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Chapter 2

In Over Our Heads

Ellie was dressed in a beautiful, flowing gown which she had found in the wardrobe in her new room. It was a soft blue color, which, Ellie admitted to herself, looked quite good on her. If only… if only her family was here to see her. But no, thinking like that would just make things worse than they were – and things were already bad no matter how much Robin might say other wise. There was a knock on the door, bringing Ellie out of her reverie.

"Yes?" Ellie said, as she swung the door inward. A tall elf with a darker blonde hair was standing there. He said something, but Ellie just looked at him funny. The elf, realizing that the human girl did not speak Elvish, quickly rectified his mistake.

"I'm sorry, miss, I had forgotten that you do not speak Elvish. So many of our guests do, you see. I am to escort you to dinner."

Ellie followed the elf down a few corridors before entering into a great dinning hall. It was just about the most beautiful place that she had ever seen. Rows of tables formed a U shape around the room. The open side allowed the servers to come in and out as needed. Robin stood up at one side of the room and waved her arms.

"Ellie! Over here!"

Ellie's cheeks turned red as several elves turned and looked in their direction before smiling once they saw that it was the strange human girl. Robin would just never learn. She was never one for manners, but Ellie thought that in this situation she would do something a little more discrete to get her attention.

"You really shouldn't draw attention to yourself like that, Robin," Scott said in his smooth voice.

"Yeah, and why not?" Robin said defensively. They had barely known each other for an hour and Robin was already making enemies. And in a world as ruff as this one was, more enemies was the last thing that they needed. Ellie slid into to chair between the two.

"Keeping a low profile is pretty rewarding. But from the looks of it, you wouldn't know that, would you?" Scott looked her up and down. It was then that Ellie noticed what exactly her friend was wearing. Robin wore a dark purple dress, much lower cut than her own – but not too revealing – and instead of the slippers that the rest of the women were wearing, Robin had decided upon a pair of big black boots. Ellie shook her head.

"Robin, we aren't back home. I don't think that wearing boots – or your converses for that matter – is a very good idea."

"Those other things weren't comfortable." Robin dished some meat - which looked like chicken but neither of the girls were quite sure what it was - onto her plate.

"My mom said that the shoes that hurt the most look the best on you." Replied Ellie. Robin frowned at her.

"Yeah, well, I like making first impressions." Ellie rolled her eyes.

Dinner went on with fairly little interruption. Scott kept telling them who everyone was and where they were from. Robin wondered just how low of a profile he was keeping. Scott seemed to know everyone in the room whether elf, human, dwarf, or hobbit even though he had only been in Rivendell for one week. There were only three explanations for this. Either he was a very popular person (unlikely), was an extreme fanatic of the books (again unlikely since he wasn't talking to anyone in Elvish, though it was still possible), or he was doing a lot of sneaking around and listening in at doors. From the way Aragorn said it, the latter seemed the most likely option.

"Hey, Ellie, can I talk to you for a minute?" Robin and Ellie waited until most of the people in the room, including Scott, had walked into a smaller adjoining one. Once music had started up, Robin began to talk.

"What is it?" Ellie asked.

"Well I was talking with Aragorn and he said that Scott is very untrustworthy and that's why we were brought here."

"So, what? We were picked second?" Ellie asked.

"Yeah, basically. And it took two of us to replace him. Ellie, you know that I love Lord of the Rings and everything, but I was never a hard core fan. I can't speak Elvish or anything." Robin said worriedly.

"Neither can I, I looked it up and stuff but I never memorized it or anything. I don't think it will matter too much, though. I mean, the Hobbits and Gimli couldn't speak Elvish either but they understood everything that was going on. No one spoke Elvish around them." Ellie's face fell. Robin, who had been staring at the opposite wall until now looked over at her friend. "Oh my God. Robin, you know what?"

"What?" Robin asked, getting worried. This was Ellie's 'holy crap' face – meaning whatever Ellie's superior brain power had come up with was not a good thing. That was the only bad part about having a friend who was up in the running for Valedictorian in the class, not all of her realizations were good ones.


"Huh?" Robin just stared at Ellie.

"Westron, Robin. They spoke Westron, it wasn't English. It was a different language. We aren't speaking a different language, are we?" Robin shook her head.

"No, I don't think so. Come on, let's go see what all that music is about!"

Ellie sighed. That was Robin's way of dealing with things that she didn't want to think about. Go do something else and wait until the very last minute before she needed to analyze the situation. Hopefully they didn't need the answer to this one too soon because Ellie had no idea what to think anymore.

