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His sated lover relaxed into his arms, breathing hard after the amazing climax he took sole responsibility for. His lover's body was limp and tingled with pleasure-induced shudders where he tenderly kissed the heat-flushed skin.

Letting out a sigh of contempt, his almost wolfish companion began to drift into a peaceful sleep against his chest.

There was nothing his fulfilled partner loved more than the exhaustion after an amazing high. The skilled lover smiled against the skin of a broad chest at the cute-as-a-puppy expression he was audience to.

Only he was open to this vulnerable side of Shigure, and he loved it.

Yet, now there was a dilemma.

An unfulfilled bishounen left alone with Shigure's sweaty, naked body and a persistently hard problem in his lower regions was planning a form of attack.

'Honestly, if I give, shouldn't I receive?' thought said bishounen.

Of course, there were many ways to receive.

He could take it everywhere, really!

However, if he was being taken (from behind for example), he'd never get the attention he so desired.

He wanted to be pleased!

He wanted to be teased!

He wanted carpet burns on his knees! (And various other places)

In a situation like this, all he could think of was to try and gently coax his lover into staying awake, if only so that he could feel the same amount of bliss and utter satisfaction.

Now… a way to coax.

With calculating eyes, he thought how he himself would wish to be awoken.

Water? No… it would ruin the moment.

Spanking? Well, maybe in a different situation…

Shouting in his ear seemed a little childish for the mood he wanted to set.

He'd have to gently rouse him.

It was really the only way.

Well, the only way he could think of waking up Shigure without angering him.

'This is the definition of love' he thought surely to himself.

Blowing softly in his Shii-chan's ear, the silver-haired bishounen giggled as he was reminded of a dog as the ear twitched.

Dragging his slender fingers along the contours of Shigure's face, the man waited for a reaction.

Rubbing his feet up and down Shigure's legs, the unsatisfied bishounen tried to appease some of the pressure he was definitely starting to feel.

Licking Shigure's neck he tried desperately to rouse him from slumber.

His hands trailed down the chest of his beloved and he grew frustrated.

No reaction.

"What's a man got to do?" He whispered angrily as he tugged on his significant other's nipple.

Now, it was getting aggressive.

He bit into his lover's neck, where his lips and tongue had previously been paying homage.

"Aaaaaayyyyyaaaaaaaaaa! Stop it; I'm too tired for more tonight!" The inu whined.

Yep, 'Gure sure was spent!

Shigure's bed-mate, the ever-playful Ayame, smiled sadistically and slipped himself further down Shigure's body. Not only was Ayame not finished, but he knew that Shigure could take more of him than what he thought.

Ignoring the small moans of protest, Ayame trailed his tongue softly over the bruised nipple.

He waited until Shigure was lulled into a false sense of security before biting down on the rosy hue.

As the body beneath his, jumped at the sudden pain, Ayame smirked wickedly as a sudden thought came to his mind.

He'd made his plan.

Licking again as if in apology, Ayame shuffled off of the body of his lover, slid gracefully from the bed and left the room.


Ayame had been sitting with his back to the bedroom door for five minutes now. After he'd left Shigure's side, he'd been a busy little snake; folded on the polished wooden floor next to him were instruments of torture.

But now, he was just sitting, waiting for the right timing.


Sitting and waiting.


Just sitting there, hunched over his middle, trying to not think about the almost painfully rigid flesh between his legs.

Yeah, that's right, for his plan to go correctly Ayame needed the utmost control over his… emotions.

He was in a dilemma.

If he couldn't keep in control for at least five minutes, there was no way he was going to fulfill his plan. If he couldn't control his erratic breathing and keep his full, throbbing erection in his pants, he'd jump Shigure the moment he opened the door.

Of course he generally ignored the fact that he currently wasn't wearing any pants at all.

No pants and a cold wooden floor.

It wasn't the best kind of medicine, but it worked enough for Ayame to have some kind of control.

As Ayame breathed some sort of relief, he gingerly stood from his resting place, quietly cracked the door to his bedroom open and ambled silently over to his current bed partner.

But not before retrieving the silken material off of the floor that he'd taken from his working room.

A smug grin was held on his picturesque face as he went to the foot of the bed. He was like a terrible warlord about to torture an enemy spy. He let out the softest laugh he could manage. He wasn't a warlord, he was a fabulous prince!!! But there comes a time when a prince must take control and lead his people in the right direction.

Ayame squinted his eyes as a thought came to his mind,

How could that dastardly lover of his be so cruel?

Okay, so he really could put on the puppy eyes, but did he have to use him in such a way?

He looked to the body on his bed.

The smooth skin where he'd left his violet marks.

His eyes wandered around the room, taking in the full picture.

The emerald sheets lay crumpled on the floor to the right and their clothes scattered in various places. The bedside lamp, throwing shadows across the room and making his bedroom truly look like a prince's harem.

