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This is a 10th and 11th walker story but I've put a bit of a new twist on it which will become more evident in later chapters. It will be a romance. If you don't like these kinds of stories don't read it. You have been warned. Please remember to review, but no flames please.

Saving Middle Earth

Chapter 1

Elrond, Lord of Rivendell

I can't believe it. I just can't." Robin got up from here seat and stretched.

"Robin, it's just a movie." Ellie, Robin's best friend and polar opposite said.

"It is not just a movie. It's the movie version of the best books ever written! And they didn't even get the story right. The elves never came to Helm's Deep."

"True, but it was pretty cool, you have to admit."

Ellie and Robin threw their empty popcorn butcket away in a trash can bu the side entrance to the movie theater. They had just finished watching the second Lord of the Rings movie and were in deep conversation about it. As they opened the metal door and began to walk the familiar route home they noticed something. They stepped out onto what should have been pavement, but instead found themselves on something soft. They looked down to find themselves on grass.

"Weird," Ellie said. She looked up and saw that they were no where near the movie theater. "Hey, Robin, where are we?"

Robin looked and saw that they were in the middle of a forest. Tall tress bordered them on one saide. On the other was a path and then a sharp incline up. Robin walked up the path checking out her surroundings.

"Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Ellie rolled her eyes. Robin was always trying to make light of the situation, no matter how bad things got. And this was bad. Since when was there a forest outside of the movie theater? 'It's like a bad TV show' she thought. Ellie took her cell phone out of her pocket and flipped it open to call her parents. Perhaps they could find them. Being lost out in the wilderness was not Ellie's idea of fun, even though Robin seemed to be having a great time. She looked at her phone – no service. There seemed to be no service in the area at all as Ellie moved around and held her phone higher and lower trying to get a signal. She sighed and put it away.

"But seriously, Robin, do you have any idea where we are? Because I don't, and my cell won't get service." Ellie walked up to Robin who was a few feet in front of her on the path.

"Yeah. But you won't like it."

Ellie rolled her eyes impatiently. "Then where are we?"

"Hold on a minute. I want to make sure of something." Robin kept walking straight ahead without turning around to make sure her friend was keeping up. She knew that this place looked familiar, but didn't want Ellie to think that she was making anything up and scare her. Robin was more adventurous than Ellie and they both knew it. Robin got them into detention on more than one occasion for doing stupid things, like climbing on top of the roof of the school just to see what everything looked like from up there.

The path had turned and the girls suddenly found themselves under an archway of stone. In front of them was a courtyard with some people milling about. It could have been because they were in a state of semi-shock or because they had just finished watching the Lord of the Rings, but it took Robin and Ellie a second to realize that the women were all dressed in long, flowing dresses and that everyone had pointy ears.

"I thought so," Robin said quietly.

Ellie was staring straight ahead with her mouth hanging open in awe. Robin wasn't dong any better, but managed to pull herself together enough to speak with an elf that was walking in their direction.

"Can I help you miss?" he asked politely.

"Umm.." Robin treid to stall for time so that she could come up with some sort of a cover story but finding her brain incapable of functioning all she said was, "Can you take us to Lord Elrond?"

The elf looked them over and narrowed his eyes, obviously aware of their outlandish clothing.

"Why so you wish to speak to Lord Elrond?" he asked.

"Because … uh … we're lost?"

It looked as though the elf was making some quick calculations in his head. He then stood a little straighter and said in a commanding voice, "Follow me."

Ellie and Robin followed close behind the stranger. He led them through the courtyard and into a tall building with many arches and curves. They walked down hall after hall and Ellie was sure that it was because the elf was trying to get them lost.

" 'Can you take us to Lord Elrong?' Jeez, Robin, what were you thinking? He's old and moody and won't like this at all. Couldn't you have thought up something any better?"

"Well you weren't exactly helping matters at all, were you?" Ellie looked at the floor.

"I'm sorry. I guess I'm not handling this very well, am I?" Robin smiled.

"Not really. But that's what I'm here for. Just leave this one to me. We'll be back home in no time."

Finally they stopped in front of a massive oak door set deep into the wall in front of them. The elf turned on his heel and said, "You will find Lord Elrond inside." With that he turned and left.

"What? No goodbye?"

"Honestly, Robin, you think he would say goodbye? He probably thought that we were spies or something. I mean we're not exactly dressed like them."

