C H A P T E R 3
W h e n Y o u ' r e G o n e

R O U G E + J O H N

After a while she began to see what John hated about this place. Sitting on one of the many pairs of stone steps of the school she looked at the students before her. Even long after that day he had stayed in her mind like smoke. Something that she couldn't quite grasp but was still there. Even though the memories were still fresh in her mind.

We were made for each other
Out here forever
I know we were

Laughter and screams echoed in her ears. The heat from the battle caused sweat to drip from her brow. It wasn't long until her legs began to ache and she realized that this was a big mistake. She couldn't keep up and she was more of a nuisance if anything. What was she thinking when she went to battle with the others? Her powers were useless unless she got close enough to get into direct contact with someone and there were slim chances of that happening. So she did the only thing that made sense to her.

She was going to find him. She knew that he was here…

Logan's words still echoed in her mind. "Hold this line"

She looked to her left. There was storm. She was one of the few faculty left and one of the few people that had the right to call themselves a true x-men. She saw Kitty and Bobby giving each other a lingering gaze. Oh how things have changed since she came to the school... Then she looked to her right. There was Logan and she stared at his profile until she caught his eye. Looking at him the memories of when they first met ran through her mind. Their memories.

When they met at the bar that she was way too young to get into but got into anyway.

When he stabbed her in the chest and had to absorb his powers. From time to time she still felt him lingering in her head…his voice like conscience. It was like a watchful companion ready to rip anyone to shreds if it could. He was always taking care of her. Always watching after her…

"I'll take care of you"

How he saved her life…again at risk to his own.

The way he promised he would come back and how happy she felt when he came back…

After this she knew that she might not ever see him again…or actually he might never see her again. He would be okay without her but she wasn't sure if she would be okay without him. There wasn't anything more that she wanted at that moment than just to run up to him and hug him tightly, but she knew she couldn't. Instead she settled for the slight nod of the head that he always did to her.

And that's when the battle began and since then she hadn't seen any of the other since.

But she knew that he was here. She saw the sea of flames shoot up into the air like a beacon. Before she even knew it her legs began to run towards the source. As she ran forward she tried her best to dodge the stray attacks. After a while her movements began to become automatic. Run. Dodge. Hide. Run. Dodge. Hide. The 'bridge' was farther than she suspected. For the duration of her journey she had managed not to get severely hurt. She had suffered a few scrapes and bruises but nothing serious or so she thought…There was so much running…and she had been running for such a long time…

And then that's when she saw him

And all I ever wanted it was for you to know
Everything I do I give my heart and soul
I can hardly breathe, I need to feel you here with me

Her heart stopped and for the first time since she started running she found herself standing completely still. There was a shooting pain up and down her legs and her hair was matted with her sweat. It was a miracle that she didn't get hurt as she stood perfectly still just staring at him and soaking him in. He had the same dirty blonde hair and boyish face that was now spotted with blood. Although there was something different about him as he delivered a series of deadly flames around him. She had never see him like this. So in control. So powerful. So free. Although she knew he was the same John that she had always known. He always felt that he was held back at the school but now he was able to reach his full potential. It saddened her that he couldn't do that where she was…back home at Xavier's.

She blinked causing her to realize the reverie she had gotten into. Her lips moved but she wasn't sure if anything came out. Everything around her was too loud too tell. But her lips read


But he couldn't hear her.


He didn't see her.

"John! Please!"

But he felt her arms wrap around his waist from behind.


She whispered but he had heard her that time.

He was a little startled when she had wrapped herself around him but it was as if he knew that it was her. It wasn't a foreign touch like the one of an enemy. It was as almost he felt her coming and recognized her touch. Tensing a little bit at first he then relaxed placing his hands over her gloved ones


He asked in disbelief wondering if he was reaching a state of delusion. In response he just felt her hug him tighter. She began to breathe in his smoky scent taking in the familiarity of having him so close to her again. It scared her that she didn't know what was going to happen next. What would happen after this? They might not see each other…one of them might die…and for what? The real question was…that had been lingering in her head ever since he left her was…why couldn't they just be together?

"Where the hell have you been John?" she asked. She made no motion to let him or let him leave.

She felt him search for an answer or for the words to say. He wanted to tell her how much he missed her d thought about her while he was gone. Even though…they both knew hadn't made a mistake in leaving. She had found a home at Xavier's and he never really had a home to begin with. He wanted to tell her that this was the happiest he had been in the a long time….but all that came out was


He took her hand in his and turned around so that he could face her and he had to pause to catch his breath. It had been a while since he had seen her. It had been a long time since he had seen her soft auburn eyes and chestnut brown hair. Her pink lips that he was dangerously inching closer to.


She was looking up at him as he spoke and opened her mouth to respond but again nothing came out. He grasped the opportunity and crashed his lips on hers kissing her passionately. His arms wrapped around her like her did before on his waist. They stayed like this for a moment, both of them ignoring everything around them.

And for a moment she let herself believe that this was it. That they could stay like this and runaway. That they could actually be together. And then it happened. She felt him pour into her. Not just his energy but him. It was different from when she kissed Bobby. She felt him around her. His security. And she knew that he wasn't going to stop anytime soon even though he knew what would happen to him if he held on longer.

And she couldn't let that happen to him.

She jerked away and turned her head to the side blowing out a stream of smoke from her lips. His amber eyes followed her, concerned that he had hurt her. It took her a while to actually look at him again.

"I'm…I'm sorry…" she stuttered out.

"Me too…" He looked at her longingly and held her hand once more. Leaning in closely he went into whisper in her ear. He was so close that his lips brushed her cheek sending her chills down her spine. Closing her eyes she took in his scent so that she would remember it. Smoke and fire...the scent of a wild forest fire.

"I will always love you…Marie…" he said placing his most prized possession in her hand.

She let out a sigh as she continued to sit on the steps of Xavier's. From time to time she thought about where he was. And every time she did so she would take out his zippo lighter and click it open…close…open…close…just like he did so many times before to annoy her.

I miss you

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