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SUMMARY: Since Pete's farewell last four years ago, things changed. She worked hard to be a champion in skating, and at the same time studying.

Because of her hard work in practicing her skills, She defeated Ria GarnetJuiltyev. She is now the world-known skating figure champion and a fresh graduate from her university at a young age. People around still calls her the ' 10 billion dollar beauty'. She grew tall, pretty and less temper. Shitou Kyouko is now the vice-president of the Japan Skating Federation, while Yukie Mishiro is the new President. Even though she is the skating figure champion, Mishiro still calls her ' stone face' while Tazusa calls her 'Sarcastic the third' back.

At the age of 19, she only does is finding work, sleep, eat, breathe and practice skating. Nothing more. Not even once, she looked at guys her age or above. Her heart only belongs to our one and only Pete Pamps, a famous young pilot, who had died at the age of 16 and came to haunt her because of his 100 days payment. Now she goes to Canada, Montreal with Shitou and Mika to be the representative couches of Japan for the next skating competitions... But…fate must really love her. Or not. She bumps to a guy who resembles Pete. Or it must be him…

What will she do?

Chapter 1: My present. My story


Sakurano Tazusa turned into a beautiful lady. Many rich business men court the ever so intelligent, goddess-look, lady, even though she's still 19.

Why? Who cares! She finished college!

She is now an unemployment lady and just having the time of her age enjoying. When she turns 20, she's going to enter business world.

Every one admires her except for jealous skaters, some people and reporters.

She is very rich and has a very big mansion. Her best friend, Mika Honjou and her former rival, Kyouko Shitou. They hired guards to guard their mansion and the security of the 'celebrities' itself.


" Tazusa!! you're late for the press conference!" Mika shouted from downstairs. Tazusa woke up and rushed to the bathroom.

" I'm late!!!!!!" she screamed. She didn't even changed, well…except for her age and physical appearance. she really acts like a total klutz and sometimes has that venomous mouth of hers.

So much for being a lady. Well you can't blame her, she's still 19.

She took a quick bath and changed into her casual clothes. A pretty pink blouse, black skirt and boots. She let her long hair untied and placed a pink glitter clip on her hair.

She ran, passing by Shitou, who was busy talking to the phone, and to the dining table. Her breakfast was...

...tomato salad...

She remembered the old times when she used to shut up Pete by eating a lot of tomatoes. She could imagine his crazy shouting while Tazusa eating the tomatoes.

She chuckled.

How she missed those times...

" Tazusa...Mishiro-sama just phoned me awhile ago. The press conference will be moved tomorrow." Shitou said as she leans on the wall.

" Arigatou Shitou-san." She smiled.

" Tazusa! Shitou and I will go to the mall. wanna come?" Mika asked.

" Iye. you guys have fun. I'm going somewhere." Tazusa finished her salad and place the dish on the sink.

" Alright! JA!" They waved. Tazusa waved back.

She turned the television on to watch the latest news about the organization...


" The press conference of Ms. Sakurano Tazusa is post phoned today. Please come back tomorrow." The president, Yukie Mishiro, said, as many body guards were protecting her from crazy reporters.

" The press conference will be held tomorrow at the main hall of the office." The news reporter said.


" boring." she changed the channels. There was a certain channel that caught Tazusa's eyes. She changed it back to that channel.

it was the...

...short program of 2005-06...

She watched it. It was already shown many times and still, people doesn't get bored of watching it.

Her life changed when Pete possessed her body at the age of 16. She wasn't bratty anymore; she isn't the selfish type of person like she used to be. She can also control her temper towards rude reporters who talks trash to her.

She decided to take a walk...just to clear up her mind.

She took her black coat and shades to disguise herself. She opened the door...

"Ohayo Tazusa!" a guy smiled.

" Kaji! what are you doing here?" Tazusa was surprised at his sudden visit.

"I came here to visit you." He smiled gorgeously.

The guy's name is Kaji Takimura, a rich business man. He's a handsome playboy, every girl falls for him.

They met at the party of Yukie Mishiro last two years ago after her victory. After that, fell in love with Tazusa until at present time. Tazusa dumped him already, but he keeps on coming back.

"Well...I'm going to go somewhere. Far from this place. Alone." she closed the door.

"So want to--------------"

"We can't date. We can't be together. I told you that a million times." she knows what he was going to say as if she was some kind of Psychic. She left him there...dumbfounded.

'If I can't have you...no one can.' Kaji thought.


Tazusa went to all the places she could think of. She went shopping for clothes, jewelries and books. She bought a book called 'Speed with Economy by Kent Paser'. She wanted to study about aircrafts and how to ride a plane. In case, she wants to follow Pete's dream. She wanted to see and feel what's it like to fly a plane.

She wants to try Pete's hobby. She wants to enjoy the air breeze and the flying of the plane. She wants to...die.

And go to heaven and stay with Pete. She really misses him already...

Even though she's intelligent, she has also troubles in life. Death is the only possible way to be with your dead love ones...she stated to herself long time ago after Pete's farewell to her.

Before leaving the sad memories, she visited the place where she and Pete used to hang out and looked at the sky…alone. Which is at the park.

"It's 9pm already." she said to herself. She took off her coat and shades and placed it inside the bag.

She looked at the sky. She also remembered the noisy times when she and Pete fights.

She smiled and cried...

' Pete...you're so unfair. Why do have to go and leave me? You didn't tell me...you...love me.' She thought.



"Announcement: Our young famous pilot, Pete Pumps, is still at the hospital. 5 years it is." The news reporter said. People in Canada, which includes his family, friends and love ones, always offer a prayer that a miracle will take place.

"Our young pilot is still in coma. Please keep praying for him to live." the other news reporter said. The video showed people praying, billboards, and pictures of Pete. Candles were also lightened. They do really love him.



She looked at the dark blue sky. She picked a flower and threw it on the water.

'It's my present time. It's my story now.' She thought, wiping her tears and glanced at the sky before leaving the memories...

'Goodbye my dear Pete...' She thought and left...