It was true. They looked just about as un-Middle Earthish as could be. Robin had short, dark brown hair and green eyes and Ellie had long, wavy light brown hair and brown eyes. Robin was wearing black cargo pants and a tee shirt with light and dark green stripes while Ellie was wearing white pants and a light blue shirt and a gold locket.

Ellie knocked three times on the door. It was opened almost immediately by a tall elf wit black hair. He looked very stern and solemn.

"I see you have arrived. Come in. I have much to discuss with you." Elrond turned and walked back into the room.

"How does he know us?" Robin asked. Ellie shrugged.

Elrond led the girls into a dark room lined with books and tapestries. In the middle of the room was a desk with a few velvety chairs surrounding it. Elrond motioned for them to sit.

"I am Elrond, Lord of Rivendell. I have called you here for help."

Ellie looked over at Robin. 'Please don't say anything stupid, please don't say anything stupid' she thought.

"Nobody called us here, we got lost."

'Too late.'

"I called you here with magic. You were lost because you didn't know the land." Elrond said patiently. Robin rolled her eyes.

"I have called you here," continued Elrond, "because you are needed. I have seen what happened the first time the Dark Lord rose to power and I know what is to come if we fail. Gandalf and I have used our magic to called for help – specifically, of people who know what happened during the war of the ring." He pause to make sure that they were absorbing all of what he said.

"You know what is to come, but I must forbid you from saying anything. You are here simply to make sure that Sauron does not rule Middle Earth. You must not, under any circumstances let the ring fall into his hands. I'm sure that you have heard of the Fellowship of the Ring." Ellie and Robin nodded.

"Good. You will be leaving with them in two weeks time. It is getting late. Sleep well tonight. We shall discuss this further in the morning."

"Wait," Robin held up her hand causing Elrond to stop mid stride as he was headed to the door. "You brought us here to help cause we know what's going to happed, but you won't let us say anything?"

Elrond turned around to face Robin. "Yes. If you tell anyone what is to happen it will change history in ways which none of us know."

"But didn't you already change history if you brought us here? Stuff is probably already messed up just by our presence." Robin retorted.

"Maybe, but it was a precaution that we must take." Elrond took a deep breath to calm himself down. He never knew that he could get this frustrated before. He assumed that the subject was perfectly logical, but apparently it is not so with this young human girl who was dressed so oddly.

He stood there waiting for Robin to come up with some other retort, but she seemed to finally be grasping the subject. "The fellowship has already been set. You will be leaving Rivendell in three weeks time. Tomorrow there will be a meeting with all of the members of the fellowship to discuss what exactly needs to be done. You may leave now."

"But," Robin began.

"Leave!" Ellie, who did not want to see an angry Elrond, grabbed Robin's arm and left as quickly as possible. She was stopped short at the door, however, by an elf.

"I will show you to your rooms. Please follow me."

Ellie and Robin looked at each other. It was kind of scary how the elves could do that.

"I will show you to your rooms, if you wish," but apparently it didn't matter what they wished because the elf turned around and began walking, leaving them with no choice but to follow.

"I can't believe that he is actually going to make us hike across country to make sure that a stupid piece of jewelry is destroyed without even asking us if we wanted to go! I mean, he just sweeps us off into the middle of no where without warning us!"

Ellie was sitting in the center of her bed listening to Robin rant as she paced back and forth in front of the bed from the wardrobe to the door and back again. She knew that it was better to let Robin vent for a while before attempting at a normal conversation when she was mad. But this was getting a little out of hand.

"Robin," Ellie tried to get her attention.

"What?" she answered.

"Don't you realize that there are bigger problems here than just having to do something that we don't want to?" Robin stopped pacing and turned to her friend.

"Robin, we could be killed. You took fencing lessons, but me? I can't fight. And what about our families? We could never see them again." Robin rolled her eyes and sat on the bed next to Ellie.

"Elle, if I never saw my family again it would be too soon."


"No Ellie. We don't all have great families like yours. I'd do anything for a close knit family, even if it meant having to go to huge family reunions. But I don't have that."

Robin stood up and walked towards the door.

"Hey, where are going?" Ellie called.

"I don't know," Robin said shrugging her shoulders. "I just need to think about stuff, maybe go yell at Elrond some more. That makes me feel better."

Ellie sighed as Robin opened the door and found someone staring back at her. It was a boy, about 5'11 with shaggy sandy colored hair and blue eyes. He was cute, no doubt about it, but the strange thing was, he looked like he was from Earth, not Middle Earth, but good old Earth.