But now as he thought to himself, something terribly surprising occurred to him.

There was something different about this room.

It was perfect.

Shigure made it perfect.

His grin turned into a heartwarming smile and he continued his plan.

As he deftly slipped some material around both of his beloved's ankles, Ayame's sleek and slender body with its fine musculature quivered with excitement.

Shigure's legs were secured.

He waited until his hands were firmly tied before testing the strength of the binding.

Now he could touch and tease all he wanted without his grumpy puppy moving away or deflecting his attention.

Although Ayame was earlier complaining, it was these situations in which he thrived.

He'd read many a fairy tale in which a prince had fallen in love with his whore. Shigure was perhaps a little more high-class than a whore, but his feelings right now were of a similar kind. If he really was a prince, he'd look after Shigure for the rest of his life.

He was in love with Shigure.

That was all there was to it.

He loved watching Shigure.

He loved listening to Shigure.

He loved pleasing Shigure until anything he said he was incomprehensible.

But what he loved more, were those rare times when he was in utter and complete control.

Looking again, down at his lover, Ayame couldn't deny the satisfaction at seeing Shigure bound helplessly on his bed.

The very pillow on which he'd rest his own crown of amazingly silver threads, looked even better under Shigure's resting head. The pale green bed sheets he'd chosen to match his complexion made Shigure look like Adonis himself. Last but not least, the very way Shigure's body was spread across the entire surface, feet and hands at each corner of the bed.

Shigure was at his mercy and he didn't even realize.

Reverting back to his plan, Ayame softly tickled the sole of the nearest foot then his hand slithered further up, reaching underneath Shigure's leg to make feather-light movements beneath the knee.

A snort and then silence was all that was heard from the sleeping man.

It seemed that gently coaxing his lover out of his sleeping state was going to be a little harder than he thought. If only he were more ticklish, it wouldn't be so hard.

Ayame sighed and retreated once more from the bedside.

Now that the object of his affections was 'shackled up' he really just wanted to have his way with him.

Perhaps it would have been more beneficial to restrain Shigure whilst he was lying on his stomach, then he could be done with his engorged manhood and get a good night's rest.

Ayame's eyes were drawn back to the sleeping male, with a smoldering gaze. If there had been another conscious person in the room, they would have seen Ayame's golden eyes darken in a blistering fierceness.

All he could think about was his own arousal. It irritated him to no end that he had not been pleasured this evening. 'Gure was selfish and mean when he fell asleep on him. But now, looking at his personal prisoner, he felt the throbbing of his want, need and desire.

Simply standing there, his hands slowly trailed down the hard muscles of his chest and the tightness of his abdomen before cupping himself, trying to alleviate some tension. He closed his eyes in bliss and he inhaled sharply as he ran one of his thumbs up and down his throbbing member.

He imagined Shigure writhing beneath him in a typical canine position, as he thrust deep into the tightness of his beloved.

His right hand took up the motion of his thumb while the other cupped and massaged his straining balls. In long, languid strokes, Ayame pleasured himself at the sight of Shigure in his vulnerability.

You could say… Ayame kind of got-off on domination.

The pleasure was becoming intense, his thrusts more impulsive, and his hand forever tightening around his member as he pumped; he could almost feel himself inside Shigure. When his eyes rolled to the back of his head because of this, he stopped.

This wasn't what he'd had planned.

He was standing silently; in the same place he'd been pleasuring himself whilst admiring the naked body on his bed.

His phallus stood rigid, upright, looking for more attention. Yet Ayame remained still, hoping to gain some sort of control.

It seems he'd have to hurry his actions. He couldn't hold himself back.

In two quick strides, he'd reached the bed.

He was too desperate and angry to care anymore.

His eyes narrowed as a thought came to him.

'This is all Shigure's fault.'

Under normal circumstances, Ayame was the happy-go-lucky, suave man of the family, yet here he was masturbating! Growing up with such handsomeness and charisma, Ayame had never been in lack of a bed partner. Never in his life – not since he was thirteen – had he had the need to masturbate. Now here he was disgusted with his own actions, when there was someone – although maybe not entirely willing – to do this for him.

"I have royal bearing and impeccable sense of style," he muttered angrily to the room, "you should be worshipping me."

Ayame's thoughts became vicious. Numerous images of his unworthy inu flitted through his mind. These images, of course, were all depicting Ayame man-handling Shigure in possessive, violent sexual acts.

"Shii-chan has such a peaceful smile" he murmured wistfully. He'd love to wipe it of his face as he brutally used the inu's body for his own personal gain, as he believed Shigure did to himself earlier this evening.

No, he couldn't just rape his darling love.

It didn't have to be rape. But he didn't have to be gentle – or prepared.

