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Great. Simply great. My parents drag me on some holiday, some idiot annoys me, and to top it all off, the plane just left me stranded here alone. This couldn't be any worse.

"Uggh…Damn…what happened to me…?"

Sam frowned, heading in the direction of the voice.

Hmm? Who-Oh no, it's HIM.

The boy raised his head at her movement, and stared at her.

Wha? Who-Oh no, it's HER.

Sam shook her head sadly. "Hasn't anyone told you how to operate a parachute?"

He scowled. "Leave me alone."

"Oh, was that sentence too fast for you? Haaasssnnn'ttt annnnyonnnne toooollllddd yyooooouuu hhhhoooooowww t-"

"I said LEAVE ME ALONE!" Danny spat.

She grinned. "Oh, is the little baby in a tantrum? Don't worry, widdle fella, I won't eat you up." This was payback, pure and simple.

"SHUT UP!" After he yelled, a pained look came over his face and he clutched his leg.

Now Sam was curious. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing! I don't need your pathetic sympathy!" yelled Danny. "Least of all from some stupid, spoilt girly girl who-Nngh!" He winced again, and gritted his teeth.

"Is your leg sprained?"

He let out a bitter laugh. "What's with the sudden nice attitude? Spoilt, rich girls only know how to cry, and complain, and transfer blame to others."

"Seems like you had a bad experience." She smiled, and walked towards him.

"Who are you now, my mother?"

"Hey, you're the one who irritated me first! All I did was…actually, I did nothing." She grinned. "Absolutely nothing."

He glared at her. "That's not true! You…you did…you, um…your mother banged into me!"

"Trying to find excuses now, are we?" She rolled her eyes. "You started the insults. I guess you've had some bad experiences, so I can forgive you. Need a hand?"

He scowled, but reluctantly held up a hand. As Sam pulled him up, he was thinking. Maybe she's not so bad after all…

She suddenly let him down with a bump, and Danny let out a huge shout. "OW!"

Sam chuckled. "Just getting even. Now, need some help?"

"Forget it!" growled Danny. "I don't need any of your stupid, idiotic, retarded-"

She grabbed his hand, and pulled him up, letting him rest on her shoulder.

"Grumble grumble…thanks."

She smiled, a nice, beautiful smile, and Danny was suddenly aware of a blush creeping up his face.

Her hair actually looks kinda nice…


"You know," said Sam. "I never caught your name."


She sighed. "Being irritating again, huh? Okay…how many letters?"

"Five." He grinned at her with a look that said, I'm not gonna make this easy for you.

"First letter?"

He rolled his eyes. "Not very good at this, are we? Okay, D."



She smiled. "Dobie?"

"Fine," He shook his head in mock disappointment. "It's Danny."

Sam frowned. "What kind of a name is Danny?"

"Sure is better than Sam, that's not a girl's name." retorted Danny.

"Actually," said Sam. "My full name is Samantha, but please don't call me that because I-"

"Samantha? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he laughed.

"-don't like it." she finished. Damn, this was gonna be a long day…


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