A new story, hope it turns out ok.

AU, Danny and Sam have never met, and currently hate each other…

Wish me luck.


A young boy with blue eyes, raven black hair, sat on a comfy chair, beside an airplane window.

Wonder what sort of activities we're gonna do in Europe…

As he pondered on the country his family was having they're vacation, a family of people carrying large suitcases brushed rudely past him, hitting his shoulder.

"Hey!" Danny yelled. "Watch where you're going!"

The lady looked at him, smirked, and frisked away to the front of the plane.

Stupid rich people, think they're so damn great…pompous freaks…

His sister placed her hand on his shoulder. "Let it go, Danny."

"I just can't stand them! They're so rude, they just bang into you and they walk away like they think they're so great."

"Heh, you'd better not get too angry, I'm pretty sure people on the plane would notice if you let out a ghostly wail at them."

That made him laugh. "Oh, I'm sure NOBODY would notice sonic waves bursting from my mouth and slamming into them."


"Mom, you didn't have to be so rude to that boy." Sam told her mother. "Really rude."

"Samantha! I will not have my daughter talk to me in this manner!" said her mother, Pamela. "They are BELOW us." She said it in the most insulting manner possible. "Communication with them is unnecessary. Now, if I ever hear that tone again," She glared at her daughter. "I will ground you as for the entire vacation. Is that understood?"


"Good." She turned away to the built-in T.V. screen, and began to watch her soap operas.

"Hmph." Parents. What do they know? She scowled. All the 'rich' people I've seen so far behave just like her. God made everything equal, there's no 'upper class', she's just spoilt.

As she grumbled and thought many nasty thoughts to her mother, there was an announcement through the speaker.

"Attention all passengers, this plane is our first trial for a fully automated plane, rest assured your flight will go smoothly. We hope you enjoy your flying experience."


Is it good or bad to have a short first chapter? I can't seem to do a good first chapter…

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