With a feral grin, Ayame slid first one knee, then the other onto the bed. He shifted ever so slightly, moving the upper-half of his body so he was kneeling over Shigure's family jewels. He pondered the differences between their nether regions. His puppy's manhood was not as long as his own, but thicker and surrounded by more hair. In the act of love it didn't matter, because he never failed to hit his most sensual spot.

Licking his lips as his hunger for sex grew, Ayame blew warm air onto Shigure. Nothing but a twitch was his reply.

'How unresponsive can he be?' he mused angrily, 'Let's see how he responds to this!'

Said manhood was currently being firmly grasped in Ayame's slender hands. Almost instantaneously, Shigure started moaning.

The hebi's fingers repeatedly traced the soft veins and patterns on the inu's silken skin. Precum leaked in droplets from the tip as the length between his hands hardened.

His lover's moans grew in pitch and Ayame stole a glance up the length of his body. Shigure's eyebrows were scrunched with pleasure and his arms started pulling at their bonds. This only made him more aware of how enticingly hard and tightly-beaded those rosy nipples of his inu's had become.

While one hand pleasured the now throbbing length of his bed-partner, the other found itself playing with the small trail of hair leading down from the navel. His thumb flickered over the tip and with a start, Shigure's eyes flew open.

Almost instantly, Ayame stopped his motions.

For a moment, there was nothing but silence as Ayame was stared at.

His eyes took on a special gleam as he saw Shigure give out a yelp as all of a sudden the bindings were tested in their strength. His captive's eyes grew wide.

"What are you doing?" was whimpered in his direction.

As Shigure couldn't lift his head very far from the bed, Ayame decided to shift from his spot. Flinging one leg over the body, Ayame crawled up until he was eye-to-eye with the inu.

"Don't speak unless you're spoken to!" Ayame bit out and pinched the nipple of his captive.

Apart from a short growl, silence was his reply.

He smoothed the sensitive flesh with his fingers; fingers that could not only punish, but please.

"From this point onwards, you can do two things." Ayame stated dramatically, "You can either refuse my touch and be punished," with this, his face darkened and his eyes grew fierce, "or you can silently accept that no matter what you do tonight, my pleasure will be wrought with your pain."

Ayame waited patiently, hovering above his love.

His frustration increased when he received no reply, not even a nod of recognition.

"Well?" The hebi hissed and without knowing, his hands had migrated to the shoulder beneath him, nails digging into skin.

In a pure sign of submission, Shigure turned his head to the side, baring his neck.

Of course, Ayame was never one to turn down an invitation and lowered his lips to the soft, curving flesh of the joint between the neck and shoulder. First, he assaulted the skin with feather-light kisses. Then becoming rough in his treatment, Ayame used both teeth and tongue to induce a pain-filled pleasure.

Almost lazily, Ayame licked, nipped and lapped at the skin, until nothing was left but a particularly large mark of possession.

Breathing in pants, he wanted now only to claim the crevice of Shigure's mouth. With bittersweet fervor, he pressed his lips to those beneath him. Capturing Shigure's bottom lip, he began to stroke his tongue over the soft appendage and pull it between his teeth until it was swollen from his desire.

His lover willingly opened his mouth to Ayame's advances. The groan reverberated through him as he swept his tongue into the welcoming warmth. He thought then, Shigure was perhaps enjoying his attentions a little too much.

He'd promised to inflict pain, however he couldn't bring himself to whip his captive or beat him for the delicious noises that escaped him. Sometimes this prince is just too loving.

He found himself thrusting against his lover. The friction between them was causing him to moan. He forcefully pulled himself from the inu's mouth; only to latch onto the other side of his neck. Crouched over him as he was, he found that his hands now rested nicely beside the arms of his lover, capturing him in an embrace that was yet to be filled.

Ayame was pleased when he saw another mark of possession. Oh the pleasure he'd get at the surprised gasps this would receive. If only he could publicly lay claim to such an achievement.

But alas, he had to consider the feelings of Shigure; and those of his younger brother. He chuckled against Shigure's shoulder. His brother would surely detest him for partaking in such acts with another man – let alone his cousin!

But as he lowered his chest to Shigure's he reveled in the warmth. This, he could get with no female, well, none but his family. But really, there wasn't all that much up for offer, compared to his inu.

Slowly pulling himself down his Shii-chan's body, he reached the twin points at Shigure's chest. Both enflamed, bruised with red and purple, he was proud of his previous feats. He drew his tongue across both and felt through the tightening of his chest, the sharp intake of air his inu had breathed in.

Turning towards the flat stomach, he licked and nibbled. Although not steely with muscles he certainly held certain flatness with that little bit of pudge – brought about from endless hours in front of his computer, no doubt.

