Naruto sighed as he walked up to the roof behind the 3 members of team 7. He really did not know why he had to come back when he should be causing hell for hollows.

He giggled at that making all 3 members of team 7 to turn and look at him. Sasuke asked "Whats with you and that sword. Do you know how to use it."

Naruto ignored him and disappeared faster then any of them could follow and appeared leaning agianst the wall in front of Kakashi and he saw Kakashi reading Icha Icha paradise and asked "Which one is that."

Kakashi looked up and saw Naruto pointing to the book and said "Volume 22."

Naruto nods and said "I need to get that one. I have 1 through 21 but I did not know 22 came out yet."

Kakashi smiled under his mask already liking this kid even more and Sasuke asked "22 what." as the rest of team 7 finally made it.

Naruto pulled out a book just like Kakashi except it was volume 21 and said "Hmm, you say something." as he opened it and started to read.

Kakashi had a huge shit eating grin and said "If you were not my sensies son I would adopt you. Not only did you make my fellow jounin have an orgasm in the Hokage office but now you copy me also and a fan of Icha Icha paradise."

Naruto looked up and said "Ino was fun also. Know any S & M shops here."

Kakashi put his finger to his mask and said "I know of one but there selections not that great but you could ask Anko, She shops at all of them."

Naruto nods and ask "Where can I find her."

Kakashi said "Dango shop near the forest of death."

Naruto nods and said "So what the hell do the ninja in this village have to do to be ninja now."

Kakashi dropped all kiding and said "Right, Team 7, lets introduce ourself. Likes dislikes, hobbies, dreams."

Sakura who was still in shock from hearing what Kakashu said asked "Why dont you go first sensie."

Kakashi said "My name is Hatake Kakashi and I like many thing and dislike many things also. My hobbies are none of your concern and my dreams is... something I wont tell." as he looked at each of them in the eyes and for a split second he saw the faces of his old gennin team as he looked at Naruto and smiled as 3 people thought "We did not learn anything"

Naruto closed his eyes and read

Hatake Kakashi

Age 27

Height 5'11

Weight 140

Skill level Special Jounin

Chakra 1165

Retsu 940

and thought "what the hell is going on. Not just one but 2 people who should be hollow bait."

Kakashi looked up from his book and saw the shocked look on Naruto face and thought to ask later since he knew all 3 were here for something else but what he did not know. He looked and said "Ok pinky you next."

Sakura was mad and said "The names Sakura not Pinky. I like Sasukekun and I dislike Ino, my dreams of the future is..." and squeeled making everyone else wince.

Kakashi pointed to Sai who said "My name is Sai and I dont have any dreams or plans except following Danzo orders."

Naruto rubbed his chin and said "Danzo...Oh I remember him now. You have to find a new plan. We killed him a little while ago in the Hokage office." making all 3 gennin look at him.

Sasuke said "Quit acting all tough Naruto."

Kakashi sighed and said "Im afraid hes telling the truth. Danzo dead."

Sai eyes got wide for a moment and said "I see. Who do I follow now."

Naruto asked "for now the Hokage. Danzo been dead a long time and has been impostered by a hollow. We just killed it/"

Everyone looked at each other and Sakura asked "What is a hollow."

Naruto sighed and said "Hollows. Souls that have been eaten by other hollows and become creatures of immense power but also slave that..." he stopped as a jingle was heard and he dodged to the right before anyone could say anything and the spot he was in a moment before was split in half as the ground exploded from an impact and when the dust cleared a man with bells in his hair could be seen standing with an eye patch on and scars across his body.

Naruto who had his hand on the hilt of his sword said "What are you doing here Captian Kenpachi."

Kakashi stiffened a moment because he heard the name in the Hokages office and looked at the man and suddenly he stiffened even more when a voice on his shoulder said "See Kenny, I told you my womans intuition could find Kitsune."

Everyone turned and saw a little girl about ten years old dressed in a black and white outfit with a small sword on her side sitting on Kakashi shoulder.

