-Whines- I'm tired!! I can't think!! I can't make anything funny!

So I have to revert to making a deathlist!


Fuji had ALOT of people on his deathlist.

Yes. He had a deathlist.

He was sadistic. What'd you expect from him?

Here's his official deathlist that he kept in his special deathbox of DOOM.

It goes like this:

Mizuki- Because he injured Yuuta's arm.

Inui- Because he made me faint from Aozu.

Tezuka- Because he makes us run a horrendous amount of laps.

Echizen- Because he keeps on saying 'Mada mada dane'

Eiji- Because he's annoying sometimes.

Tomoka- Because she's annoying.

Horio- Because he's annoying.

Sakuno- Because she's too shy and quiet.

Mizuki- Because he's annoying.

Kaidou- Because he keeps on saying 'Fshuuuuu'

Oishi- Because he worries too much.

Tezuka- Because he almost hurt his arm badly.

Atobe- Because he hurt Tezuka.

Momo- Because he's loud.

Kaidou- Because he's loud and fights with Momo too much.

Kirihara- Because he's violent.

Mukahi- Because he's stupid.

Oshitari- Because he copied off of me.

Jirou- Because he sleeps too much.

Kawamura- Because he's too loud when he goes into BURNING mode.

Sanada- Because he's a rock. Not really. But kind of.

Kabaji- Because he only says 'Usu'.

Kentaro- Because he's too loud.

David- Because his jokes are stupid.

Itsuki- Because he asks too many questions.

Akutsu- Because he's too violent.

Dan- Because he says 'desu' too many times.

Yanagisawa- Because he says 'dane' too many times.

Echizen- Because he became the 'Prince of Tennis'

Takeshi Konomi- Because he created us.

Yeah, I was bored. This must've sucked really bad.

I'm probably going to take it off...Meh...let's see what happens, shall we?