I'm bored. Although, I have to admit, I've been writing too many stories about Fuji lately.

Especially the last three.

I don't know how I came up with this...



There were many things that you could do to make Fuji Syuusuke go and kill you.

Quite frankly, there were TOO many things that you could do to make Fuji Syuusuke kill you.

This list, is only a mere fraction of what you could do to make him seriously pissed off.


You could...

Burn all his tennis rackets.

Burn all his pictures from photography class.

Burn all his books from Classic Literature.

Burn all his cacti.

Eat all his cacti.

Kill all of his cacti.

Burn down his house.

Make Yumiko pissed.

Make Yuuta pissed.

Kill Mizuki for him.

Kill Inui.

Mouth off Inui for creating Inui Juice.

Burn all of Inui's recipes for Inui Juice.

Make Yuuta go on a blind date.

Introduce Yuuta to instant messaging.

Mouth off Yuuta.

Mouth off Yumiko.

Bribe Tezuka into giving him 500 laps.

Poke him a infinite amount of times until he snaps.

Pull his hair.

Make him put on make-up.

Force him to wear high heels.

Force him to crossdress.

Force him to act like a girl.

Force him to put his hair into a ponytail.

Force him to curl his hair.

Tell him he looks like a girl.

Tell him he's fugly.

Tell him he needs glasses.

Force him to wear jewelry.

Force him to marry the next girl he sees while walking down a street.

Force him to move to New York.

Force him to transfer to Hyotei.

Force him to transfer to Shitenhouji.

Force him to move to Antartica.

Take everything out of his room and dump it on the sidewalk.

Flood his home.

Freeze his home.

Magically teleport him to Alaska.

Force him to learn sign language.

Cut his hair off. Even if you claim he looks more manly.

Force him to cheerleading tryouts. Because obviously he CAN'T be a cheerleader for shit.

Force him to marry his teacher.

Force him to dye his hair purple.

Force him to join a band.

Force him to climb Mr. Everest. Even if he wants to climb it, he'd still kill you.

Dye his hair black. Which obviously will make him seriously pissed.

Force him to wear contacts that make his eyes look red.

Paint his room all black. Even if you claim he's goth.

Sneak into his closet and switch all his clothes to black pants and shirts. Just to make him more goth.

Paint his room rainbow.

Put glitter stickers on his tennis rackets.

Make him go to tennis practice in high heels.

Tell him he looks fat. Yes, he is a very vain person.

Beat him in a tennis match and laugh in his face for three years.

Beat him at billards and laugh in his face for four years. Even if you've never played billards before.

Block his doorway with a piano.

Spray paint his cacti black.

Kill Takeshi Konomi