Naruto said "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that Lt. Yachiru."

The girl said "Kitsune is so mean, he dont like my name for him. Get him Kenny." with a pout making everyone sweatdrop.

Kakashi looked at her and thought "I did not even since her presence until she spoke and if she is an actual Lt. like Naruto said she must be powerful. What the hell is going on."

Kenpachi stood up and said "I just came to see how my subordinate is doing and check up on a new shop that came to this village since it moved from the last time I went there." putting his sword over his shoulder.

Naruto stood up and said "Really, here I did not think you like to shop here. So tell me what shop it is and I might be able to get whatever it is you..." Naruto turned so fast that an after image appeared and held a kunia at Sasuke neck and said "dont ever try that again." as Sasuke hand was just about to touch the sword on Naruto side.

Sasuke was wide eyed and Kakashi fearing Sasuke was about to die said "Naruto, why dont you go ahead and do you intro so that way you can go see your friend."

Naruto still holding the kunia at Sasuke neck said in a monologue tone "Naruto Kazama, Soul Reaper and one of the last Quincy. Hobbies, killing Hollows, torchering Hollows, blowing shit up. Plans for the future, Kill hollows, torcher hollows, blow shit up, start a harem and get laid. Things I hate, Hollows and most of the idiots in Konoha." and took the kunia away from the neck of Sasuke.

Kakashi breathed a breath he was not sure he was holding and blinked and saw the girl was sitting on Kenpachi shoulder now and he never saw her move or felt her presence. He said "Ok, We test tomorrow at 6 am at the memorial stone, dont be late and dont eat or you throw up."

Naruto groaned and said "Please tell me your not going to do that bell test, tell you what. I already know the test so if you want to go ahead and test these 2 I will tell you what the secret is and that way you can let us pass even if they fail since it would be like I was there. I got other things to take care of."

Sakura said "Why is it that you get special treatment. You act all high and mighty but your just a gennin like us."

Naruto said "correction, possible gennin. Unless you pass this test tomorrow you fail and be sent back to the accademy since you do not show the neccessary skills to pass and I dont mean fighting skills. Heres a hint. Starts with a T and ends with a K and its 2 words. Good enough Kakashi."

Kakashi sighed and said "deal, tell your dad I will be by later to see him."

Naruto stiffened and said "Wait till tomorrow, they probably have a soundproof jutsu up right now and I wont be heading there since I need to talk to the captian here." and walked over to the bench Kenpachi had walked over and set down on.

Sasuke asked "What is he so special about and why dont you do anything about it and why does he call them by military standards. I dont see a Konoha headband on his head and whats a Soul Reaper and a Quincy."

Kakashi looked at Naruto and said "Well If I was to say by his speed hes shown as well as his chakra I can feel he is probably stronger then me if he went all out. His father is the Yondaime Hokage and he has been trained by him as well as others from what I can tell. The only reason he is a gennin is because he just joined and wanted to meet people his own age. He is probably at least a chunnin level or higher. If you want he could probably teach you a thing or 2 though I will give one advice. I dont know much about him but if he is a swordsman like he appears dont touch his sword as it is a dishonor to him but also his sword which is something he would kill over. Hyatte is the same way." and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Sakura and Sasuke looked at Naruto and Sai pulled out his book and started to draw as he walked away. Sasuke turned and hmphed before walking away and Sakura looked at him and then at Naruto and started to follow Sasuke.

After they were gone Naruto dropped the smile and asked "Whats wrong."

Kenpachi sighed and said "Follow me." and got up and started to walk away with the girl still over his shoulder with Naruto behind him.

About 20 minutes later they approached a store and Naruto stopped and said "You got to be shitting me." as he looked at the sign.

Kenpachi said "Nope. Go on inside and get answers. We got other things to take care of." glancing around.

Naruto said "He fine Kenpachi. Come on out Kakashi." making Kakashi stiffen in the tree he was hiding in.

