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A Saver Battleground

Reed turned to the Fierce Five.

"Think he's giving up?" Elayne wispered.

"Don't count on it" Iaveina shook her head.

"Ready for round two?" Haylie asked.

Reed nodded, "But not here, we don't want to endanger the city" he said.

"Ok, where do you wanna go then?"

Reed looked back at the team who just nodded their heads, "There's an open field, outside the city, big enough for a battle, far enough to ensure the savety of the city"

"I know what he means, we've passed it on our way to the city the first time" Michael said.

"OK, but how are you going to get there?" Iaveina asked.

"We have our ways" Sue pitched in.

"Fine, let's go to your open field and continue this battle" Haylie said and turned to the team.

"Ok, one question.. how are we going to get there... it's pretty far away" Elayne asked.

Haylie looked at Jacob who nodded and closed his eyes.

"What's he doing?" Michael asked.

"Yo! Jake! No time for naps!" Elayne called as she waved her hand infront of him.

"I'm not taking a nap" Jacob said calmly as he now turned his head to the sky.

"Then what are you doing? Tai Chi?"

Jacob smiled and opened his eyes, "Just wait a second"

The five were silent for a minute and then heard a loud noise in the sky.

They looked up to see a huge flying vehicle hover above them.

"Cool! What is it?" Michael asked.

"That is the Fierce Mobile" Haylie said, "Jacob made it"

Iaveina looked at him, "When?"

"Before we left our headquarters... Haylie thought we needed transport so I created this" Jacob explained as the vehicle landed infront of them.

It had a seat infront, in the back, on the right and left side of the vehicle and one in the middle.

"It can fly, drive, sail and you can even go underwater and into space with it" he added.

"This is definately the coolest thing you've ever made" Elayne said as she circled around it.

The Fierce Mobile also caugth the attention of the Fantastic Four, especially Reed.

"Ok, I have to admit, that's pretty awesome" Johnny said, "All we have is a chopper that we borrow from the airforce" he added, pointing towards Sue who was on the phone.

It was true that they had access to any vehicle owned by the forces but not one vehicle that they could call their own.

"Yeah, egghead, what's the deal?" Ben grunted.

"Don't start now" Reed sighed, who didn't liked to be outsmarted by someone younger then him, this meaning the F5 wonderkid, Jacob.

"It's on his way now" Sue said as she joined the group and not long after that, the sound of the chopperblades was heard.

Meanwhile, the Fierce Five took their place in the Fierce Mobile.

Haylie infront, Iaveina in the back, Elayne was sitting right and Michael left. Jacob was sitting in the middle.

"Yo Stretch, are you coming or giving up?" Michael called towards the Fantastic Four.

"You head out, we'll be right behind you" Reed called their way as the chopper ascended behind them.

"Ok, let's take off" Iaveina said.

They powered up the motors and within seconds, the Fierce Mobile took off through the air, heading for the open field.

Not long after that, the chopper followed them to the saver battlefield.

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