she fell back down but this time on Naruto lap.

Asuma dropped his cigerette and asked "What the hell just happened and what the hell is going on."

Arashi looked at the council members he chased in here and said "Do you really need to hear it agian and do I get to scare the shit out of you all some more."

The 6 council members left in a hurry probably to leave town also.

Naruto asked "Was any of the clans there dad."

Arashi said "No. I had only sent word for the council members that I was pissed at so the clan heads are still in the dark. Anyways, where do you want us to start." looking at the people in the room.

Kakashi finally got his voice and picked up his book after dropping it when he saw Kurenai orgasm and said "How are you alive sensie."

Arashi smiled and said "Well, It all started back before I was even born or should I say reborn. You see, when people die they go to a place called soul society until they are sent back to earth. In soul society there are people who are like the ninja of the city that protect the souls there from creatures called Hollows. These people are called Deathgods or as you know them as Shinigamis. I was one of them until I met Anna here."

Anna took over and said "On earth in the past the Hollow were becoming more and more dangerous so some humans learned and develop ways to kill Hollows. These humans are called Quincy. I was a Quincy but because of the way we kill Hollows we usually do not get along with Deathgods. Somehow Arashi and I did and we fell in love. We decided we wanted to have a family so we signed up to go back to earth."

Arashi took over and said "That was a problem because with the knowledge we had of Hollows and Deathgods we had to have restrictions put on us and that meant we were not allowed to fight Hollows with our powers. Theres where the problem comes in."

Naruto took the chance and said "What the problem was is that creature that everyone refers to as Kyuubi was not what it appeared to be. When a larger group of Hollows merge together they form what is known as a Menos grande. That creature that attacked that night was one of them."

Arashi sighed and said "Anna here had Naruto and we knew that with the spirit energy Naruto was putting off it would only be a few hours before it found him and ate him so we both came up with a plan after we saw what it looked like. Anna used a weapon that she made and put those 6 whiskers on Naruto face to make the story more believable and I drew a fake seal on his stomach and we both broke the restrictions we had put on us and used our skills to stop and kill the Hollow. An observer from soul society saw us do it so we were forced to go back and pay for the crime we commited. I told you I would have to give my soul to the deathgod so that way you would protect our son for us Saratobi until we could come back. I never would have thought the village would have done what they did. The first time in history all 13 captians and thier subordinates requested one mission from our council. The eradication of the leaf village." making everyone but the Kazamas pale.

Asuma after getting some composure back said "So your telling us that that creature was not the demon Kyuubi from legends but something else and that that seal you drew on Naruto is a fake."

Arashi said "Well, not exactly fake. You see, even though we knew we would get caught he still would have been easy pickins for a hollow to devour so we sealed most of his spirit energy away. The red energy that he sometimes showed was the mixture of Retsu and Chakra. Restu is the main energy of a Shinigami and Quincy. It also powered the healing spells we put on him to protect him that healed his wounds." with venom in his voice.

Naruto cleared his throught as Kurenai was asleep in his arms and he said "So, what do I need to do to become a ninja for this hell hole." making the other ninjas flinch.

The third asked "Well, what skills do you have."

This got a snort from Naruto, Arashi, and Anna.

Anna said "Naruto may look like a normal 13 year old kid but with the training he has done as well as the things we along with a few souls taught him he would really impress you."

Naruto said "I dont want to tell them to much yet. I want to find some girls and have a good time."

Anna slapped her head and looked at her husband and said "You really had to get your damn sensie to let him read every one of those damn books, didnt you."

Naruto said "I was perverted before that mom. Remember the Banga twins."

Arashi chuckled and said "That was when you were trying out your bloodline. Man that was helarious."

Anna sighed and said "No it was not. He used those damn eyes on every single woman who was not in love with someone else in soul society. The 4th squad captian had to order emergency medical rations to get all those woman back to health afterwards."

Kakashi asked "What exactly does those eyes do."

Naruto smirked evily and said "Anything I can actually do fisically I can make a person experience except for killing. If I looked you in the eyes and used them and thought of hitting you with a Katon jutsu, your body would make the wound appear on your body. For each second I look at you seems like an actual hour. It only works on those who are weaker minded then me."

Arashi chuckled at that and said "With and IQ of 250+ almost everyone in the universe is weaker then you son."

Naruto chuckled and said "I cant help you turned me loose on 10 different libraries after I learned Kagebunshins."

Anna snorted and said "We never thought you would make 1000+ Kagebunshins at a time

Asuma dropped his cigerette as he looked at Naruto and Kurenai started to moan as she woke up and cuddled closer to Naruto neck.

Naruto cleared his throught and Kurenai looked up to his face and then around the room before the memory of what happen hit her and her position did also and she jumped off of him and landed on her feet and asked "What happen."

Naruto smiled and said "Dont you remember what I let you experience"

Kurenai eyes glossed over as the memory flashed in her head.

Flash the memory

Kurenai had just looked into Naruto eyes when her world turned black for a moment before coming back and Naruto was no longer in front of her but behind her with his hand on her stomach rubbing it softly as he kissed her neck. He worked his way up to her ear and nibble on it and asked "Do you want me to make you feel like the woman you are." as he turned her around and kissed her passionately.