Kenpachi nods and said "Well I can go take my mission now. Im heading for mist." and disappeared faster then Kakashi could see and getting a snort from Naruto.

Kakashi jumped down and looked at the store and Naruto said "Come on inside, I know your want to know whats going on so you can help me tell it to dad later. I also got $100 says the avenger fails the test tomorrow."

Kakashi nods and they walk into the store and said "no bet."

Naruto looks around and said "ururu, you here."

A girl with black hair walked out and said "Yes Narutosan, master Kisuke is down in the basement getting it set up. Oh Im sorry were not op..." motioning toward the stairs going down before she sees Kakashi.

Naruto interupts her and said "Relax, hes with me and besides I need Kisuke to look at him and tell me if my eyes are off."

Kakashi looks around trying to find out how a place that just appeared since he never seen it before could have dust on the floor and then heard Naruto talking about him and asked "What do you mean Naruto."

Naruto sighs as they walked down the stairs and said "My eyes were originally made for combat purposes to evalutate enemy strengths so I can help support the rest of my teams by taking out the heavy hitters. That last attack I had from the villagers when I was a child made me lose half my eyesite unless I pump chakra into them. Research and development was able to create me some new ones and with them anyone I lock eyes with I can determine thier skill level, name, chakra and retsu besides the obvious reactions like when you saw your teammates earlier. I was checking out your power levels. According to the readings I got you and that Sai kid who is ABNU level both should be Hollow bait." as they walked into a huge room that looked like a giant valley.

Kakashi was amazed and uncovered his sharingan to see if it was an illusion and asked "how is this possible."

A man with a green and white hat and a green coat and a cane walked over and said "I created this room for training though I was not expecting visitors but from what I heard Naruto here saying on your way down I suppose its alright. Thats actually the reason im here. My, my, my. Where are my manners. My name is Kusuke Urahara and from your looks and hearing Arashi talk I would say you are Kakashi. Its a pleasure to meet you." sticking out his hand.

Naruto frowns after they shake hands and said "So what brought you here Commander Kisuke."

Kisuke frowns and said "I swear I think your bipolar. Your either all joyful are full blown serious. Oh well, time for business. I can tell you your eyes are right. Within an hour of your families arrivals here all the sensors in soul society went off the wall with spirit power being detected. At first we thought it was a hollow attack but after we looked at it we notice there was no hollow energy but all human but when we checked it agianst the sensor readings from before you arrived there was over 60000 retsu energy increase just in a 4 block radious. We double checked all the sensors making sure they worked properly and can only assume someone was masking all this energy from us but the question that has me worried is Why."

Kakashi asked "What exactly is this retsu your talking about and why would I be hollow bait as you refered to me." looking at Naruto.

Kisuke answered "Retsu is a combination of mental, physical and spiritual energies together. What are his levels Naruto."

Naruto sighed and said "Chakra 1165, Restu 940. Hes about a weak 3rd or 4th seat sir if he were to unlock it."

Kakashi trying to get information asked "What are your levels Naruto."

Naruto glanced at Kisuke who gives a small nod and Naruto said "My levels are Chakra 3000. Retsu 3600. Because of the healing spell that was put on me to run off of my own power my chakra levels when I was taken away from here were already at 900 were a normal person should be around 100 at that time. The rest is from training and fighting and since Im a Quincy also."

Kisuke who had walked behind Kakashi while Naruto was talking pushed the end of his cane into Kakashi back causing Kakashi spirit to be pushed out of his body.

Kakashi had only realised something was going on when he felt air a fraction of a second before he was hit but he had no time to move. The next thing he knew he saw his body on the floor and saw Naruto and Kisuke looking at him and he had a chain connecting him to his body. He started to reach for the chain when Naruto said "dont unless you really want to die. That is your life chain."

Kakashi stopped and looked at them and asked "Whats going on."

Kisuke sighed and said "I needed you to realise that since you are Naruto sensie his claim of being a shinigami is not a lie and also the matter is I wanted to evalute you levels my self. I think he could help us Naruto. What do you think."