The room was made entirely out of wood. High, intricately carved arches held up a ceiling of a lighter wood than the walls or floor. A fire was burning brightly in the fireplace. Some of the elves were singing, while others listened quietly around the room. Robin found a spot where she could see but wouldn't be too noticed. She knew she had a knack for saying or doing things that might not be the best in certain situations. The music was beautiful, but also sounded very sad. This was why when Robin looked over in Aragorn's direction. He looked so sad and depressed, but it wasn't just the music making him like that. Something didn't feel right. She followed his gaze and there in a corner of the room Scott stood with a tall and extremely beautiful woman with long black hair and sky blue eyes. Robin nudged Ellie who looked where she pointed.

"Who is that?" Ellie asked, turning back to Robin.

"I think it's Arwen," she nodded in Aragorn's direction. "Look." Aragorn was still staring at the back corner, ignoring all else in the room. As the girls watched, they saw him get up and walk out. "I'm going to go see what's up with Aragorn. You keep an eye on Scott."

"Yeah, sure." Ellie walked a little ways away. Robin turned and went to go follow Aragorn.

Aragorn walked down a corridor off of the banquet hall and out onto a small terrace overlooking one of the many spectacular gardens of Rivendell. He stood at the railing and didn't seem to notice Robin behind him, but then again, he was a Ranger and Robin couldn't be sure. She simply stood next to him for a few minutes, and Aragorn seemed to take some comfort in that.

"Why did you follow me?" He asked her quietly, without looking up.

"I saw you leave and figured that you needed a friend," Robin said, turning to him.

"If you speak truly, that is not all that you saw," Aragorn glanced at Robin for the first time. As she looked at him Robin noticed how upset he truly was. Robin looked down quickly.

"I wasn't trying to spy or anything, it's just that you said Scott was untrustworthy so I figured…"

"Do not worry, you don't have to explain yourself to me." Aragorn looked up at the stars and Robin followed suit. She was trying to find the Big Dipper, or Orion's Belt, or Polaris.

"There's nothing," she said under her breath.

"Nothing where?" Aragorn said, looking at her.

"The stars. There are no constellations that I know." Robin looked down at her hands. "Even when things got bad, I knew that I always had the stars. They were the one thing that I knew wouldn't change." Robin cast around for something to say, she hated awkward silences just about as much as she hated that Scott kid.

"We should probably go back inside," Aragorn said. He turned at the door. "Robin?"


"Thank you."

Robin smiled. "No problem." Aragorn smiled at the strange use of language and shook his head.

Robin watched as Aragorn walked down the corridor. It was then that it hit her like piano being dropped from the third story window. Aragorn wasn't wearing the Evenstar.

But, then again, she simply may have not given it to him yet. They might not have reached that part of the story. She'd have to keep a closer eye on Scott. And not because she didn't trust him because he was a little slime ball. The Evenstar could be his. And if it was Elrond's 'don't tell us anything because we don't want to change history' thing just got thrown out the window.

Ellie was trying to get close enough to Scott and Arwen to hear what they were saying without being seen. But being human and not elf was making it rather difficult. Ellie backed out of the crowd she had wound up in and stood in front of a pillar. Scott and Arwen were a little ways behind them in corner. This was as far as she could go without it seeming like she was trying to listen in on them.

"Damn it," she said under her breath.

"He has been wooing her for the past week. I think the only reason she is taken with him is because he is so different from most of the men here – elf or human – but I hesitate to say that I understand a woman." Ellie looked over at the elf who was standing beside her. "I am Legolas."

"Ellie," she said.

"Yes, Aragorn pointed you out at the feast. I usually do not snoop, but seeing as how my closest friend is so distraught I thought it would be for the best."

"Yeah, Robin and I thought pretty much the same thing."

"So I can see."

"So is there anything we can do about them?" Legolas looked down and shook his head sadly.

"If there is, I know not what it is. With the pressure from Elrond to not marry a human, I do not know what will happen. Arwen is distraught about not being allowed to marry Aragorn, yet she still loves him. We can only hope that Arwen will realize that Scott is not an altogether trustworthy person."

"He's a pretty smooth talker though," Ellie said, taking a glance at them.

"So I've heard." Legolas wrinkled his nose distastefully. "Tell you're friend that the Fellowship is meeting tomorrow. I can come and escort you there if you would like?"

Ellie looked at the elf for the first time. He had long blonde hair that had braids keeping it out of his face, blue eyes, and delicate features – so basically like all of the other elves around the place. There wasn't anything that special about him, he didn't look like Orlando Bloom or anything, but he was still cute...

