Alright, in all honesty, this is the strangest Twilight dream I have yet to have. It even surpasses the one where I bumped into the wall, thinking there was a door because Edward went through it. Stupid, I know. I just woke up with it still in my memory, and I've written down most of it so that once the dream goes away, I won't forget. Also, I want to make it more detailed. Anyway, I'm sleepy still, but this is fun to wake up doing.

Anyway, after thinking through where this story begins in my dream, I think I've settled that it's on the night that the Blacks come over to Bella's house and Billy warns her about Edward. It also happens to be the part where Edward talks about 'another twilight' or 'another dawn'. I'm not sure which of the two he used, since my friend borrowed my book, so I can't check for sure. Anyway, once I get it back, I'll put it up for sure.

Okay, another thing, no, I have never thought this could ever be possible, and I still don't, but my dream seemed to have found a few loopholes here and there. Normally, I would wave it off, but it seemed like an interesting topic to write about, so here you go. I hope you like it! Review please!

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I removed another strand of hair from her cheek, grazing against her lip and sending a fire into my chest. She was sweating; the scent of her doubling over and nearly knocking me off my feet. Her eyes twitched, dreaming of something I could never fathom with that mind of hers. I was used to it that I couldn't read her mind, but at times like this, I cursed that fact.

She groaned slightly before turning to her side, facing me entirely. Again, I removed her hair from her face. I wanted to admire her entirely. She let out a sigh; her lips still parted even after the last of it escaped.

It reminded me of something Esme used to say before I rebelled against her and Carlisle.

'For every sigh you make, it's a year from life that you take.' The words repeated in my mind. I frowned at the comment, because of what it meant to me now.

"Don't sigh too much then, love." I whispered to Bella, for even if it didn't matter how many years a sigh took from me, it did matter for her. I didn't want to loose her, nevertheless in less time than before.

I wondered if my words would penetrate through her dreams. She seemed to smile after it was said, making me even more curious. Her smile vibrated through me, warming even the coldest spots in my soul. Oh, how her smile reminded me of Claudia. Claudia…

I lay down next to Bella, putting an arm around her and kissing her forehead. 'Please don't me so soon as well…' I begged in my mind. I shut my eyes, wishing that I could dream with her. Just think of how lovely that would be.

An image of a girl dancing in the snow flashed through my mind. She had soft skin, a little too pale for a human and honey colored hair. Her eyes were the only ones I'd ever found to be so much like ours, so light in color. I still haven't come across such a human again. Her lips and cheeks were becoming rosier with every passing moment as blood rushed to warm her skin from the snow. She was wearing a navy blue coat over what I later found to be a wedding dress. The ruby pendent hung around her neck was still there. Not even a thief was able to remove that from her.

She glanced away from the sky and tenderly gazed at me instead. I could hear a voice aside from hers, laughing, and though I know it's my own, I can hardly believe it. I began to approach her, slowly, unsure as to why I was with her to begin with. She smiled at me then. I thought I would never see a smile so beautiful, but then I met my precious Bella. Though I knew Claudia's smile would never escape my memory, Bella's smile had grandeur far greater than hers. I wondered what Claudia would say if she heard me saying that. Could she hear me from wherever she was?

I opened my eyes again to prevent seeing her in a latter state, but even then, it was too late to stop my train of thought.

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