Kurenai started to return the kiss and Naruto picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him. He reached under her skirt and ripped her panties off as she undid his pants and he pushed her agianst the wall in the office as he looked into her eyes asking for permission.

She nodded and gasped a little as he enter her and then he took strong deep thrust into her. She started to pant as he picked up his pace and she could feel herself getting closer as her breath picked up. She then felt very close and she said "Yes, harder, harder, faster faster faster, Im going to ccccccuuuuuummmmmmm Naaaarrrrruuuuttttttoooookkkkkuuuuunnnn." as she felt herself explode as he pumped into her enough to last her orgasm. Her world went black agian as she woke back up in the office and her legs collapsed. It felt like that really happened.

End memory

She looked at Naruto and asked "Was that real."

Naruto said "Your body believes it was. Its what I could do miss..."

Kurenai smiled and blushed and said "Kurenai."

Naruto smile and said "It was a pleasure to meet you Kur-hime." as he turned and looked at the rest of the room.

Asuma leans over and ask "What happen to you."

Kurenai smiled and blushed and said "I died and went to heaven."

Kakashi smirked behind his mask and said "It sounded like cloud nine to us though with what you said." making her blush even more.

The third sighed and said "Well, what are your plans Arashi."

Arashi said "We are moving back into our clan estates and Naruto is wanting to become a ninja so he can find enough woman to satisfy his lusteye and restore our clan."

Kakashi said "Will you both be helping with that." pevertedly

Anna smiled a small smile and said "We cant. Our actual human bodies were burried when we went to soul society. These are the bodies that we use Deathgods come to the human world to take care of Hollows. It a standard body that changes to look like the person who is inside of it. We can use our powers and chakra that we would have since they are both basically spirit based anyway."

Arashi said "I am taking over my clans head seat and Anna will be helping whoever Naruto finds to marry and have a family with along with us hunting hollows whenever soul society sends us missions. I will also go on the reserve list like all clan heads but Naruto will be starting as a gennin. The only jutsu you need to know he knows are replacement, henge, and Kagebunshins. With all the power he has regular bunshins are impossible for him."

The third nodded and thought for a moment and said "So, which one of you want him."

Three hands went up and he sighed and said "Why do I have this job."

Naruto was looking at the paperwork on the thirds desk and said "why is your desk so messy."

Arashi and the third looked at him and Arashi said "It that way with all the duties of a Hokage."

Naruto nodded and created 5 Kagebunshins and they looked through all the mission papers and orginized them and then a few moments later puff them away and said "There you are all better and you might want to read that letter from the firelord agian. It looks like he wants to make some improvements in the leaf village but you have a coffee stain on it."

Arashi and the third both slapped thier heads at what just hit them and Naruto smirked. He loved making people feel like idiots.

The third said "We will just make you a special gennin so you can do missions with all the teams that pass."

Naruto nodded and said "I also have to do missions for soul society if they come up but I will inform you or whoever my sensies is at the time. They usually have to be taken care of right then so we dont have another incident like we did when I was born. The Hollows that come after the ones that size are really a pain in the ass so we have to keep them from getting together."

Asuma asked "What exactly are Hollows anyways."

Anna said "Souls that were currupted and ate by other hollows that were evil. If a soul does not cross over after they pass away they can be attacked by Hollows and after they are ate they become a new hollow so instead of one hollow and one soul you have 2 hollows. Our jobs are to help spirits make it to soul society were they will be safe of to destroy hollows and based on what they did while alive they either goto soul society or hell. All evil they do are forgiven if we kill them like Deathgods. If we destroy them like quincy they just die. end of story." with a smile on her face.

The third nodded and said "Ok Naruto. The accademy is one block from the hospital. Do you remember where that is." Naruto nodded and the third wrote something and said "Goto room 211 and give that to a man named Iruka and he will know what to do."

Naruto grabbed the paper and dissapeared from sight and Kakashi asked "What was that. Hiraishin."

Anna and Arashi both burst out laughing and Arashi said "Nope. That was flashstep. Naruto is the 3rd fastest in soul society."

Asuma asked "Where are you."

Arashi stopped laughing and looked everyone in the eyes and said "12th fastest. I am a 10 seat in the 11th division of the Shinigami. Anna here is 12th seat and directly under me."

Kurenai asked "What about Naruto."

Anna looked at everyone and said "3rd seat directly under Captian Kenpachi Zaraki and Lt Yachiru Kusajishi. He proved himself several time and after Ikkaku Madarame was injured he took up the third seat. Truth is he is actually at a captian level but he dont want to mess with that until he can beat the only person stronger then him, Ichigo Kurosaki in a dual."

Asuma asked "how strong is this Ichigo guy."

Arashi said "He could kill ten of those Menos Grande at the same time and win. Naruto can win agianst 6 and win. Dont underestimate him if he ever removes his zanpakuto or sword as you would call it from its sheath. Unlike me and most of the other deathgods. We have to get out of our physical bodies and fight like I did earlier where normal human eyes cant see. Naruto and Ichigo are among the few that dont have to. They have become so powerful all they have to do is think of it and it will appear or as I figure Naruto will do now that he is done showing off here he will carry his around. If he does remove it from its sheath, somethings about to die." very serious.

Anna said "Well thats enough for the day. We need to get our home ready so Naruto can see it when he get back today. Cya." and they both left with no trace they were thier flashstepping."