"Who the hell are you?" Robin yelled at him.

"Scott Peterson. So I hear Elrond and Gandalf dragged you here as well." Robin's mouth fell open in shock.

"He brought you here, too?" Ellie asked.

"Yup. There I was in detention and then wham! I was practically in Elrond living room, if that's what you'd call it." He pushed past Robin and sat on the edge of the bed next to Ellie. "So what happened to you girls?"

"We finished watching Two Towers and then appeared in the woods surrounding Rivendell."

Scott started laughing. Robin and Ellie looked at each other.

"Oh man, he didn't even let you guys see the third movie. Damn. That was a good movie too," he added, "best of the three, I'd say. But wow. He really screwed that up didn't he?"

"Well, time travel isn't exactly easy is it? If Gandalf and Elrond had to do it together?" Robin said.

'uh oh', Ellie though, 'this isn't good.'

"That's just because their both old and are loosing their touch. Now Sauruman, on the other hand. That's power for you. You two lovely ladies never told me you names."

"I'm Ellie and she's Robin."

"And we were just having a private discussion when you decided to barge in on us. So if you will excuse us…." Robin stood at the door holding it open for him.

"Alright, alright," he said as he got up, "I see how it is. But you'll get over the initial shock quick enough. I'll be around if you wanna talk later."

Robin slammed the door after him. She turned on her heel and walked back to Ellie. There was practically steam rising from her ears. Just as Robin opened her mouth to talk there was a knock on the door.

"If that's Scott again, I swear to god…" Robin let the threat hang. But it wasn't Scott. A tall man with gray eyes and dark brown hair was standing on the other side of the door.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but Elrond asked me to come and inform you both that dinner will be in an hour. I am Aragorn." He said.

"My name's Robin and that's Ellie," Robin said pointing to Ellie who had also walked to the door.

"You two should probably change into clothing more appropriate for Middle Earth. I can assure you that you will get many unwanted stares if you wear that."

"We don't have any other clothes," Ellie told him.

"There are some in your wardrobes. Robin, would you like me to show you to your rooms?"

"Um, yeah ok." Aragorn looked at her confusedly.

"Is that a yes?" Robin laughed.

"Yeah, it's a yes. Catch you later, Elle."

"See you." Ellie turned and closed the door behind her.

Aragorn and Robin walked down the hall in silence for a while before Robin began asking questions.

"So why did Elrond bring us here if they already brought Scott?" Aragorn sighed and looked sideways at her.

"He isn't very trustworthy. He has been here for nearly a week now, and if we could get rid of him, we most certainly would."

"But you can't?" Robin asked.

"No. Time travel isn't as easy as it looks. Gandalf and Elrond are both tired from the effort. I also agree with them that it is better to keep him in sight, no matter how much we might want to ship him somewhere else. We don't want information to get into the wrong hands."

Robin nodded.

"I've seen the way he looks at the women here, some more than others," he said bitterly. "Ellie and yourself should stay as far away form him a possible."

"Oh don't worry. We will. Or at least I will. He reminds me of my father."

Aragorn and Robin stopped outside of Robin's room.

"Robin?" Aragorn asked. Robin had turned away. There were tears in her eyes.

"Ellie was right," she said, opening the door.

"How so?" Aragorn followed her inside and lit the lamps for her since the evening twilight cast shadows on the walls. Robin paused before answering. Here she was, with someone who she had known for about five minutes and she was ready to spill her whole life story. Under normal circumstances she would never tell anyone about her family. Only Ellie knew her whole story. But after all the years Robin just needed someone to talk to.

"I do miss them. My family, I mean. I never thought I would. You see, I'm an only child and my mom died when I was very little. I can't really remember her. I live with my dad. He's a workaholic and only cares about himself. I can't blame him really. He was just never the same after mom died. I never really liked home," Robin said, "but it was home.

"Now I'm here," she said throwing her arms up, "and the only links to my old life are Ellie, Scott, and the clothes on my back." Robin sat down. Aragorn looked down at her. She looked so sad just sitting there.

"I'm sorry, Robin. If it is any consolation, my life growing up was not perfect either."

"I know," Robin said quietly.

Aragorn wondered just how much those two girls knew about Middle Earth and the War. Robin looked like she just wanted to be alone.

"I will leave you to your thoughts then," Aragorn said. Robin nodded.

"See you at dinner, I guess," She said as Aragorn closed the door behind him.