He dipped his tongue into Shigure's navel. Feeling him shiver, Ayame also realized he could feel other things. He could feel the evidence of Shigure's arousal against his chest. Straining against him in a way he thought all too pleasant. He could feel his own erection was pressing hard against Shigure's left leg. He could feel the love that was swelling in his body for this irresistible being beneath him.

He slowly maneuvered down the rest of Shigure's body until he was facing the hub of Shigure's sexual tension. In a gesture all too loving, he kissed the tip of Shigure's length. Feeling the precum spread across his lips, he savored the taste.

A little zingy but also sweet. His taste was unique to Ayame.

Taking the tip of his desire in his mouth, he let his tongue roll around its surface. The steady thrum of Shigure's heart beat could be felt even here. Ayame brushed his hands down Shigure's side, making him squirm when he passed that spot on his left where he was ticklish.

'A delicacy I'll never be tired of.' Ayame though to himself as he massaged the throbbing tip of Shigure's shaft with his tongue. Humming in agreement with his own thoughts brought about a grumbling, deep moan from Shigure.

As Ayame's hands slid to either sides of Shigure's ass, his nails dug into the skin, scratching as he inched the rigid flesh into his mouth. His throat relaxed and his tongue played fluidly around the contours of Shigure's penis.

He could hear the harsh rush of Shigure's breath as he breathed in short, choppy gulps of air. Ayame soon felt the need for motion and found himself rhythmically moving up and down, his hair swaying with the movement. His hips found the need to join in and he rocked against the bed in sync with the bobbing of his head.

Finally because of the need for air, Ayame pulled from the body beneath his. With a soft pop, his mouth was freed from Shigure's shaft.

He clawed his fingers up the sides of Shigure's delicious bottom, hearing a loud yip from his bed partner. With a devilish smirk, he made a show of licking the blood from his fingers.

The torture had surely begun.

His hands reached forward towards his puppy's shaft. Shigure might be his puppy, but his enlarged manhood was testament that he was a big dog after all.

Pumping up and down, Ayame began to pleasure Shigure.

Increasing his speed, Ayame noticed the glistening sheen start to appear on Shigure's body. The sweet scent of sex invaded his nostrils and Shigure let out a loud, low moan, whispering with a shudder, "Don't stop!"

Quick as lightening, Ayame pulled his hand from Shigure's thickness, as he raised his other hand in the air and slapped it against the side of Shigure's behind.

Full of anger, the hebi spat out, "I – told – you – not – to – talk!"

With wide eyes, Shigure whined. Thrusting his hips as far as he could into the air, he silently begged for release.

Ayame, taking no pity, swiftly unties Shigure's legs from their positions. Lifting his bed partner and folding his legs up, Ayame prepared himself for entry.

A brief flash of guilt shot through him as he realized he hadn't prepared his puppy. This thought was quickly dispelled when Shigure gasped whispered words.

"What are you doing?"

Ayame's eyes flashed in anger as he plunged swiftly and forcefully into the incredible tightness that was all Shigure.

For the first time that night, Ayame felt that he'd never felt anything as sweet and incredibly sexual as being inside his love. Rolling his eyes to the back of his head, the hebi pulled from his position and just before he'd completely removed himself, pushed right back in. The bliss was overwhelming and he repeated his actions.

A whimper of pain caught his attention.

Cracking open his left eye, Ayame saw the single tear streak down Shigure's cheek from his actions.

Frowning in a way which was all too pretty, Ayame stopped his motions.

"Are you alright?" he asked with concern.

Their eyes locked and with a bit of shock, Ayame recognized the pleasure-filled haze that was directed towards him. Smirking wickedly, he questioned his lover.

"Do you enjoy being punished little puppy?" he thrust himself hard into his lover as if to prove a point.

"Ooohh yes." was the moaned reply.

Ayame continued his thrusting, feeling completion come closer.

It wasn't too soon that both men were moaning and the bed was rocking in a rhythm that was almost primal in its nature.

Ayame's arms strained from the weight of holding his lover up so slowly he lowered him. He remained inside the inu while they twisted into a spooning position; one which was slightly awkward as Shigure's arms were still confined to the bedposts.

Slowing his movements, Ayame endeavored to draw the pleasure out as much as he could. His hand slowly snaked (pun intended) around to his lover's front and stroked the rigid length of Shigure. He moaned and the movements of his hands matched his thrusting.

The hebi bit into Shigure's muscled back as he neared completion.

Bright lights formed behind his eyelids as his motions became jerky and heat spread throughout his body. With a loud cry Ayame came and not a moment later Shigure growled his release into the night.

The sated men relaxed in each other's embrace, sweaty and exhausted.

"I hope I didn't hurt you too much." Ayame whispered.

With a small smile Shigure cheekily replied, "You can hurt me as much as you like Aya. Now can you let me out of these bonds?"

A little shocked, Ayame let out a soft chuckle, released his lover and both bishounen soon fell into a peaceful slumber.


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