Summary: The audience meets a trio of heroes…sort of…in the midst of trying to save a pair of gloves.
A/N: Just some role playing my friends and I partake in whenever we meet up on Guild Wars. Meave just happens to be my character and she's so much fun in a group as nearly everyone thinks the Mesmers are snobby. They aren't, they just know they're better then the rest of the world.
Warnings: No true plotline between chapters as this is taken from between missions/quests and the odd heckling session in whatever towns we are in at the time.
Disclaimer: All character professions, cities, and missions are a part of the game Guild Wars, taken from the first game known as Prophecies. This was only intended for enjoyment, not monetary gain or credit for the game's creation. Trust me; I'm too poor anyway for the game designers to even bother suing. Also, the characters, Lucas and Xiao Meilin have been loaned to me on the pretense that I will not torture them to the point of insanity. They are not mine.


"I'm never going to get this out of my gloves." Maeve grumbled, holding the aforementioned articles of clothing between her thumb and index finger. The material was covered in a mixture of a red and black substance. Her boots hadn't fared much better but at least the tar could be cleaned off of them and they could be worn again.

"I'm sure with the gold found you'll be able to buy a new pair Maeve." Xiao Meilin gently consoled from where she stood. Like all monks she had the air of serenity and everlasting mercy firmly stamped into her. Serenity, patience. Serenity. Patience.

A rude snort cut through her desperate mantra. "Poor Miss Priss, can't stand a bit of blood and tar?"

Dwanyna, Goddess of Mercy, please make note that I am one of your most faithful for putting up with this. Xiao reminded her sworn goddess, turning to look at the source of the rude sound and comment. Maeve as well whipped her head up from the gloves, her brown eyes glaring at the warrior who leaned against a pillar, smirking at her.

Say the word 'warrior' and Lucas was what came into Xiao's mind every time. He thoroughly enjoyed his line of work which constituted of yelling and charging headlong into the front lines of any enemy army. He was a big man with an even bigger armor of bone, metal, and leather. His helm made him look like a monster as it held an assortment of teeth and horns and whenever he put it on and yelled he often sent nearby children running to their parents. What was most unusual about his helm as opposed to those owned by other warriors was the fact that the helm was actually a Charr skull with a bit of skin hanging down the sides. Maeve had made the mistake of asking him about it one time and even now she refused to hold the helm, much less touch it.

Overall, Lucas was bound to be the warrior people would speak of for generations to come as being brave, foolishly stubborn, and filled with the great follies every hero in every epic should have. At the moment however, like Xiao and Maeve, he was still young and inexperienced to the whole world and had only truly known the atrocities of the world with the day of the Searing. Even now, even with the red sky above them and the ruins still burning, Lucas was prone to smile and then enjoy the odd wench or two, heedless of the chaos in the land.

Glancing away from Lucas, Xiao eyed Maeve who was currently calling the warrior a 'Charr-smelling brute of a man'. These days, the followers of Lyssa were few as festivals and traveling carnivals seemed like only a dream.

Similar to Lucas, there was no mistaking what Maeve was with her ever present mask and lace-hemmed clothes. The girl was the youngest of the trio and by far the most talkative, but only (strangely enough) when she was around both Xiao and Lucas. Otherwise she had a quiet smile on her face and a tilt to her head that gave her the look of 'I'm better then you and if you try and say otherwise I'll just pat you on the head'. It was the common personality quirk of all Mesmers, great or small. There were times when Xiao actually thought Maeve had no idea what kind of attitude she was giving off but then the girl would twirl around and say something that would put everything Xiao thought of her on its head. It was another annoying quirk about the Mesmer folk; they loved being as unpredictable as a drunken Charr.

Xiao was pulled out of her musings on her fellow companions by Lucas' brass voice nearly deafening her. It was the kind of voice that could knock a gargoyle over by its sheer volume alone.

"…did get your well pressed knickers outta some bad situations out there, didn't I?" Lucas commented, grinning wickedly down at Maeve. Predictably, Xiao saw Maeve's mouth open and close several times without anything coming out before the Mesmer gave a furious shout and threw a glove at the man.

"One compliment! I actually give you a compliment for hacking Charr filth to bits and you say that to me?" The animal shaped mask she wore was the only barrier she had to hide the blush she wore but Xiao could see the tips of the Mesmer's ears burning red. "Pervert!" she dropped the other glove and shot up, quickly flouncing off. Lucas however had the last word, a rarity in a contest of wits against the Mesmer.

"Ahh, but you love it secretly. It's the bad boy appeal!"

Xiao quickly changed her prayer as she eyed Lucas disapprovingly.

Dear Goddess of Mercy, please save me from the plights of this world…now. The followers of your fellow peers are slowly driving me to madness.

A/N: I've got about two or three more oneshots waiting for some editing but until then (or if I even get to it) I'll be posting this as complete.