Naruto shruged and said "Hes strong enough but he would have to pass the test. Not everyone can do it the way I did. Besides, with him having that much power he needs to know how to defend himself."

Kisuke chuckles and said "Kid, I still dont know how the hell you did it and I recorded it."

Kakashi who is a fifth wheel right now ask "Would someone please tell me whats going on and why I had to be kicked out of my body."

Kisuke sighed and said "Its simple Kakashi. We are preparing for war. Naruto and his father are here to do a recruiting mission. We decided to start with Konoha because we reviewed the battle with the Hollow who looked like Kyuubi and saw some of the ninja in this village actually hurt it some which means you have high retsu. Naruto also has a side mission to find him some wifes." saying the last part with a chuckle.

Kakashi who listened in asked "So you are looking for recruits and your planning on taking them from Konoha. Right." in a neutral tone.

Naruto snorted and said "Truth be known Kakashi, right now no one from Soul Society gives a flying fuck about Konoha. The only reason it is still standing is because I did not want to see the only person who cared for me as a child upset over Konoha. The moment he dies Konoha has already been marked to be leveled. However since we want to take the fights to the Hollows since we have been on the defensive for so long we have decided to spare it as long as someone does not piss us off again. Think about this Kakashi, There are 13 divisions of soul reapers in Soul Society currently. Anyone of us over the level of 5th seat in any of those division could take out Konoha in one attack. I know your probably seathing right now and waiting for us to put you back in your body so you can tell the Hokage well guess what. It wont matter. You remember Kisuke here talking a few minutes ago about a Retsu spike earlier. Let me give you a little info. Normally Konoha has around 10000 retsu level for the entire village. Now the village has 70000. Now this village has been targeted for Hollows attack to come eat but it will only be low levels for now. If one more of those spikes hit for some reason then you will have to face an entire army of Kyuubi level creatures coming to eat your souls. So as I see it right now Konoha chances of surviving are slim. Either we can find some to help us fight to not only defend your homes but also in the war or we can sit back and watch them kill each and everyone of you."

Kakashi stood there thinking for a moment trying to grasp what he was hearing. He knew Konoha had no chance agianst an entire army of hollows and he really could not see any other option but a ninja must gather all available information so he sighed and said "So what is it that those who want to defend Konoha half to do."

Kisuke looks at him and asked "Do you want to become a Shinigami."

Kakashi for the first time realised exactly what he was hearing and thought for a moment and then a flash of his teammated appeared in his head and he asked "What will happen to those of us who join. Will we die or what."

Naruto sits down and puts his hands on his lap and said "Depends Kakashi. For most the process is a little unerving. You will have each and every one of your flaws put in your face. You will have to defeat yourself and then you will have to face your fears. If you fail in any aspect of this you will die and become a hollow. If you pass then you will become a shinigami. Know this. Dont do it for the good of Konoha or for your friends or even for dad. This is something that will change you. My first mission I had to do was to kill a hollow that was orinally a 3 year old little girl who was hunting down and killing her entire family because she thought they forgot her. I had trouble doing it but after I saw the pain she was in when she got to her little sister I knew that I would stop all Hollows and free them so they can rest in peace. Its something that can kill your spirit if it can."

Kakashi sighed and said "Fine, where do I sign up."

Kisuke slashed his sword into Kakashi life chain and Naruto kicked Kakashi across the field and said "Simple, You have 12 hours to make it across this field. If you cant make it here in that time I will send you soul to the other side since you will be a hollow. Oh and one last thing. You are about to face your fears and flaws. Learn to accept them." as he walked up the stairs and Naruto followed him.

Kakashi breathed hard having the wind knocked out of him and tried to get up but he was not able to catch his breath. Suddenly the moment where Obito died and he saw the nightmare he has every time it appears in his head.

Up staird Kisuke asked "Do you think he can make it."

Naruto said "I dont know but I do know one thing. I got to go find a woman named Anko." and walked out of the store.