"That would be nice," Ellie said.

Legolas smiled down at her.

Robin grumbled to herself as she walked down the hallway. Ellie had gone running off with Legolas that morning to the meeting without bothering to tell her where it was being held. All of the hallways looked the same, full of arches and doorways and balconies. She had thought about asking someone for directions and then realized that no one would know where a secret meeting of the Fellowship was being held. So now all she was doing was hoping that she miraculously found a hobbit to follow.

"Great," Robin said to no one in particular. "Just great. At this rate I'm going to miss the quest altogether. But that might not be a bad thing." Robin shivered at the thought of having to deal with the cold and nine men for god knows how long. Not to mention the goblins and Righwraiths and the like.

"Lost, Lassie?"

Behind her stood a dwarf who came up to about her elbows. Bushy reddish brown hair obscured most of the features that weren't covered in armor.

"Gimli?" Robin asked tentatively.

"Aye?" Gimli stood there with one eyebrow raised. Obviously no one told him that two girls were joining the quest.

"I'm Robin. Where's the Fellowship meeting? I'm lost."

"You're coming on the quest?"

Robin cursed herself – again – for not thinking before she spoke. That definitely wasn't the best way to tell someone that she was intruding on their adventure.


"Who decided that?!"

"Elrond actually." Gimli nodded.

"Follow me," Gimli said gruffly. He didn't say anything else to her the rest of the way to the meeting. All he did was shake his head occasionally while grumbling about elves. Robin rolled her eyes. This was going to be an interesting meeting.

At least Robin had been going in the right direction.

The room was too large for the size of the group. The thirteen people in the room were dwarfed by the huge arches and columns. Robin went over and took a seat besides Ellie.

"What took you so long?" Ellie asked her. Robin just rolled her eyes. She scanned the crowd to see who had showed up and what everyone looked like. Unfortunately the first person she saw was Scott.

"What the hell is he doing here?" Robin said angrily to Ellie.

"Shhh, Rob, he'll here you!" Ellie tried to quiet her friend which wasn't and easy task at the best of times.

"Elrond and I decided that it would be for the best if he remained with the Fellowship for the time being."

Robin and Ellie turned around to see a kind looking elderly man smiling at them.

"How would that help us at all?" Robin asked who she presumed was Gandalf.

"Well, if he remains with us we know that he is not with the enemy. We can also watch him a bit more closely and it would keep him away from the more beautiful she elfs if you catch my drift." Gandalf winked at them from under his tall, pointy hat. Robin nodded and turned around again.

"Yeah, but with the way things are going we won't need to worry about that anymore. Will we Robin?" Ellie watched as Robin tore her eyes off of Aragorn who was talking with Legolas in a corner.

"I told you, Ell, we're just friends."

"For the moment," Ellie laughed.

"Yeah, well what about you and Legolas?" Robin retorted.

"What about him?" Ellie asked innocently.

"Come on, Ellie, you can do better than that. Do you have any idea how cliché that is? I'm disappointed in you." Robin shook her finger at Ellie in mock disapproval.

"We're just friends," Ellie said.

"Ha! See?" Robin said triumphantly.

"But unlike you, I'm serious, Robin."

"Who says I wasn't being serious?" Robin was on the defensive. So Ellie had been right after all. She'd be keeping a closer eye on those two.

"Besides, Legolas isn't my type."

"Oh, sure. Tall, hot, charming. Not you're type all, Ellie."

Ellie rolled her eyes. Sometimes it was better not saying anything than getting yourself into more trouble.

"May I have your attention please?" The group quieted down immediately as Elrond rose to his feet. Aragorn and Legolas took their seats. "The people you see sitting around you will be the Fellowship of the Ring. Two more companions have joined the fellowship since we met last. They are called Elizabeth and Robin."

"They are just young girls, Elrond. Surely you don't think that they can help us. At best they would merely be a distraction." Robin turned around in her seat ready to slug whoever had just said that, but thought better of it when she saw the tall, broad frame wearing the white tree of Gondor on his chest. He looked to be at least six inches taller than her, and Robin wasn't short.

"Be that as it may, Boromir, they have a greater part to play than you realize. I have seen it."

Boromir rolled his eyes.

At least we have one thing in common, Robin thought to herself. We both think that these visions or whatever you want to call them are a load of hog wash.

"You will leave one month from today. Aragorn, Boromir, and Gimli, you will teach the hobbits, Scott, Ellie, and Robin to fight with the bow and the sword. Rest yourselves well. You have a long journey ahead of you."